25 Best Boba Tea Party Ideas for Kids & Teens (2024)

Welcome, boba tea lovers!

With its delightful combination of chewy tapioca pearls, flavorful tea, and endless customization options, boba tea has taken the beverage world by storm.

Kids and teens, in particular, have fallen head over heels for this tasty and trendy drink.

In this blog post, we’re diving into the exciting realm of boba tea parties, where we’ll provide you with 25 fantastic ideas to make your event a hit!

From setting up a fabulous boba tea station to crafting delicious recipes, planning engaging activities, and even selecting the perfect party favors, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s get sipping and celebrating!


1. Boba Making Station

Set up a boba-making station where the kids can create their own boba drinks. Provide different flavors of boba tea, such as milk tea, fruit tea, and matcha, along with a variety of toppings like tapioca pearls, jelly, and popping boba. Offer clear cups and colorful straws for a vibrant presentation.

You can create it yourself, or get a Mini Boba Party Set.

Ingredients and Supplies:

a. Tapioca Pearls: Cook a batch of tapioca pearls according to the package instructions and keep them warm in a bowl of warm water.

b. Tea Selection: Prepare a variety of teas such as black tea, green tea, fruit-infused teas, or matcha.

c. Milk and Creamer: Offer different options like dairy milk, almond milk, or coconut milk for guests to choose from.

d. Sweeteners: Provide a range of sweeteners such as sugar, honey, or flavored syrups.

e. Toppings: Prepare a selection of toppings like boba pearls, popping boba, jellies, fruit cubes, or whipped cream.

f. Straws and Stirrers: Have a collection of boba tea straws and stirrers available for guests to mix and sip their creations.

g. Cups and Lids: Use clear plastic cups with lids to showcase the vibrant colors and textures of the boba tea.

DIY Boba Tea Recipe Cards: Create recipe cards with step-by-step instructions for making different boba tea flavors. Include measurements, proportions, and suggested combinations of teas, milk, sweeteners, and toppings. Place these recipe cards at the boba making station for guests to refer to and get inspired.

Boba Tea Station Signage: Design colorful and eye-catching signs to label each ingredient and station area. Use playful and descriptive phrases to engage guests and guide them through the boba making process.

2. DIY Boba Bar

Set up a separate table with various add-ons and garnishes for guests to personalize their boba tea. Include items like flavored powders (matcha, taro), chocolate shavings, colorful sprinkles, or crushed cookies. This allows guests to experiment and create unique flavor combinations.

3. Boba Tea Photo Booth

Set up a photo booth area with a backdrop featuring oversized boba tea cup cutouts. Provide props like oversized straws, colorful sunglasses, and bubble tea-themed signs for guests to pose with.

4. Boba Tasting Challenge

Arrange a blindfolded boba tasting challenge. Prepare a selection of different boba flavors, and the kids can take turns guessing the flavors while blindfolded. Provide small prizes for the participants who guess correctly.

5. Make Tapioca Balls from Scratch

Making tapioca balls from scratch can be a fun and rewarding process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you make homemade tapioca balls:


  • 1 cup tapioca starch (also known as tapioca flour)
  • 1/2 cup boiling water


  1. Boil Water: Bring water to a boil in a pot or kettle.
  2. Mixing the Dough: In a mixing bowl, add tapioca starch. Gradually pour the boiling water into the bowl while stirring with a spoon or spatula.
  3. Stirring the Mixture: Keep stirring until the mixture starts to form a dough-like consistency. Be careful as it may be hot at this stage.
  4. Kneading the Dough: Once the mixture has cooled slightly, transfer it to a clean surface or a lightly floured countertop. Knead the dough for about 5-7 minutes until it becomes smooth and elastic. If the dough is too sticky, add a little more tapioca starch. If it’s too dry, add a few drops of water.
  5. Shaping the Balls: Pinch off small portions of the dough and roll them between your palms to form small balls, approximately 1/2 to 3/4 inch in diameter. Ensure that the balls are uniform in size for even cooking.
  6. Cooking the Tapioca Balls: Bring a pot of water to a boil. Gently drop the tapioca balls into the boiling water. Stir them gently to prevent sticking. Cook the tapioca balls for about 10-15 minutes or until they become translucent and soft.
  7. Cooling and Rinsing: Once the tapioca balls are cooked, remove them from the boiling water using a slotted spoon. Rinse them with cold water to remove excess starch and prevent sticking.
  8. Soaking in Syrup (Optional): If you prefer sweetened tapioca balls, you can soak them in a simple syrup made with sugar and water for added flavor. Allow the tapioca balls to sit in the syrup for a few minutes before using them in your boba tea.

