101 Hilarious Cat Puns and Jokes You’ll Love (2022)

You’ve got to be kitten me!

It’s International Cat Day! We know a lot of cats out there are paw-sitively thrilled to hear this.

To celebrate, we’ve put together the largest list of funny cat puns and cat jokes that the internet has ever seen. They’re the best animals, aren’t they?

Today, we’re wishing all of the cat lovers out there – and all your special feline friends – a truly purr-fect day!

50 Hilarious Cat Puns

Who doesn’t love a good cat pun? Here are our 50 favorites.

  1. More puns? You’ve got to be kitten me!

2. Cat lovers sure know how to stay pawsitive.

3. Those two cats seem to really love each other. They should get meow-ied.

4. Happy purr-thday, kitty cat!

5. People who don’t like cats are just claw-ful.

6. My cat is very fur-midable opponent.

7. I’m so fur-tunate to be a cat owner.

8. It’s time for me to tell you a tail about my feline friend.

9. Am I an obsessive cat person? That’s certainly a paw-sibility.

10. There’s no doubt about it. My cat is my best fur-end.

11. Another cat joke? That’s hiss-terical.

12. My cat will go down in hiss-tory as the best cat ever.

13. Paw-don me. Do you like cats?

14. You look fur-miliar. I must have seen you at the cat cafe.

15. You love cats, too? That’s paw-some.

16. Don’t fur-get to buy more catnip.

17. One thing is for sure: I’ll love my cat fur-ever.

18. Just changed the litter box. That was a catastrophe!

19. My cat’s skills are radi-claw!

20. There’s no doubt about it. Dogs are definitely in-fur-ior to cats.

21. I’m feline sad. I need my cat to make me feel better.

22. That alley cat has a great purrsonality.

23. Kitty cat? Purr-haps we can cuddle later.

24. Now wait just meow-ment, you want me to stop taking pictures of my cat?

25. I need to take a paws after that request.

Isn’t my kitty cat purr-ty?

26. How claw-some is this cat food?

27. Isn’t my kitty cat purr-ty?

28. My kitten has some serious cattitude.

29. My cat loves baseball! Take meowt to the ball game.

30. Of all the animal lovers out there, I love my cat the meowst.

31. Leave my cat alone in the house? I’ve never done that be-fur.

32. I don’t play sports, but I am cathletic.

33. Look at that meowntain of cat toys.

34. Let me tell you a tail about my cat.

35. Me? Adopt another cat? That’s a paw-sibility.

36. My cat is my best fur-end.

37. My cat can’t read, per say. But he is totally litter-ate.

38. You’re a cat lover, too? I’m going to whisker you away!

39. My cat is extremely purr-suasive. She can get me to do anything.

40. Time to snuggle up with my furry friend in our paw-jamas!

41. I may be at a bar away from my cat, but I’m drinking a meow-tini.

42. You love cats, too? That’s paw-some!

43. This guy says he doesn’t like cats. Better call in claw enforcement.

44. It’s my cat’s birthday! Time to purr-ty!

45. That is one cool cat purr-se.

46. I’m in paw-session of a wonderful kitten.

47. My cat has high-class taste. She wants a Furr-ari.

48. How claw-some is my cat? She’s my best friend.

49. Can I paw-lease have that cat?

50. I assure you. My cat is purr-fect.

What is a cat’s favorite dessert? Chocolate mouse.

Cat Jokes

Now let’s move on to some fun cat jokes!

51. What is a cat’s favorite dessert?

Chocolate mouse

52. What is a cat’s favorite color?


53. What is a cat’s favorite drink?

A purr-seco

54. What is a cat’s favorite vegetable?


55. What is a cat’s favorite kind of art?

Self paw-traits

56. Where do cats like to go on vacation?

To puur-adise

57. What is a cat’s favorite catch-phrase?

Live long and paw-sper.

58. What do you call a pile of kittens?

A meowtain

59. What do you get when a cat crosses a bottle of vinegar?

A sourpuss

60. What do cats like to eat on a hot day?

A mice-cream cone

61. Where does a cat go when it loses its tail?

The re-tail store

62. What did the cat say when he found out he was bankrupt?

I’m so paw!

64. What’s a cat’s favorite subject?


65. What’s a cat’s favourite kind of show?

A Meowsical

66. What is a cat’s favorite cereal?

Mice crispies

67. What did the cat say when it was confused?

I’m purr-plexed!

68. What is a cat’s favorite kind of sports car?

A furr-ari

69. What is a cat’s favorite discount?

Buy one get one furry.

70. What is a cat’s favorite subject?


What is a cat’s favorite day of the week? Saturday. (Furday is a close second.)

71. What do you call a cat who loves to bowl?

An alley cat.

72. What did the senior cat say to the kitten when she saw him slouching?

You need to pay more attention to your pawsture

73. What should you use to comb a cat?

A catacomb.

74. What’s a cat’s favorite day of the week? 

Caturday. (Furday is a close second!)

75. What is a cat’s favorite movie?

The Sound of Mewsic.

76. Who brings cats their gifts on Christmas?

Santa Claws (or Santa Paws)

77. What does Santa Claws say to all the cats on Christmas?

Meowy Christmas!

78. What is a cat’s favorite book?

The Great Catsby

79. What do you call a cat in love?

A smitten kitten.

80. Why did the cat police officers search the kitten’s house?

He had probable claws.

81. What did the husband cat say to his wife on their special day?

Happy anni-fur-sery

82. What did the alien say to the cat?

“Take me to your litter.”

83. Why don’t cats play poker in the jungle?

There are too many cheetahs.

84. Why do cats always win video games?

Because they have nine lives.

85. What’s a cat’s favorite TV show?

Claw and Order.

86. What’s a cat’s favorite magazine?

Good Mousekeeping.

87. What is a cat’s favorite season?


Best Cat Names

Are you looking for a punny name for your kitty cat? Here are some clever cat names:

88. Brad Kitt = Brad Pitt

89. Cindy Clawford = Cindy Crawford

90. Clawdia = Claudia

91. Cleocatra = Cleopatra

92. Jennifurr = Jennifer

93. Katy Purry = Katy Perry

94. Moewgret Scratcher = Margaret Thatcher

95. Jude Paw = Jude Law

96. Lucifurr = Lucifer

97. Mewcauley Culkin = Macauley Caulkin

98. Picatso = Picasso

99. Luke Skywhisker = Luke Skywalker

100. Shakespurr = Shakespeare

101. JK Meowling = JK Rowling

We hope you’ve loved this curated list of cat puns and jokes, and that you’ve had a good laugh. We sure had fun compiling it!

Do you know of any other funny feline puns? Send them to us at hello@mkewithkids.com

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