45 Sweetest Baby Girl Nursery Themes (2022)

Congratulations on expecting a sweet baby girl!

One of the most fun parts of planning for her arrival is deciding on a nursery theme. Once you decide on a theme and gather some inspiration, it becomes easier to design the rest of the room.

Your baby girl’s room is a blank canvas, and you can turn it into an entirely different world with some paint, wall decals, thoughtful furnishings, and the right accessories.

From the ceiling to the changing table, to the crib sheets and nursery furniture, these ideas will get you inspired and excited about creating your nursery.

Here are 45 of our favorite baby girl nursery ideas for 2022.

These listings do not include affiliate links – we just genuinely love the ideas.

1. Unicorn

Right from the beginning, choose to believe in this fantastical creature. A unicorn-themed baby nursery is whimsical, dreamy, and fun.

In this nursery from Instagram user @rollinwithnancy, an abstract unicorn is placed above the crib against a simply patterned accent wall. The sparkling chandelier and antique mirror add a bit of old work charm, and unicorn accessories accent the wall, floor, and dresser. The plush rug adds warmth and coziness. The crisp white furniture stands out against the pink walls.

2. Cactus 

We are loving this trendy baby girl nursery theme, which you can make complete with printed wallpaper, real or fake cacti, and cactus-shaped pillows. The color scheme is unexpected and irreverent, yet cozy and welcoming.

Get all the details on this beautiful nursery here.

3. Princess

The princess fairy tale baby nursery is a classic theme. A fancy chandelier, plush furnishings, and tiaras aplenty will complete your sweet new room. Your little princess will love it.

We love the central location of a round crib in this princess nursery from Instagram user @thelorissanelson. While the main color is pink, this designer brings an unexpected pop of green with a house plant, and brown and white neutrals throughout.

4. Pink Lemonade

The quintessential childhood drink can also be your baby’s girls nursery theme by taking inspiration from fresh citrus and with a sweet fruity twist makes the perfect theme for baby’s first room. This sweet nursery from Melissa Grace Designs brings in a bold lemon pattern, colorful books acting as wall decor, gold accents, creamy-colored rocking chair, and solid pink drapes to finish the room.

5. Wildflower

Just like a wildflower comes in many shapes and colors, wildflower-themed nurseries will look incredibly different from one another.

An easy way to approach a wildflower room is to pick a a wallpaper print you love and let it inspire the rest of the room.

This nursery by Instagram user @sylviaoppito uses a neutral wildflower wallpaper, dark furniture, dusty rose accents, and soft, plush accessories to bring it all together.

6. Birdhouse

Tweet, tweet! Your little bird will love her special room, complete with birdhouses, tiny birds, and sky above.

This adorable baby girl room from Instagram user @nana_dyell in Quebec has a nest-shaped textures light fixture as a focal point, wooden furniture, and soft accents.

A great way to bring in birdhouses in with a sweet print like the one you see below, or by sourcing actual birdhouses to place throughout the room on shelving.

7. Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland is making a comeback for baby girl nurseries, and for good reason. After all, Alice took risks, searched for the truth, and was incredibly open-minded. Travel through the looking glass with an Alice in Wonderland themed baby nursery. You can opt for bold hues or lighter tones to achieve the effect you prefer.

This nursery from Instagram user @our_cozycoop uses oft-repeated lines from the book, whimsical white furniture, farmhouse walls, and soft knits to create a truly cozy and inspiring nursery.

8. Sunshine

For your daughter’s nursery, surround her with the same sunshine that she brings to you. We love this giant mustard yellow sunshine sticker from @stickaroo_. Paired with crisp white furniture, and natural wood accessories, the effect is a warm and welcoming room for a child of any age.

The baby clothes on open hangers gives the room a casual, fun vibe.

9. Tree

Making a whimsical tree the focal point of your child’s nursery gives it a centering point to build around.

These pastel egg-shaped trees from @barcodepapeldeco remind us of the the truffula trees in Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax, and offer a calm. bright backdrop for this nursery.

Incorporating real trees is also a good idea. In this nursery from Instagram user @christygcreative, real-looking trees are used to bring the outdoors in and give an earthly vibe to the nursery.

10. Peonies

Floral themes will never go out of style for a little girl’s room. And peonies are the most lush, beautiful flower there is. It makes for a luxurious, calm, and beautiful nursery theme.

In this nursery from @mywellihousedcor, a beautiful peony print makes a stunning accent wall, accented by white, soft grays, and neutral accessories. It’s a dream nursery!

