25 Best Big Sister Gift Ideas for Ages 2+ (2022)

Becoming a big sister is a big change! To help prepare your new baby’s older sister for their new important role and this life-changing event, you can give them a meaningful and fun big sibling gift.

Giving big sister gifts is one small way to help avoid jealousy from your older child and foster a positive sibling relationship from the start. We’ve hand-picked 25 of the best big sister gift ideas in 2021.

You can give a gift to the new big sister weeks or months before the big day, or you can give it to them on the day their new sibling is born to make it extra special. You may even give the soon-to-be older sibling a few different small gifts throughout their transition.

Some families tell the big kid that the special gift is actually from their new little sibling, which makes a great first impression.

Either way, a thoughtful gesture and meaningful gift can go a long way towards easing the older sibling’s transition into their new role.

Here are 25 of the best big sister gift ideas:

1. “Big Sis”T-Shirt

A special t-shirt announcing to the world that they are becoming a big sister will help your soon-to-be older sibling begin to identify with their new role and take pride in it. They can wear it on the day their new sibling is born, and well after the transition is underway.

There are so many designs available across the internet, you can be sure to find one in your little one’s favorite style. Here’s an adorable Big Sister t-shirt from Finn & Emma.

2. Beaded Big Sister Bracelet

A sweet beaded bracelet might be just the thing to get them excited about becoming a big sister, with a touch of fancy. They can look down at their wrist each and every day and feel pride in their new role in the family. We love this cute little number from Pinkandgreydesign on Etsy. The tassel detail gives the bracelet a funky touch, and it even comes in a sweet gift bag with a pin heart on it. This bracelet is a great way to remind your new older sibling that you’re proud of their new role in the family.

Big Sister Bracelet on Etsy

3. Personalized Book

Your soon-to-be big sister will feel so special with a book that was created just for her. The books will make them feel like their new little sibling is a special gift just for them. The first name of your older sibling is on the front of book, and makes them the hero of their own story. There are many options available. Try these adorable custom books from wonderbly.com. You can even make it extra personal for your special big kid with a free dedication at the beginning of the book.



4. “On The Day I Was Born” Photo Book

You can make your child feel special with a customized book about the day they were born. Use Shutterfly to easily create a simple book just for your older child, or put together a more comprehensive baby book from pearhead.com.

Big sister will love looking back on photos and your reflections from her special day, and it will give her a better sense of her place in your family and in the world. It will also help them identify with the day you are so eagerly anticipated for their little brother or sister.

5. Mini “Diaper Bag”

You will definitely be carrying around your big old diaper bag as you tote your new baby around town, so why not give big sister her own bag to carry around toys and supplies? The more they can imitate you (with their own flair, of course), the more they will feel like the mature older sibling and be proud of their new role. We love this adorable unicorn bag from Amazon.

6. “I’m a Big Sister” Cookie Jar

When you new baby arrives, there will undoubtedly be many gifts for them. This special chocolate chip cookie jar with the words “I’m a Big Sister” on the label is a great way for the new big sister to feel like they are part of the celebration, and not feel left out of the gift-giving fun. It’s from 1-800-Baskets. So cute!


7. Big Sister Journal

For big sisters who are a bit older, a journal may be just the thing they need to process their inner most thoughts and feelings about the new transition, or just to doodle and have fun. This transition is one of the most important ones they will go through in their lives. Older siblings need time and space to process what’s going on around them. This journal is available on Amazon for $7.99 >>

8. Big Sister Book

Joanna Cole’s “I’m a Big Sister book is perfect for preparing your soon-to-be older sibling for the transition that is about to take place. We used this to prepare our middle child for the new baby, and it helped us have a pretty seamless transition between sisters. It helps teach the older sibling what to expect with a new baby, what the baby will and won’t be able to do, how they’ll be able to help, and reassures them that they are special and loved.

