Fox River Park: A Natural Playground Hidden in Waukesha

With its sprawling 257 acres, Fox River Park in Waukesha is a year-round haven for families seeking a touch of wilderness and a break from the digital world.

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At the heart of the park is a standout feature that draws families from all around: a natural playground designed to reconnect kids with the great outdoors.

With two giant slides, each 33 feet long, built right into a hillside—this playground offers a thrilling ride and a creative blend of fun and nature.

A Closer Look at the Natural Playground

Inspired by the concept of combating “nature deficit disorder,” as discussed in Richard Louv’s Last Child in the Woods, this playground is more than just swings and slides.

It’s an interactive space where children can engage with natural elements and let their imaginations run wild.

Waukesha & Pewaukee CVB

From climbing boulders and nets to exploring sand play areas with a twist, this park offers an array of activities designed to stimulate physical activity and environmental appreciation.

The playground, conveniently located near picnic areas and restrooms, is a seamless mix of creative play zones set against a backdrop of native plants and trees. It features:

  • Giant Embankment Slides: The dual slides are the stars of the show, providing a fast and fun descent that’s sure to be a hit with kids of all ages.
  • Climbing Adventures: A large climbing boulder and net offer little climbers the chance to test their skills and bravery.
  • Sandbox and Water Play: Unlike typical sandboxes, the spiral-designed sand play area encourages imaginative play, doubling as a balance beam for adventurous spirits. A water play zone adds to the fun, allowing kids to splash and explore.
  • Nature Exploration: The butterfly and rain gardens invite young explorers to discover the local fauna, from butterflies to frogs, enhancing the educational experience.

With safety in mind, all play areas are equipped with rubber nuggets for soft landings, ensuring year-round enjoyment.


Why Visit Fox River Park?

Beyond the playground, Fox River Park boasts miles of paved trails perfect for family hikes, bike rides, or rollerblading adventures. Each season brings its unique beauty, from spring wildflowers and summer’s lush canopy to the vibrant hues of fall and winter’s snowy wonderland.

This local treasure is sure to become a family favorite for its unique blend of play, learning, and natural beauty.

To make a day of it, head to Paradise Springs for a one mile hike along an abandoned springhouse. It’s located in Eagle, about 20 minutes away from Fox River Park.

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