50 Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas for Your 4-Year-Old (2024)

Are you planning an outdoor birthday party for your 4 year old? You’re in the right place!

As parents, we all want to create memorable experiences for our little ones.

With the warm sunshine, fresh air, and boundless possibilities, outdoor parties offer a fantastic opportunity to unleash your child’s imagination and create magical moments that will be cherished for years to come.

In this blog post, we’ve curated a list of 50 amazing outdoor birthday party ideas specifically tailored for 4-year-olds in 2023. 

From whimsical themes to thrilling adventures, we’ve got you covered with a diverse range of creative and engaging birthday parties that will delight little kids. 

Whether your little one dreams of being a superhero, exploring the wonders of nature, or embarking on exciting treasure hunts, we’ve compiled an array of ideas to suit every taste and interest.

So, grab your party hats, dust off your planning skills, and get ready to throw an unforgettable celebration that your 4-year-old will talk about for years to come.

Let’s dive in!

1. Teddy Bear Picnic Party

teddy bear in picnic basket

What’s sweeter than a teddy bear picnic? It’s a fun idea for both boys and girls.


Create invites for your guest list in the shape of a teddy bear or picnic basket. Include the date, time, location, and a request for each child to bring their favorite teddy bear to the party.


  • Set up a picnic area with blankets and pillows for the kids to sit on. 
  • Provide each child with a picnic basket or tote bag to decorate with stickers and markers. 
  • Have a teddy bear parade where each child can show off their favorite teddy bear. 
  • Teddy bear story time: Read stories about teddy bears, such as “Corduroy” or “Paddington Bear,” to the kids.
  • Teddy bear crafts: Set up a craft station where the kids can make their own teddy bear ears, or decorate small teddy bears with fabric markers or stickers.
  • Teddy bear fashion show: Have the kids dress up their teddy bears in different outfits and put on a fashion show for everyone.
  • Teddy bear photo booth: Set up a fun backdrop and props for kids to take pictures with their teddy bears.
  • Bouncy Castle – Have a bounce house nearby so kids can bounce with their teddy bear!


Serve traditional picnic foods such as sandwiches, fruits, and chips. You can also have a teddy bear-themed cake or cupcakes decorated with gummy bears or teddy bear-shaped cookies.

Party Favors:

Fill small picnic baskets or tote bags with a teddy bear book, a small teddy bear toy, and some snacks such as teddy bear-shaped graham crackers or cookies.

2. Backyard Olympics

Backyard olympics

Throwing a classic outdoor games party for your child’s birthday party can be a delightful and nostalgic experience. Here’s a guide on how to plan the party, including ideas for creative names, invitations, activities, snacks, and party favors:

Creative Name Ideas: “Backyard Olympics”, “Playground Palooza”, “Field Day Fiesta”, “Playtime Party”.

Invitations: Design invitations in the shape of sports balls or play equipment like jump ropes or bicycles. Include playful wording, such as “Join us for a day of outdoor fun and games!” or “Get ready to play, laugh, and make memories!”

Activities: Play classic, fun games like:

  1. Three-Legged Race: Pair up children and have them race together with their legs tied.
  2. Sack Race: Provide large burlap sacks for children to hop in while racing towards the finish line.
  3. Egg and Spoon Race: Use plastic or wooden spoons and plastic eggs for a classic balancing race.
  4. Tug of War: Divide children into teams and have them compete in a friendly game of strength.
  5. Obstacle Course: Create a fun and age-appropriate obstacle course using cones, tunnels, hurdles, and balance beams.
  6. Water Balloon Toss: Pair children up and have them toss water balloons to each other, taking steps back with each successful catch.
  7. Bean Bag Toss: Set up a bean bag toss game using targets with different point values.
  8. Ring Toss: Arrange a ring toss game with plastic rings and pegs.
  9. Parachute Play: Use a large parachute for cooperative games, such as making waves or playing “popcorn.”
  10. Simon Says: Engage the kids in a lively game of Simon Says, incorporating fun movements and actions.

These outdoor party games have stood the test of time and are perfect for this age group!


  1. DIY Trail Mix: Set up a trail mix bar with a variety of nuts, dried fruits, pretzels, and chocolate chips for children to create their own customized snacks.
  2. Fruit Kebabs: Thread colorful fruits onto skewers for a healthy and refreshing snack option.
  3. Mini Sandwiches: Prepare bite-sized sandwiches with a variety of fillings like ham, cheese, and peanut butter and jelly.
  4. Yogurt Parfaits: Layer yogurt, granola, and fresh fruits in cups for a tasty and nutritious treat.
  5. Lemonade Stand: Set up a lemonade stand with a variety of flavored lemonades and refreshing drinks.

Party Favors:

  1. Mini Sports Equipment: Provide small sports balls or mini jump ropes as party favors.
  2. Personalized Medals: Create custom medals using ribbon and cardstock, and award one to each child as a token of participation.