Get it for $6.99 on Amazon >>

9. Big Sister Tumbler

The new big sister will need to stay hydrated for all the playing and care-taking they’ll be doing. Here’s an adorable insulated tumbler for the big girl to carry around. Get it on Amazon for $9.99 >>


10. Big Sister Photo Album

If you’re anything like most parents, you’ll be snapping photos daily of your new baby and their big sis. Give your little gal a place to put her favorite photos of she and the new baby. She can proudly carry it around or keep it in a special place in their room to look at. This Big Sister photo album is available for $15.95 on Amazon >>

11. Personalized Story Book

Make your soon-to-be older sibling feel completely unique, special, and loved with a personalized story book. The book doesn’t have to have anything to do with the new baby. It can just be dedicated to their own story. We love the personalized story books from Iseeme.com >>.

12. Me & My Sister/Brother Frame

A My Sister & Me pictures frame placed in your older sibling’s room gives them a daily reminder in of their special sisterly bond. These pictures frames are modern, stylish, and perfect in any room. Get it on Amazon for $9.99 >>


13. Big Sister Superhero Cape

From helping care for their little siblings to bravely facing a new life transition and adjusting to their new role, big sisters really are superheroes. With this cape and mask she can dress the part! This set is available on Amazon in purple and pink.


14. I’m the Big Sister Unicorn

If you have a unicorn-lover living in your house, then a soft stuffed unicorn with “I’m the Big Sister” written across it might be the perfect way to get them excited to be a big sister. They can snuggle up with their new magical little friend while you snuggle up with the new baby. The unicorn pictured below is available on Amazon >>

15. Kids Camera

Every new big sister needs a camera to capture their favorite moments in the house and around town with their new baby sibling. This camera is the perfect first camera for little kids and toddlers. The VATENIK camera pictured below is highest rated on Amazon for little kids.


16. Matching Outfits

Is there anything better than matching or coordinated outfits among sisters? This is a surefire way to make big sister feel connected and bonded to their new little friend. There are so many cute matching outfits in the world, and this one from Etsy made us smile extra big.

17. Baby Doll

Getting your little girl a new baby doll is a great way to help her learn how to take care of a new baby. While you are taking care of the new baby, your new big sister can work with her baby doll side by side. Together, you can change diapers, change clothes, snuggle up, etc. This adorable doll with a polka-dotted pajama set is available on Amazon for $12.99.

18. Baby Doll Stroller

A stroller for big sister’s new baby doll will be a great way to take short strolls around the neighborhood with your newest family member. This doll stroller is the perfect size for your little one to push their doll around. The simple design makes it easy-to-use, and the denim material makes it durable and practical.


19. Name Stories Name Art

What is the story of your little girl’s name? Remind her about how much you thought about it, where her identity comes from, and how much you love her with a special piece of art focused specifically on the story of her name. The piece pictured below is from namestories.com.


20. Big Sister Crown

When all else fails, you can remind big sister that she is special with a fancy, bejeweled crown. A crown is a great way to make her feel like the special, valued family member that she is.


21. Big Sister Personalized Coloring Activity Book

You’ll definitely need fresh ways to keep the new big sister busy while you’re tending to the new baby. A customized Big Sister Coloring Activity book will keep her occupied in a way that also makes her feel special. This book is from personalizationmall.com.

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Big Sister Personalized Coloring Activity Book >>

22. Big Sister Sweatshirt

If you live in a colder climate, this Big Sister sweatshirt will keep your special girl warm and snuggly. This simple gray sweatshirt with bubbly black writing is available on Etsy in a few different colors.

23. Growth Chart

Keep track of how tall your kids grow every few months or every year. They’ll love to look back on how little they used to be, and how much they’ve grown through the months and years. Our favorite growth chart is on a high-quality, beautiful canvas from Chasing Paper.


24. Big Sister Teddy Bear

You can never go wrong with a soft, snuggly bear. Remind your special girl that she’s a big sister now, and that fact makes her even more special than before. Get it on Amazon >> 

No matter what you end up deciding on as a special gift for your little one, the best gift of all will be a weekly date or daily moments with mom, where your attention is totally on her. I send you my warmest wishes for a smooth and joyful transition for your family.


Calie Herbst

Founder, Milwaukee With Kids

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