Now your homemade tapioca balls are ready to be added to your boba tea creations! Remember to store any unused tapioca balls in a container with a little water to keep them hydrated. Enjoy the chewy goodness of your homemade tapioca balls in your favorite boba tea recipes.

6. DIY Bubble Tea-Making Competition

Divide participants into small teams and provide them with a selection of ingredients and toppings to create their own unique boba tea recipes. Set a time limit and have them present their creations to a panel of judges who will evaluate them based on taste, presentation, and creativity. Award prizes to the winning team or individual.

7. Pin the Boba on the Cup

Play “Pin the Boba on the Cup” by creating a large poster of a boba cup and letting the kids take turns trying to pin the boba as close to the cup as possible while blindfolded.

8. Boba Cup Decorating

Provide craft materials like foam or plastic cups, markers, and stickers for the kids to decorate their own boba cups.

9. Boba Bracelets

Set up a bracelet-making station with colorful beads and elastic string, allowing the kids to create their own boba-inspired bracelets.


10. Tapioca Pearl Garland

String together imitation tapioca pearls to create a unique garland. Hang it across doorways, windows, or the party table to add a whimsical touch. You can also buy adorable boba-themed garlands.

Or, hang a pre-made boba tea garland.

11. Boba Tea Centerpieces

Fill clear glass vases or mason jars with faux or real flowers and use them as centerpieces. Attach boba tea straw stirrers to the vase or tie colorful ribbons around the neck.


13. Boba Tea Cookies

Bake cookies shaped like boba tea cups, straws, or tapioca pearls using a boba cookie cutter. Decorate them with colored icing and sprinkles to make them look vibrant and inviting.

14. Bubble Tea Pudding Cups

Prepare individual pudding cups flavored with popular bubble tea flavors like matcha, taro, or milk tea. Top them with a dollop of whipped cream and a few tapioca pearls for added texture.

15. Boba Fruit Skewers

Thread a combination of fruits like strawberries, mangoes, and kiwis onto skewers. Serve them alongside a dipping sauce made with sweetened condensed milk, honey, or yogurt, which mimics the creamy element of boba tea.

16. Tapioca Pearl Snack Mix

Create a snack mix using mini tapioca pearls. Combine them with nuts, dried fruit, and chocolate chips. You can also add some crunch with cereal or pretzels. This mix is a delightful and chewy twist on a classic party snack.

17. Boba Tea-inspired Cupcakes

Bake cupcakes with flavors inspired by boba tea, such as matcha, taro, or milk tea. Decorate them with whipped cream, colored sugar crystals, or fondant decorations resembling boba pearls or straws.

18. Bubble Tea Jello Cups

Prepare small cups of flavored gelatin, using different colors to represent various boba tea flavors. Before the gelatin sets completely, add a few tapioca pearls to each cup. Once set, you’ll have colorful and jiggly boba tea-inspired treats.

19. Boba Rice Krispie Treats

Put a twist on traditional Rice Krispie treats by adding mini tapioca pearls to the mixture. Mold them into small balls or shape them like boba tea cups using a cookie cutter. Decorate with icing or edible markers to bring the theme to life.

20. Boba Popcorn

Make a batch of popcorn and toss it with brown sugar or caramel sauce to resemble the sweetness of boba pearls. For an extra touch, you can even sprinkle small tapioca pearls on top.

Party Favors

21. DIY Boba Bags

For a memorable party favor, send the party guests home with mini boba kits that include a small packet of tapioca pearls, a tea bag, and a set of instructions for making boba at home.

22. Customized Boba Tea Tumblers

Provide guests with reusable boba tea tumblers personalized with their names or a fun boba tea-themed design. This practical and stylish party favor will remind them of the fun they had at the party.

23. Boba Tea Flavored Lip Balms

Give out lip balms in flavors inspired by popular boba tea varieties such as milk tea, taro, or fruit-infused teas. Package them in cute containers and attach a note expressing appreciation for attending the party.

24. Bubble Tea Scented Candles

Handmade scented candles in flavors like milk tea, jasmine tea, or fruity blends can make delightful party favors. Package them in cute containers and include personalized labels or tags.

25. Boba Tea Recipe Booklet

Compile a collection of boba tea recipes, including variations and customization tips. Create a booklet or print individual recipe cards and tie them together with a ribbon or twine. Guests can take home these recipe guides to continue their boba tea adventures.

Hosting a boba tea party for kids and teens is a fantastic way to create a memorable and enjoyable experience. From the exciting flavors and textures of boba tea to the engaging games, activities, and delicious snacks, there are endless possibilities to make your party a hit.

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