100 Best Ways To Tell Your Husband You’re Pregnant (2023)

Bringing a new life into the world is an incredible journey, filled with joy, excitement, and countless emotions. 

Whether it’s your first time, second time, or third time and beyond, it’s always exciting to break the news to your partner.

And what better way to start this journey than by sharing the good news with your loving partner? 

Whether you’re planning a surprise announcement or simply want to find a unique and memorable way to tell your husband that you’re pregnant, we’ve got you covered! 

In this blog post, we’ll present you with a list of the 100 cute ways to tell your husband you’re expecting. 

From heartfelt gestures to creative and fun ideas, get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey of sharing the big news with the love of your life.

1. Handwritten Letter

Pour your heart out on paper and write a heartfelt letter expressing your love, excitement, and the news of your pregnancy. This personal touch will make the announcement even more special. Leave it on his pillow.

2. “World’s Best Dad” mug

It’s a simple and effective method that will surely bring a smile to his face. You can either give him the mug directly or set up a surprise by placing it in a prominent spot where he’ll see it, such as next to his morning coffee or on his desk. When he notices the mug, his reaction will be priceless as he realizes what it means.

3. Wrap the positive test as a gift

You can use a small box, gift bag, or even a special envelope. Adding a bow or a note that says “Open me” can build up the anticipation.

4. Bun in the Oven

Place a bun in the oven and ask him to check on it.

5. Coming Soon!

Create a mock movie poster with your names and “Coming Soon” as the title.

6. Due Date Calendar

Create a customized calendar with important dates and milestones leading up to the due date. Present it to your husband and let him discover the pregnancy news while going through the calendar.

7. Fortune Cookie

Order customized fortune cookies with messages like “You’re going to be a dad!” or “Our family is growing by two feet!” Serve them as a surprise dessert. Chinese food has never been this fun.

8. Dad’s Survival Kit

Put together a “Daddy’s Survival Kit” for the expectant father with items like baby wipes, pacifiers, baby lotion, and a baby bottle. 

9. Engraved Watch

Work with a jeweler or an engraving service to personalize the watch or jewelry with a special message. You can engrave the due date, a short phrase like “Daddy-to-Be,” or a heartfelt message expressing your love and excitement.

10. “Daddy’s Little Helper” Onesie

Purchase a baby onesie with the phrase “Daddy’s Little Helper” printed on it. Find a special moment to give it to your husband. You could plan a cozy evening at home or choose a significant day like his birthday or a special anniversary. Wrap the little onesie in gift wrapping paper and attach a note that says, “A little something to help you prepare for your new role.”

11. Baby Themed Dinner

Prepare a pregnancy-themed dinner with foods like “baby back ribs” and “bun in the oven.”

12. “Promoted To Dad” T-shirt

Give him a custom-made T-shirt with the words “Promoted to Daddy.” Custom shirts are easy to find and create online. You can put any message on there that you want.

13. Romantic Date Night

Arrange a romantic date night for just the two of you. Set the mood with soft music, dim lighting, and perhaps a surprise dessert with a message like “You’re going to be a dad!”

14. Secret Message Scavenger Hunt

Create a scavenger hunt at home with clues leading him to different parts of the house, where he eventually discovers the message “We’re having a baby” or a positive pregnancy test. It’s a fun way to break the news!

15. Framed Ultrasound Picture

Present your husband with a framed ultrasound picture, revealing the first glimpse of your little one. This heartfelt gesture will touch his heart and make the news feel more real.

16. “Our Next Adventure” Scrapbook

Create a customized storybook that narrates your journey as a couple and ends with the big announcement of your pregnancy. It’s a beautiful way to express your love and share the news simultaneously. You can use an online service that offers all kinds of creative ways to personalize your book.

17. Sonogram Photo Collage

Gather your favorite pictures of the two of you and create a photo collage. Include an ultrasound image in the center and surprise him with the heartfelt artwork.

18. “Baby On Board” T-Shirt

Wear a customized T-shirt that says “Mom-to-Be” or “Baby on Board” and wait for him to notice the message.

19. Big Brother / Big Sister T-shirt

If you already have another child, have them wear a Big Brother or Big Sister t-shirt to tell your husband the happy news. (Here are more of the best big sister gift ideas.)

20. Baby Name Book

Give him a baby name book and ask him to start brainstorming.

21. Baby-Themed Playlist

For a sweet surprise, curate a playlist filled with songs that celebrate parenthood, love, and new beginnings. Play it for your husband and let the songs convey the joyful news. Here are some songs about having a baby.

22. Time capsule surprise

Assemble a time capsule filled with items that represent your relationship and future as parents. Include ultrasound pictures, baby-related items, and letters to your future child. Bury or hide the time capsule together, and let your husband discover the surprise as you explain its significance.