Remember to tailor the activities and snacks to suit the age and abilities of the children attending the party. With these ideas, your classic outdoor games party will be a joyful celebration of active play and childhood camaraderie.

3. Aqua Adventure

Throwing a pool or DIY water park party for your 4-year-old can be a splashing success! Here’s a guide on how to plan the party:

Creative Name Ideas: Splish Splash Bash, Aqua Adventure, Wet n’ Wild Party, Poolside Paradise, or H20 Fun Fest


  1. Design invitations shaped like swimming goggles, pool floats, or water droplets.
  2. Use playful wording, such as “Dive into fun at [Child’s Name]’s Pool Party!” or “Join us for a splashing good time!”


  1. Water Slide Adventure: Set up a water slide or DIY slip ‘n’ slide for thrilling rides and splashes.
  2. Water Balloon Toss: Pair children up and have them toss water balloons to each other, taking steps back with each successful catch.
  3. Duck Race: Set up a duck race with rubber ducks and a small pool or trough.
  4. Water Limbo: Use a stream of water from a hose as the limbo bar and see how low the kids can go!
  5. Sponge Relay Race: Divide children into teams and have them pass a soaked sponge overhead or between their legs to a bucket.
  6. Water Gun Fun: Provide water guns for a playful water fight or set up targets for a shooting game.
  7. Pool Games: Play classic pool games like Marco Polo, water volleyball, or treasure hunt with sinking toys.
  8. Water Sensory Station: Set up a table with bowls of water, floating toys, and cups for sensory play and exploration.


  1. DIY Ice Pops: Make homemade ice pops using fruit juice or puree in fun shapes and flavors.
  2. Watermelon Slices: Serve refreshing watermelon slices to keep everyone hydrated and cool.
  3. Fish-Shaped Crackers: Offer fish-shaped crackers as a playful and thematic snack option.
  4. Tropical Fruit Salad: Create a tropical fruit salad with a mix of juicy fruits like pineapple, mango, and kiwi.

Party Favors:

  1. Beach Towels: Provide small, colorful beach towels personalized with each child’s name.
  2. Sunglasses: Give out sunglasses in various styles and colors to protect their eyes from the sun.
  3. Water Toys: Offer small water toys like squirt guns, inflatable beach balls, or diving toys.
  4. Waterproof Stickers: Give children waterproof stickers featuring aquatic themes.
  5. Mini Bottles of Sunscreen: Provide mini bottles of child-friendly sunscreen for their next outdoor adventure.

Remember to prioritize safety and provide appropriate supervision during water-related activities. Also, consider the swimming abilities of the children and adjust the activities accordingly.

4. Bubble Bash

Bubbles floating in the air

Throwing a bubble party for your child’s birthday is a fun and exciting way to celebrate their special day. Here’s how you can do it:


Create colorful invitations shaped like bubbles, and include a bubble wand with each invite. Ask your guests to wear clothes that they don’t mind getting wet and soapy.


  1. Set up a bubble station with bubble solution and wands in various sizes and shapes.
  2. Play games like “Bubble Catch” where kids try to catch and pop bubbles.
  3. Set up a “Bubble Art” station where kids can use bubble solution and paint to create unique bubble art pieces.
  4. Have a bubble dance party, playing music and blowing bubbles while the kids dance.
  5. Create a bubble obstacle course with hula hoops, tunnels, and other props for kids to navigate through while others blow bubbles onto the course.
  6. Create a Bubble Wonderland with an at-home bubble machine.


  1. Serve snacks that fit with the bubble theme, such as bubble gum, cotton candy, and popcorn.
  2. Offer drinks like sparkling water or soda, or create a fun bubble-themed punch with clear soda and blue food coloring.

Goodie bags:

  1. Decorate paper bags with bubble stickers or stamps.
  2. Fill the bags with small bottles of bubble solution, bubble wands, and bubble-themed toys like bubble guns or bubble blowing machines.
  3. Include a thank-you note and a small treat like a piece of candy.

You could even offer the adults some bubbly!

5. Outdoor Movie Night

movie night items including tickets and popcorn

Here are some ideas for throwing a “Flicks & Friends” movie party for a four year old:


Create cute and colorful movie ticket-themed invitations with all the party details on it.


  1. Set up a cozy and comfy viewing area with pillows, blankets, and bean bags.
  2. Select a kid-friendly movie that is suitable for their age group.
  3. Play some fun movie-related games like a movie trivia game or movie charades.
  4. Provide some craft activities like coloring pages and making movie-themed masks or puppets.
  5. Set up a photo booth area where kids can pose for pictures with movie-themed props.


  1. Set up a popcorn bar with various popcorn flavors and toppings like chocolate, caramel, and sprinkles.
  2. Serve some healthy snacks like fruit skewers, veggies with dip, and cheese and crackers.
  3. Provide some drinks like juice boxes or mini water bottles.

