Slick City Action Park Set to Open in Wauwatosa Next September

Wauwatosa, Wisconsin is set to welcome the newest indoor playground in the Milwaukee area!

Slick City Action Park, known for its fast-packed indoor fun-parks, is expanding its presence with a new location at 1435 N 113th St. in Wauwatosa.

Photo: Slick City Action Park

This development marks Slick City’s first venture into Wisconsin, adding to its portfolio of locations aimed at providing recreational activities in a controlled indoor environment. They currently have locations in Denver, Texas, and St. Louis.

The upcoming Wauwatosa facility is designed to feature an array of attractions, including 12 dry slides with heights reaching up to 24 feet. These slides will utilize mats to enhance speed while reducing friction, catering to both children and adults seeking a thrilling slide experience.

Photo: Slick City Action Park, Denver

In addition to the slides, the park plans to introduce a “Launch” attraction, where participants are propelled into the air before landing on a foam mattress. This unique feature will complement a range of other activities, which include ziplines, a soft play area for younger children, mini go-carts, trapezes, swings, and sport courts with bouncy floors.

The Wauwatosa location is projected to be Slick City’s second-largest facility, and they are expected to hire more than 60 employees.

The park is scheduled to open in September, providing a new indoor recreational venue for the Milwaukee area.

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