Mitchell Airport’s Observation Area: Your Front Row Seat to Plane-Spotting

If you’re scouting out a fun, low-key activity to enjoy with the fam, I’ve got a stellar spot to share with you.

Located on Layton Avenue, close to Mitchell International Airport, is an airplane observation area that’s perfect for a chill evening out with your family.

This gem is hidden in plain sight, and offers a front-row seat to the magic of aviation.

Watch the Planes Land & Take Off

Tucked away and easily accessible off of the busy Layton Avenue (just east of Logan Avenue and west of 794), the observation area is a perfect vantage point for watching aircrafts as they gracefully ascend into the sky or make their thrilling descent onto the runway.

You can make the experience more immersive by tuning into the AM radio station indicated on the signs on the parking lot. The station broadcasts live air traffic correspondence.

It’s like having a backstage pass to the orchestration of flights – a real treat for aviation buffs and curious minds alike.

We’ve even heard that you can wave to your loved ones as the depart Milwaukee, and they’ll see you from the airplane!

Make It Sweet

Now, what could make this experience even better? Ice cream, of course!

Just a short drive from the observation area, you’ll find Culver’s on Layton Avenue.

Known for their creamy custard and a delightful array of flavors, it’s the perfect stop to pick up a sweet treat before heading to watch the planes.

An Evening Under the Stars

Why not make an evening of it? Pack a cozy blanket, some comfortable chairs, and perhaps a few snacks (ice cream aside).

Whether you’re with family, friends, or taking a moment for yourself, it’s a great way to unwind and marvel at the wonders of aviation.

The observation area provides a peaceful setting as the day turns to dusk, and the aircraft lights twinkle against the twilight sky.

A Few Tips Before You Go

  • Use the bathroom before you go. There are no restroom facilities.
  • Check the weather: Ensure it’s a clear day for the best visibility and experience.
  • Radio: Don’t forget to tune into the air traffic station.
  • Timing: Late afternoon or early evening offers a beautiful backdrop with sunset hues.
  • Respect the area: Keep it clean and be considerate of others enjoying the space.
  • Reader Tip: If you go during the Oshkosh Air Show, you will see very interesting aircrafts!

Final Thoughts

In a world that’s always rushing by, taking a moment to watch the airplanes is a reminder of the incredible feats of engineering and human achievement.

It’s an experience that combines learning, relaxation, and a touch of magic under the vast Milwaukee sky.

And with a bit of ice cream to sweeten the deal, it’s an outing that’s sure to delight everyone.

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