23. Photo booth fun

Set up a photo booth at home or rent a portable one. Decorate it with baby-themed props, signs, and a chalkboard with the pregnancy announcement. Invite your husband to take fun and silly photos with you, and watch his reaction as he realizes the surprise when reviewing the pictures.

24. Surprise concert or performance

If there’s a band or artist that holds significance for both of you, arrange for a surprise concert or private performance. As you enjoy the music together, dedicate a song or have the artist incorporate a special message into the performance to announce the pregnancy.

25. Artistic masterpiece

Create or commission a unique piece of artwork that symbolizes your pregnancy announcement. It could be a painting, a sculpture, or even a customized piece of jewelry. Present the artwork to your husband and explain its significance, allowing him to interpret the hidden message within.

26. Romantic dinner with a surprise menu

Plan a romantic dinner at a favorite restaurant. Collaborate with the chef or cook the meal yourself, carefully incorporating baby-themed or pregnancy-related ingredients into each dish. As you enjoy each course, the unique ingredients will gradually hint at the pregnancy until the big reveal at the end.

27. Customized video game

If your husband is a gamer, create a custom level or game modification that incorporates the pregnancy announcement. Whether it’s a message hidden within the game or a character representing the new addition to your family, surprise him with this unique and interactive announcement.

28. Engraved Keychain

For a sweet keepsake, gift your husband an engraved keychain with a message like “Dad-to-Be” or “We’re expecting.” Every time he reaches for his keys, he’ll be reminded of the wonderful news.

29. Message in His Morning Coffee

Write a sweet message on his morning coffee cup that says, “You’re going to be a dad!” or “Our family is expanding.” You can also order special coffee cups that have a message on the bottom of the mug so that he can’t see it until he’s done with his coffee. The best part? He’ll definitely be awake and alert when you tell him about the new addition.

30. A Walk Down Memory Lane

Create a timeline of your relationship, including memorable moments and milestones. End the timeline with the announcement of your pregnancy, highlighting that it’s the most beautiful chapter yet.

31. Baby Announcement Puzzle

Create a personalized puzzle with a picture of you holding a sign that says “We’re expecting!” As your husband solves the puzzle, the exciting news will be revealed piece by piece.

32. Pregnancy Announcement Photoshoot

Plan a surprise photoshoot and reveal your pregnancy during the session. Capture the genuine emotions on both of your faces as you share the news.

33. Baby Booty Trail

Leave a trail of baby booties leading to the sonogram picture or positive pregnancy test.

34. Baby Shower for Two

One great way to celebrate this moment is to organize a small surprise baby shower for just the two of you. Decorate the room, prepare some snacks, and shower him with gifts for the upcoming journey of fatherhood. It’s the best way to make him feel special and excited for what’s to come.

35. Matching Outfits for the Whole Family

Present your husband with matching outfits for him, you, and your soon-to-be little one. It’s a fun and creative way to announce the pregnancy and celebrate the future together.

36. Personalized Song

Write a heartfelt song or poem to express your love and the joy of your pregnancy. Perform it for your husband, and let the beautiful lyrics carry the news. There are some companies that will write a specific song about your and your partner’s journey. The songs sound professional!

37. Stargazing Night

Plan a stargazing night! Choose a clear night and plan a stargazing outing with your husband. Find a secluded spot away from city lights where you can have a clear view of the night sky. Research ahead of time to identify any special astronomical events happening around that time, such as meteor showers or planet alignments.

Later, you can remember this special night with a custom poster to frame in your house.

38. “Our Family is Growing” Plant

Choose a special plant that holds significance for both of you or represents the growth and nurturing aspect of parenthood. It could be his favorite flower, a tree that symbolizes family and strength, or a plant that is known for its association with new beginnings. Include a small sign that says “Our family is growing” or “Planting the seeds of love and joy.”

39. Treasure chest surprise

Find a small treasure chest or box and fill it with symbolic items related to the pregnancy. It could include a baby rattle, a tiny pair of booties, or a miniature onesie. Present the treasure chest to your husband and watch his excitement as he discovers the clues pointing towards the big news.

40. Baby Announcement Cake

Bake or order a cake with the big news written on top of it. Perfect if your husband has a sweet tooth!

41. Surprise Trip

Plan a surprise trip for just the two of you. Destination: Parenthood! Give him a travel itinerary that includes hints about the pregnancy, such as baby-friendly activities or attractions.

42. Message in a Bottle

Write a heartfelt message announcing your pregnancy and place it in a beautifully decorated bottle. Present it to your husband and let him read the message as he uncorks the bottle.

