‘Hot Lava’ Exhibit Now Open at Betty Brinn Children’s Museum

Don’t touch the floor – it’s lava!

A brand new exhibit, “Hot Lava,” has recently opened its doors at the Betty Brinn Children’s Museum.

Whether you’re planning a weekend family outing or looking for a fun educational experience for your kids, this exhibit is definitely worth checking out.

Let’s dive into what makes “Hot Lava” so hot:

What’s ‘Hot Lava’ All About?

“Hot Lava” is an interactive exhibit that transforms children into architects of their own volcanic adventures.

The landscape is molten lava, and it’s up to the young ones to navigate their way across without touching the ground. This is where creativity meets critical thinking.

Key Features:

  1. Pathway Construction: Kids can use mats, stepping stones, and various materials to create paths across the floor. It’s a great way to enhance motor skills and spark imaginative play.
  2. Balance Challenges: There are wooden beams set up to test balance while navigating a ‘lava field’. It’s a fun way to learn about stability and coordination.
  3. Interactive Test Station: A tabletop setup allows children to use geometric shapes to design puzzles, encouraging spatial reasoning.
  4. Magnetic Exploration: Engage with magnetic fields at the magnet table. It’s a unique way to understand the push and pull forces.

Perfect for Ages 3-10

While “Hot Lava” is recommended for all ages, it’s particularly engaging for children aged 3-10. They’ll have the most fun and understanding in building paths and tackling the challenges.

Educational Benefits

This exhibit isn’t just fun; it’s a learning hub. Children will learn about balance, spatial reasoning, and cause-and-effect relationships. It promotes movement, balance, and teamwork, as kids work together to design their lava courses.

Plan Your Visit: “Hot Lava” opened on January 4 and is a permanent addition to the museum. For more details and planning your visit, head over to Betty Brinn Children’s Museum’s “Hot Lava” page.

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