Fort Cushing Playground: A Castle For Kids in Delafield

Fort Cushing Playground in Delafield is a jewel among playgrounds, where the magic of play meets the beauty of nature.

The play area looks like a fortress or a secret kingdom for kids, and it’s set in Cushing Memorial Park on the banks of the picturesque Bark River.

It’s the perfect spot for a sunny afternoon out with the family!

So, grab your sun hats and picnic blankets and let’s dive in:

Why Fort Cushing is Awesome:

  • Enclosed Play Fort: Think castles, but with all the fun stuff – swings, slides, sandboxes, and even a tire hammock. Your kids can be kings and queens of their own little world!
  • On The River: Set right by the calming Bark River, surrounded by lush trees. Visitors recommend bringing water shoes so your kids can wade in the typically peaceful and calm river. Obviously, use your discretion!
  • Picnic Perfect: There are spots to spread out your blanket and feast or just watch the clouds roll by.
  • Fish & Splash: Got little anglers or water babies? The fishing and wading spots are a hit.
  • Restrooms: Clean and close, because we all know that’s a game-changer.

History Meets Playtime:

  • Memorial Riverwalk: The park is the last stop on the Wisconsin Veterans Memorial Riverwalk, which winds along the Bark River for 3/4 of a mile between St. John’s Pond and Cushing Memorial Park. Along the way are nine separate war memorial sites, a bridge, the entry plaza, two ecological information areas, and a Peace Garden.
  • Accessibility: The park also connects to the Lake Country Recreational Trail and the new Cushing Road bike path leading to Lapham Park.

Let’s Talk Details:

  • Dog-Friendly: Yep, your fur babies can join in the fun too. Paws and all.
  • Safety First: The playground’s built solid – no wobbly bits, just sturdy fun.
  • Keep It Clean: With picnic areas and bins everywhere, it’s easy to tidy up after your day out.

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