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21 Best April Fool’s Pranks for Kids to Play on Parents (2021)

April Fool’s Day is everyone’s chance to have a little extra fun with each other.  This silly holiday has been making people laugh for generations.

Every other day of the year, parents are pretty much in charge around the house. After all, they make the rules, they set the schedule, and they decide what’s for dinner.

But on April Fool’s Day, the tables are turned.

It’s finally your chance to finally play april fools’ pranks on them  – without getting into too much trouble. 

These harmless April Fools Pranks are simple and fun. They’re the perfect practical jokes for kids to play on parents:

1. Moldy Bread

All you need is green food coloring to fool your parents!

There’s nothing more irritating to a parent than discovering that the bread they just bought at the store has already gone bad. 

Make their disaster scenario come true by dabbing a few drops of green food coloring on a few slices of bread in the load. Keep the top slice fresh and clean so that the colored “mold” is hidden. 

Then wait for their reaction as they open the bread for the morning toast or daily sandwich.

2. Cracked Screen

Trick your mom or dad into thinking they’ve cracked their smartphone.

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare – a cracked screen on their own smartphone or tablet! 

This april fools’ day is the perfect opportunity to trick your parent into thinking it has happened to them.

Download an image or an app that will make your screen look like it’s shattered. 

Your mom or dad will be so upset until you yell “April Fool’s!” They will likely be so relieved that they won’t even be mad at you. 

3. Salty Coffee

Swap salt for sugar to give your mom or dad an extra jolt!

Easy pranks are the best pranks. Does your mom or dad love their morning cup of coffee?

If they drink their coffee with sugar, this is the perfect april fools’ prank for them!

Replace the sweetener in their sugar bowl with salt, and watch the next morning as they drink their disgusting salty coffee!

4. Toothpaste Cookies

Swap toothpaste for frosting to make an afternoon snack into an April Fool’s Joke.

For an afternoon snack (and april fools’ joke), offer your parents a delicious cookie with a glass of milk. 

But before you do, grab some oreo cookies (or oreo-style cookies) and slowly twist the cookies until they come apart. Use a butter knife to gently scrape off the delicious frosting. Replace it carefully with white toothpaste. Then, put the cookie back together.  

Watch as your parents bite into their cookie – what face will they make when they realize it’s not what they thought!?

5. The Classic Soap Trick

Make their bar of soap unusable with a coat of clear nail polish.

Do your parents use a bar of soap when they shower? Or is there a bar of soap next to the sink in your house? Then this classic prank is a great way to fool everyone.

Take the bar of soap and make sure it’s completely dry. Find some clear nail polish and carefully paint the entire bar of soap. Be careful not to get the nail polish on anything, or you’ll REALLY be in trouble!

After it dries, replace the soap where it belongs. The next time mom or dad tries to lather the soap, nothing will happen!

6. Dirty Water

Your parents will think something is very wrong with the water!

What if you turned on the faucet, and brown, discolored water came out? Gross!

Your parents will freak out about the water quality in your house if you play this harmless prank on them. 

Take a cotton swab and carefully smear a few drops of food coloring around the rim of the faucet spout where the water comes out (gel food coloring works especially well).

Brown or green food coloring works well to make the water look dirty, and red works well to make it look bloody.

Watch their reaction as they turn on the water!

7. Broken Remote

Take the batteries out of the remote to get your parents really frustrated!

Sometimes the best pranks are the simplest ones. It’s the worst when the remote control doesn’t work!

Frustrate your parents by taking the batteries out of every remote in the house to make it impossible to turn the television on or off, or change the channel. 

8. Out of Shampoo

Fool your parents into thinking their shampoo and conditioner are out! All you need is plastic wrap.

Trick your parents into thinking that all of their bath products are out.

To do this, sneak into their bathroom and take all the caps off of their shampoo, conditioner, body wash, etc. Then, place a small piece of plastic wrap over the bottle opening, and then screw the lid back on. Make sure nothing can come out.

The next time they’re in the shower, listen to hear their frustrated cries!

9. Upside Down House

Turn your house upside down to really drive your parents nuts.

If you have a parent who is very particular about the way the house is decorated, this is the perfect April’s Fool’s prank for them.

Before your parents wake up, set all objects in the house upside down. Look for pictures frames, clocks, books, etc. You can also hang the pictures on the wall upside down. Be careful not to break anything or you’ll really get in trouble!

10. Scary Spiders

There’s nothing a fake spider can’t make better on April Fool’s Day!

If your mom or dad gets easily freaked out by creepy crawly insects, this prank is perfect to play on them.

Unroll the roll of toilet paper and draw a creepy spider with a think black marker a few toilet paper sheets in from the end. Roll it back up and wait to hear a scream from the bathroom!

Or, you can buy a fake bug to place around the house, in shoes, in ice cubes, on top of folded towels, on the top sheet, etc.

11.  Surprise Sink Spray

Use a rubber band to give a surprise spray to your mom or dad on April Fool’s Day.

This might be the best april fools’ prank, and you’ve probably heard about it or seen it happen to someone else.