43. Include Your Pet

 For a funny pregnancy announcement, have your pet to deliver a message or wear a sign that announces the new baby. Or, attach a note to their collar that says, “I’m going to be a big brother/sister!” Your pet should definitely be included. After all, pets are family members too!

44. Baby-Themed Date Night

Plan a surprise date night at home with a baby theme. Decorate the room with baby items, watch a movie about parenthood, and present him with a onesie or baby-related gift.

45. Customized Video

Create a heartfelt and personalized video that includes messages from loved ones, memories of your journey as a couple, and the ultimate surprise—announcing your pregnancy.

46. Surprise message in the sky

Arrange for a skywriting or aerial banner display to reveal the pregnancy news to your husband. Take him to a special location where he can see the sky message, and enjoy the awe-inspiring moment as he reads the announcement written across the sky.

47. Custom Photo

Take a photo of you holding a sign that says “Baby on Board” or “Coming Soon.” Present the framed photo to your husband as a surprise gift.

48. Head to his Favorite Location

Choose your husband’s favorite location, such as a park, beach, or restaurant, to surprise him with the news. The sentimental value of the place will enhance the moment.

49. Baby Shoes

Give your husband a gift box containing a tiny baby shoe. The moment he opens it, the realization of your pregnancy will fill the air.

50. Romantic Getaway

Plan a local romantic getaway and reveal the pregnancy news in a beautiful and intimate setting. The memories of the trip and the announcement will be forever intertwined.

51. Digital Scavenger Hunt

Set up a digital scavenger hunt for your husband, sending him clues via text message or email. The final clue can lead to a website or video announcement revealing the pregnancy.

52. Digital Countdown Timer

Create a digital countdown timer on your phone or computer, set to the due date. Share a screenshot or video of the timer with your husband, indicating the arrival of your little one.

53. Online Photo Album

Create an online photo album or slideshow that documents your journey as a couple and ends with the announcement of your pregnancy. Share the link with your husband for a nostalgic surprise.

54. QR Code Surprise

Generate a QR code that leads to a website or video revealing the pregnancy. Print it out and present it to your husband, prompting him to scan it and discover the exciting news.

55. Podcast-style Announcement

Create a podcast-style recording where you announce the pregnancy news in an entertaining and engaging manner. Share the audio file with your husband, allowing him to listen to the surprise announcement.

56. Special Delivery Package

Arrange for a surprise delivery package to arrive at your home with a note or gift that reveals the pregnancy.

57. Secret Message in a Book

Select a book that holds sentimental value for both of you. Write a secret message inside, revealing the pregnancy, and ask him to read it.

58. Gift Basket with Baby Items

Prepare a gift basket filled with baby items, such as a bib, pacifier, and onesie. Present it to him with a note that says, “We have someone new to dress up!”

59. Record His Reaction

Set up a hidden camera to capture your husband’s genuine reaction when he hears the news. You can both relive the special moment together in the future.

60. Baby Themed Crossword Puzzle

Are you word game lovers? Create a baby-themed crossword puzzle to break the news.

61. Bake Cookies

Bake cookies in the shape of baby onesies and surprise him with them.

62. “We’re Expecting!” Balloon

Write “We’re expecting!” on a balloon and leave it for him to find.

63. What to Expect When You’re Expecting

Buy him a copy of the classic baby book and wrap it up in a bow.

64. Baby Food

Present him with a jar of baby food wrapped up in a bow and watch his reaction.

65. Message on the mirror

Write “I’m pregnant!” on a mirror with lipstick.

66. Surprise him at work

Hide a positive pregnancy test in his work bag or briefcase.

67. Baby Pacifier

Place a baby pacifier on his pillow.

68. Family Travel Map

Create a customized map highlighting the destinations you plan to visit as a family or a travel journal where you can document your journey as expectant parents.

69. Baby Book

Give him a children’s book with a note inside saying, “We’ll be reading this soon.”

70. Magnet Message

Spell out “Baby on the way!” with refrigerator magnets.

71. Beach message

If you live near the beach, spell it out in the sand!

72. Invisible Ink

Spell out the message with invisible ink and have him shine a light on it to reveal the surprise.

73. Message on your Belly

Write a message on your belly and surprise him by lifting your shirt.

74. Cooking His Favorite Meal

Prepare a delicious meal filled with his favorite dishes and surprise him with the news over a candlelit dinner. The combination of good food and joyful news will make it an unforgettable moment.

75. Write a Poem

Write a poem about becoming parents and read it to him.

76. Baby Shoe Surprise

Give him a pair of baby shoes and watch his reaction.

77. Hidden Pregnancy Test

Hide a positive pregnancy test in his gym bag, briefcase, in a pair of shoes, pocket of his jacket, car, wallet, ask drawer, toolbox, book, etc. 

78. Baby Themed Card

Place a baby-themed card next to his morning coffee.