11. Rainbows

Rainbows are a bright sign of hope for people all around the world, making it a perfect theme for your baby’s nursery. The small space shown below really packs a (cheerful) punch with a textured paint effect on a crisp white wall, and a funky light fixture to complement the white crib.

12. Seashells

She is as unique as a seashell on the shore, and her nursery can be, too.  These beautiful prints from @bobbinandbumble create a delicate coastal nursery with gentle neutral tones and soft statement pillows. The nautical round mirror is a subtle statement piece for the baby room. Even in small rooms, thoughtful pieces can make it meaningful and impressive.

13. Flamingo

Encourage her to stand tall and proud like a flamingo. A flamingo-themed nursery is such a great idea for modern take on a baby’s room. These funky nursery wall art pieces work perfectly in this twin nursery with a fun pink color, natural materials and an abstract lamp as a statement piece.

14. Ocean

Your love for her is as deep and wide as the ocean, so an ocean theme is perfect! Just like the seashells theme above, this mostly white nursery takes its inspiration from the deep blue sea, but maintains a light coastal vibe. We love the mix of colors, greenery, and the cozy couch instead of a glider. The decorative items on the bookshelf give a personal touch.

15. Farmhouse

To achieve the popular farmhouse look in a baby nursery, the important thing is to focus on special details, soft earth accents, exposed wood, and monochrome palettes. These nurseries from Healthy Little Peach and Making Joy and Pretty Things respectively are replete with these classic characteristics. We love the wreath and bold pink dresser.

16. Plant-Inspired

Who says a baby girl’s nursery can’t also be a plant nursery? You can all but ensure that your baby girl will have a green thumb with a nursery like this.

This stunning baby’s room from Lorla Studio brings together whimsical abstract art, tons of greenery, and a textured rug for a beautiful, modern effect.

17. Tropical

This baby girl’s nursery from Emily Henderson incorporates an intricate jungle mural, simple white baby crib, comfortable blue sitting chair, a fun zebra friend, and plenty of sunlight for impressive effect.

18. Roses

Ring round the rosie! Roses are a classic, feminine flower. And the fact that it comes in so many shades gives you lots of color options.

Ashley Estep’s little girl’s room features a bold, vintage nursery wallpaper, wicker baskets, soft pink blanket, and gold accents to incorporate to achieve a sweeo old-world nursery.

19. Cozy Earth

These earth-tone prints could be the inspiration for the whole room! They can help to create a cozy nursery that pays homage to our natural surroundings.

20. Modern

If you’re going for a modern look, you could opt for clean white walls, minimalist furniture, bold patterns, and an uncluttered floor space. This beautiful baby girl nursery was created by the design team at Rehabitat.

21. Swan

The swan is a regular feature in European fairy tales, and symbolize loyalty, artistry, and beauty, making it a perfect option for a little girl’s room. This swan mobile from Etsy would make a beautiful addition to a swan-themed nursery.

22. Story Book

To generate baby girl room ideas, turn to your favorite childhood books. Choose your favorite story book and create a theme around it. You can frame prints, curate special accessories, and draw from the colors in the book.

Popular books include Winnie the Pooh, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Charlotte’s Web, Dr. Seuss books, and The Giving Tree.

These prints are from Etsy.


23. Bunny

A bunny theme can take on many different styles, from soft and cozy to modern and bold. The focal point of this minimalist nursery is a giant graphic print featuring an adorable bunny. The small triangle print wall paper is the perfect simple backdrop for this dramatic statement piece. A soft gray crib bedding set blends right in, and a wicker basket adds to the casual vibe.

24. Whimsical

This child’s nursery is bright, clean, and so very fun. It is designed to be a great place to inspire a child’s imagination. Whimsical prints, lively patterns, and fun accessories give it a nordic charm. on Petit & Small.

25. Chalkboard

The possibilities with a chalkboard are endless! You can write a favorite quote, create some colorful doodles, or feature your baby’s name in big bold letters. This nursery from Melissa Alcorn makes use of colorful, modern flowers for a bright, high-energy room.

In this sweet space from m_m_interior_design out of Chicago, the mom has written a loving quote, coupled with a bright yellow comfortable chair, window drapes with a fun pattern, and striped area rug with all the primary colors.

This is a great example of how a chalkboard can give a small room lots of character and personalization.

26. Elephant

Elephants are a symbol of good luck, wisdom, and protection, so they’re the perfect theme for a baby’s nursery. This entire room exudes light, warmth and good vibes, from the colorful mobile, textured rug, fun lamp, and friendly elephant.

27. Vintage

Give a nod to decades past with a vintage vibe in your baby nursery. You can opt for midcentury modern or turn-of-the-century as your inspiration.

