Ready for It? Plan a Taylor Swift Birthday Party Your Kid Will Love

Is your child a Swiftie celebrating a birthday soon?

If so, we’ve got the ultimate guide to hosting a Taylor Swift themed party that will be a chart-topping hit for 8-10 year olds.

From invites to decorations and everything in between, here’s how to shake it off in true Taylor style.


Kick off your Swift-themed celebration with a one-of-a-kind invitation that stars your own little Swiftie! Inspired by Taylor Swift’s iconic “Eras” concept, design an invitation that features different photos of your child representing various Taylor Swift album themes.

Here’s the one I made for my daughter’s birthday:

This personalized “Eras” poster not only serves as a fun prelude to the party but also becomes a special memento for your child.


Friendship Bracelet Making:

Set up a DIY friendship bracelet station using the iconic clay beads that Swifties love. Provide embroidery threads in colors that match the themes of Taylor’s albums—like pastel shades for “Lover” or earthy tones for “Folklore”.

You could also include charms that represent iconic Taylor motifs, such as stars, hearts, or musical notes. This activity not only taps into the theme but also gives the kids a chance to make something special to remember the day by.

Swiftie Karaoke:

Set up a karaoke station where guests can channel their inner superstar and sing their favorite Taylor Swift hits. Decorate the microphone stand with faux flowers, golden ribbons, and maybe even a red curtain backdrop to create a real stage feel.

You could also have a ‘Best Performance’ trophy for a touch of friendly competition.

Craft the Album Art:

Provide a variety of art supplies such as stickers, markers, glitter pens, and even old CDs to decorate. Set up a crafting station where kids can let their creativity flow by designing their own version of a Taylor Swift album cover. This could be a great party keepsake!

Guess the Song:

Challenge the guests with a fun “Guess the Song” game. Play short snippets of Taylor Swift’s songs and have the kids guess which song it is. You could make it more challenging by playing less recognizable sections of songs or covering multiple eras of Taylor’s music.

Polaroid Photo Station

Set up a dedicated corner at your party with a vintage or retro-inspired backdrop. Equip the station with a Polaroid camera loaded with plenty of film.

Include props like faux microphones, Taylor’s iconic heart-shaped sunglasses, and boas to spice up the photos.

Taylor Swift Trivia:

Organize a Taylor Swift trivia game with questions about her songs, her life, and her career. This can be a group activity or a quiz format game where each correct answer scores points. Prepare some Swift-themed prizes for the winners to keep the excitement high.

Temporary Tattoos:

Offer a variety of temporary tattoos featuring iconic Taylor Swift imagery such as the delicate butterflies from “Lover,” the fierce snake from “Reputation,” or even the sparkly stars from “Fearless.” These tattoos let kids wear their Swiftie pride right on their sleeves!


Balloons and Banners:

I love this kitschy banner that says “It’s me… hi… I’m the birthday girl, it’s me.” This sets the perfect tone for a Swiftie birthday party!

Fairy Lights and Glitter:

Drape fairy lights throughout the party space to give it a soft, enchanted look reminiscent of Taylor’s “Folklore” and “Evermore” aesthetics. Scatter some glitter on tables or even on the floor areas where it’s safe to add a little sparkle as guests move around.

Taylor’s Quotes:

Decorate the walls with famous Taylor Swift quotes. Choose a variety of fonts and styles—perhaps a sleek, metallic print for quotes from her “Reputation” era, and whimsical script on light backgrounds for her “Lover” period. These can serve as great conversation starters and photo opportunities.


Swiftie Shake Station:

Shake it off with a DIY milkshake bar where guests can mix their own “Swiftie Shakes.” Offer vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice creams, and provide toppings like crushed cookies, sprinkles, and syrups. Don’t forget to include whipped cream and cherry toppings to finish off these decadent desserts.

Microphone Cones:

Turn simple ice cream cones into fun, themed treats by filling them with popcorn. To enhance the microphone effect, spray the popcorn lightly with edible silver or gold food color spray. Arrange them on a stand so that kids can grab their “microphone” and snack while they perform their favorite Taylor Swift hits at karaoke.

Edible Glitter Cupcakes:

Bake or buy cupcakes and decorate them with a shimmering touch of edible glitter. Use star-shaped sprinkles and perhaps even edible images of Taylor Swift album covers as toppers. Offer a variety of flavors to make sure there’s a little something for every guest’s taste.

“Red” Velvet Cake:

A must-have at any Taylor Swift party, a “Red” velvet cake not only pays homage to one of her iconic albums but also serves as a delicious centerpiece.

Party Favors

Temporary Tattoos:

Offer a variety of temporary tattoos featuring iconic Taylor Swift imagery such as the delicate butterflies from “Lover,” the fierce snake from “Reputation,” or even the sparkly stars from “Fearless.” These tattoos let kids wear their Swiftie pride right on their sleeves!

Friendship Bracelets:

If you set up crafting kit for guests to make their own friendship bracelets during the party, these make great party favors! Or you can make one for each child ahead of time.

Heart Shaped Sunglasses:

Heart-shaped sunglasses are a fun and stylish accessory that make great party favors referencing her colorful “Lover” era.

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