79. Surprise Picnic

Set up a surprise picnic with baby-related snacks and reveal the news during the meal.

80. Daddy’s Sidekick Onesie

Buy a baby onesie with “Daddy’s Sidekick” written on it.

81. Video Message

Record a video message revealing the news and play it for him. This is the perfect way to tell him if you think you like to plan ahead.

82. Baby Store Visit

Take him on a surprise visit to a baby store. Buy some supplies while you’re there!

83. Chalkboard Message

Write “You’re going to be a dad!” on a chalkboard and hang it up for him to see.

84. Board Game

Create a “Pregnancy Announcement” board game with clues leading to the big reveal.

85. Baby Booties

Place a positive pregnancy test inside a pair of baby booties.

86. Balloon Surprise

Write a message on a deflated balloon and ask him to inflate it.

87. Baby Socks

Give him a pair of baby socks and ask him to guess what they’re for.

88. Closet Surprise

Write a message on a baby onesie and hang it on his side of the closet.

89. Diaper Message

Write a message on a diaper and leave it on his pillow.

90. Baby Bottle

Give him a baby bottle filled with his favorite candy.

91. Baby Bib

Write a message on a baby bib and serve it to him during a meal.

92. Baby Charades

Plan a game night and include charades. Make sure to include baby-related clues, such as “diaper changing,” “baby bump,” or “rocking a cradle.” When it’s your turn, act out a clue that reveals your pregnancy, like pretending to hold a baby or pointing to your belly.

93. Memento Box

Purchase a decorative box and customize it with the words “Our Little Miracle” or “Our Bundle of Joy.” Fill it with small baby-related items like a pacifier, baby socks, or a positive pregnancy test. Give it to him as a heartfelt gift, and as he opens the box, the realization will dawn on him.

94. Balloon Pop Surprise

Fill a box with helium balloons, including one balloon that says “Baby on the way!” Ask your husband to open the box, and as he does, the balloons will float out, revealing the exciting news.

95. Personalized Comic Strip

Create a personalized comic strip featuring the two of you and a surprise pregnancy announcement at the end. Print it out or send it to him digitally, and watch his delight as he reads through the comic strip.

96. Baby-themed Recipe Book

Compile a recipe book of his favorite dishes, but with a twist. Add a special section of “Baby’s First Recipes” or “Dad’s New Favorites” to hint at your pregnancy. Present him with the recipe book and enjoy his reaction as he discovers the surprise section.

97. Baby-themed Movie Night

Plan a cozy movie night at home with a selection of baby-themed movies. Choose films like “Father of the Bride” or “Three Men and a Baby.” As you watch the movies together, he’ll begin to catch on to the baby-related theme.

98. Baby Riddle

Write a riddle or a series of clues leading up to the announcement. Make the answers to each clue baby-related, and finally, reveal the big news at the end.

99. Baby-themed Scrabble

Play a game of Scrabble together but secretly arrange the tiles to spell out “We’re pregnant!” When he sees the phrase forming on the board, he’ll be amazed.

100. Photo Mosaic Reveal

Create a photo mosaic using pictures of the two of you, your adventures, and memorable moments. Assemble the mosaic and present it to your husband, letting him discover the hidden message or image within the larger picture that announces the pregnancy.

101. Set the Scene

Incorporate props like baby shoes, pacifiers, or baby bottles into a surprise setup. When your husband enters the room, he’ll be greeted with a visual display of the exciting news.

102. Special Occasion

Choose a special occasion such as his birthday or your anniversary to surprise him with the news. Special occasions will make the moment even more unforgettable.

We hope you loved these creative ideas!

Announcing your pregnancy to your husband is a moment filled with love, joy, and anticipation. It’s a milestone that marks the beginning of an incredible journey as you both prepare to welcome a new addition to your family. 

Whether you choose a sentimental gesture that tugs at the heartstrings or a lighthearted surprise that brings laughter, the key is to consider your husband’s personality, interests, and preferences. Tailor the announcement to reflect your relationship, creating a moment that is special, personal, and memorable.

Congratulations on this joyous news, and may your pregnancy be filled with love, happiness, and endless blessings for your growing family.

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In 2013, Calie Herbst, a former teacher with three little ones, saw a need for a “One Stop Shop” for family fun in Milwaukee. So she founded Milwaukee With Kids. Her goal was to find the best this city has to offer families and share it with other parents. In one place. In 2019, she published "Exploring Milwaukee With Kids", a comprehensive Milwaukee travel guide for families and kids. She appears regularly on WISN News, Fox 6's 'Real Milwaukee', B93.3, and Wisconsin Morning News. She has been featured in Medium, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, NPR, the Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle, and on CBS 58 News. Calie is available for hosting, moderating and media appearances.

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