In the nursery below from Amber Interiors, there is plenty of natural light, midcentury modern furniture, and a beautiful traditional rug.

28. Counting Sheep

Make it easy for her to drift off to sleep in her nursery room with fluffy sheep and soft hues surrounding her. This beautiful neutral room was designed by @homecult, and it demonstrates how smaller rooms have an advantage in the cozy and sweet department.

29. Female Icons

Creating a nursery around influential female icons is a fun way to Inspire your little one from Day One. This modern nursery from @projectnursery features bright colors and portraits of Michelle Obama, Frida Kahlo, and more.

30. Bumble Bees

There’s something irresistible about the energetic buzz of bumble bees, and the honey they create is as sweet as your new little girl.

This gender-neutral nursery from looksugar.com uses a bee print wallpaper, natural woven wall baskets, a golden blanket, and other meaningful accessories to create a sweet-as-honey space.

31. Boho

This sweet boho nursery from @cozy_nursery uses a soft cactus wallpaper, natural fringe chandelier, hanging plants, beaded round mirror, and rose pink accents to achieve a unique, cozy vibe.

32. Travel

This travel-themed baby nursery is bright and inspiring with a teal wall and pops of bright color throughout. It incorporates whimsical globes, hot air balloons, and imagery from around the world.

33. Space

She’ll be stargazing in no time. This delightful print of outer space from Etsy will open her imagination to new galaxies. We love the idea of adding clouds and dinosaurs to this theme.

34. Safari Baby Nursery

This cozy safari room from @everlyroseprints and @homeonhighfields_  brings out the wild in nursery decor. A jungle safari mural is the backdrop for a small write bed, fun pillows, a eucalyptus plant, and cozy floor mats.

Photo Credit: Instagram, @everlyroseprints and @homeonhighfields_ 

35. Clouds

Puffy clouds make everyone happy. This white nursery is fresh and bright, with a patterned rug, traditional lamp, wicker basket, and fun bear rocker.

36. Butterflies

Butterflies epitomize a metamorphosis from something common and colorless to something winged and magnificent. It’s an inspiring theme for a baby nursery.

This nursery from Instagram user @mandysmith.80 has plenty of space to work with. A statement light fixture and butterfly wall decor set the tone for the room, which is complemented by green-blue walls, dramatic window curtains, and personal accessories.

37. Hot Air Balloons

Hot-air balloons lend a sense of freedom, lightness, and exploration to a baby nursery. This gender-neutral nursery featured on The Spruce is light and airy, with modern lines and small subtle hot air balloons floating over the crib.

38. Your Heritage

Take inspiration from your heritage and incorporate it into your baby’s nursery. In this nursery, bright elements of Mexican culture and art create a warm and welcoming room.

39. Llama

Llamas are all the rage with little girls these days. In this nursery featured on Project Nursery, the textured pink wall, black and white llama prints, fancy chandelier, and floral curtains come together for an absolutely lovely baby girl nursery. 

40. Dinosaur

Who says dinosaurs are only for baby boy nurseries? Or that small nurseries can’t be inspiring?

This baby girl nursery from Instagram user @einllehanbury_ uses a fun colorful wallpaper, high shelving, and interesting textiles to create a welcoming, cozy space.

41. Hearts

It’s the international symbol of love, and you can incorporate it easily into your baby’s nursery with an adorable wall paper print like the one shown here from lifestyle blogger @morganaliceb.

42. Forest Animals

This simple and sweet baby girl room from @rbk.interiors gives a subtle nod to forest animals in the printed wall art above the dresser. Pinks and blues complement each other perfectly throughout the room, and the white furniture gives it a fresh, clean look.

43. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Pottery Barn Kids in San Diego shines bright with this twinkly nursery. Gray is the main color, but the white and pink accents give it just enough of a feminine touch for a girl nursery. Even the area rug looks galactic.

44. Mermaid

Mermaids symbolize renewal, and since they are associated with water, they embody the revitalization that water brings.

In this room from Instagram user @mermaid.ish, a giant mermaid suit is the bright, dramatic focal point, and the rest of the room is soft and sweet.

45.  English Garden

The kelly green chair in this room takes the cake, but the floral walls and old English baby buggy are especially inspiring.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this curated list of our favorite girl nursery ideas. We tried to think outside of the traditional themes like minnie mouse and Disney.

These baby girl rooms range from sweet to bold to inspiring, just like your new little baby. Even if you don’t have much space, you can make your own nursery into just what you’ve hoped for.

Our sincere wish for you is a sweet and meaningful space where you will create beautiful memories with your new baby girl. Congratulations!

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