Use a rubber band to keep the sink sprayer handle pressed down. When the next person goes to turn on the faucet, the sprayer will soak them. Just make sure it’s not you!

12. Broken Mouse

A simple piece of scotch tape will make your parent think their computer mouse is broken!

Is your mom or dad always on the computer? Then this April Fool’s Prank is the best way to drive them nuts!

Put a piece of clear scotch tape over the tracking ball on the bottom of their computer mouse. This will keep it from moving and the mouse won’t work!

Then sit back and watch their frustration and confusion about why their mouse won’t work. How long can you keep it going?

13. Crazy Alarms

Setting the alarms to go off throughout the day will drive your parents absolutely bananas.

Want to really annoy your parents? Set all of the alarm clocks in the house to go off at different times throughout the next day. It will be a never-ending April Fool’s Prank that’s sure to drive them crazy all day!

14. Shoes Don’t Fit

Stuff cotton balls in the toe of your parents shoes to make them think their shoes don’t fit anymore.

Of all the playful pranks to play on your parents, this one might be the easiest and most harmless.

All you need are cotton balls! Stuff them in the toes of your parents favorite shoes. The next time they go to put their shoes on, they’ll think their shoes are too small.

15. Habla Español?

Change the settings on the TV or on your parent’s cell phone so that everything they see is in Spanish or French instead of English. Be sure to remember how to switch it back, or they might get really mad!

16. Lost Phone

Anyone who loves funny pranks will appreciate this lost phone trick.

Wake up before your parents and tape their cell phone underneath their chair at the kitchen table. While you’re all eating breakfast, call their cell phone. Then, watch their reaction as they realize they have no idea where their phone is!

How long will it take before they look under the kitchen chair?

17. Frozen Computer

This april fool’s day, trick your mom or dad into thinking their computer is totally frozen. 

It’s easy to do! Take a screenshot of their desktop and leave the image open.

See how long it takes them to figure out your trick.

18. Hair Loss

Put fake hair extensions on their pillow while they sleep to really freak them out!

Warning – this prank might actually freak them out and make them angry. Proceed with caution!

What is scarier than thinking you’re losing your hair? Buy a package of hair extensions that match your parent’s hair. You can find them at the local drug store, grocery store, or online. Then, snip some strands about the length of your parent’s real hair and spread it around on their pillow while they are asleep. 

They’ll wake up thinking they’re in a nightmare! They’ll be so relieved to realize that the whole thing is just a prank.

19. Brownie Batch

Surprise your mom or dad by telling them you’ve made them a fresh batch of brownies for an afternoon snack! They’ll be so excited for your delicious treats.

Then, offer up a plate of brown letter E’s. (brown e = brownie!)

To make this prank happen, all you need is brown construction paper and a pair of scissors. Happy “baking”!

20. Food Swap

Making ice cubes out of vinegar is a simple food swap that is really disgusting!

This hilarious practical joke is pretty self-explanatory. You swap one food for another to completely gross out your mom or dad. 

This disgusting April Fool’s Joke can be done in many different ways, and the only limit is your creativity! 

Swap these foods for a hilarious reaction:

-Swap whipped cream for mayo

-Swap soy sauce & Sprite for Diet Coke

-Swap avocado with wasabi, etc. 

-Swap teriyaki sauce for hot chocolate

-Swap vinegar for water in ice cube trays (YUCK!)

The options are endless, and so is they joy you will get from watching your family members eat disgusting items that they didn’t expect!

21. Jello Mold

This classic prank was made famous by Jim on “The Office”, so it’s one of the best april fools day pranks for a parent who loves that show.

Take an item that your mom or dad uses frequently like a stapler or a favorite pen. Stick it in the refrigerator overnight to harden inside the jello mold. 

Here are detailed instructions for this trick.

22. Frozen Cereal

Serve up a frozen bowl of cereal to start your April Fool’s Day.

Does your mom or dad eat a bowl of cereal in the morning? If so, here’s a good way to to have a little bit of fun with them on April Fool’s Day.

Before you go to bed, make their bowl of cereal just the way they like it and place it in the freezer. The next morning, let them know that you’ve already made their breakfast for them. Then watch as they try to eat a frozen bowl of cereal!

23. Bubble Wrap Fun

There’s so much you can do with bubble wrap on April Fool’s Day. It’s poppin’!

There’s so much you can do with bubble wrap on April Fool’s Day.

Place bubble wrap under the toilet seat for a good scare. Place it under a bath mat, kitchen mat, or rug that’s used often.

The popping sounds will scare and confuse your parents, and the best part will be watching them!

Out of time? Just Scare Them

If you’re running low on time for planning your april fools’ day pranks, there’s nothing better than a good old-fashioned scare. 

Find a big box and hide in it. Hide in the closet. Hide under a blanket.

When your mom or dad is least suspecting it, jump out and yell “April Fool’s!”

pastedGraphic.pngThese are some good pranks if we do say so ourselves.

We hope this list of pranks makes your april fool’s day memorable for your whole family. (And that you don’t get into too much trouble for them!)

At the end of the day, we all need laughter. It’s the best medicine, after all. 

We hope you have a good time trying out these silly tricks, and we can’t wait to hear how it went.

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