Goodie bags:

  1. Create movie-themed goodie bags like a small popcorn box filled with movie candy, stickers, and a small toy.
  2. Include a personalized movie ticket with a thank you note for attending the party.

Remember to make sure the movie is age-appropriate, and the viewing time is not too long to accommodate their attention span. Additionally, you can decorate the party area with movie posters or create a movie theater-style ambiance with dimmed lights and a red carpet entrance.

6. Water Balloon Extravaganza

water balloons

A water balloon party is a great way to have fun and cool off during the summer months. Here are some ideas to help you plan the perfect party for your four-year-old:


Create invitations with a water balloon theme, including images of balloons and water. Be sure to include details about the party’s theme and any necessary instructions for parents to bring extra clothes and towels.


  1. Set up a water balloon toss game where the kids stand in pairs and toss the balloons back and forth.
  2. Have a water balloon piñata filled with small toys and treats.
  3. Set up a water balloon filling station where the kids can fill their own balloons.
  4. Set up a target game where the kids throw water balloons at a large board with targets painted on it.
  5. You can also have water guns for a squirt fight or beach balls for a game of Keep It Up!


  1. Offer snacks that are easy to eat and won’t leave too much of a mess, such as sliced fruit, popcorn, or chips.
  2. Set up a fun and colorful snack station with bowls of different snacks and drinks, such as juice boxes or small bottles of water.

Goodie bags:

  1. Create goodie bags with small water toys, such as water squirt toys, and water balloon, and small treats like candy or stickers.
  2. Put the toys and treats in a decorated paper bag or small plastic container with a thank-you note and a small toy or treat.

With these ideas, your child’s water balloon party is sure to be a splashy success and a memorable celebration of summer fun!

7. Gardening / Butterfly Release Party

child and parent gardening

Does your little girl or boy love flowers and plants? A Garden Party will be so much fun for them!


Create invitations shaped like flowers or garden tools such as shovels or watering cans. Include details about the party, including the date, time, location, and any special instructions (e.g., bring sunscreen and a hat).


  1. Planting activity: Set up a station where kids can plant their own seeds in small pots or cups. Provide soil, seeds, and markers for labeling.
  2. Scavenger hunt: Hide small garden-related items like ladybugs, flowers, or gardening gloves around the yard, and provide a list for the kids to find them all.
  3. Garden crafts: Provide materials for the kids to create their own flower crowns, flower presses, garden markers, or nature collages.
  4. Garden storytime: Read books about gardens and nature to the kids.
  5. Butterfly Release: In the weeks leading up to the party, you can raise 5 butterflies in an at-home Butterfly Kit, and release them at your party!


  1. Fruit and veggie platters with dips like hummus or ranch.
  2. Butterfly-shaped sandwiches with edible flowers as decoration.
  3. Sunflower seed butter and jelly sandwiches.
  4. Fruit kabobs on skewers resembling garden tools like shovels or rakes.
  5. Mini herb and vegetable pizzas using fresh ingredients from your own garden.

Goodie bags:

  1. Mini garden tool sets (shovel, rake, watering can)
  2. Flower or butterfly-shaped cookies
  3. Sun hats or sunglasses
  4. Seed packets
  5. Personalized aprons or tote bags with the party theme or child’s name.

Remember to take lots of pictures of the party guests enjoying the garden activities and decorations!

8. Piñata Party

kids hitting a piñata

A piñata party is a fun way to celebrate a four year old’s birthday! Here are some ideas for how to throw a great piñata party:

Invitations: You can make your own invitations by cutting out a piñata shape from colored paper and writing the party details on it. Or, you can buy pre-made piñata-themed invitations from a party supply store.

Activities: Of course, the main activity at a piñata party is breaking open the piñata! You can also set up other games and activities such as a piñata guessing game or a piñata craft. You can also set up a small obstacle course or relay race for the kids to enjoy.

Snacks: A piñata party is a great opportunity to serve some festive treats like fruit skewers, mini sandwiches, and cupcakes. You can also set up a candy bar with colorful candies that match the party’s color scheme.

Goodie bags: Fill the goodie bags with small toys, stickers, and candy that the kids can take home. You can also include some piñata-shaped cookies or other piñata-themed treats.

Decoration: Decorate the party area with brightly colored streamers, balloons, and other piñata-themed decorations. You can even create your own piñata centerpiece or make a piñata banner using mini piñatas.

Remember to always ensure that young children are supervised around the piñata, and that there is enough space and no tripping hazards around the area where the piñata will be broken open. With some planning and preparation, a piñata party can be a fun and memorable experience for your four year old and their friends!

9. Petting Zoo Party

child feeding an animal at a petting zoo

A petting zoo party is a great option for a four year old who loves animals can be a memorable and exciting experience. Here are some ideas on how to throw a petting zoo party:


  • Send out invitations that feature cute animals, like cows, pigs, or sheep, with the details of the party.
  • Consider including a note asking parents to dress their children in comfortable clothes and closed-toe shoes.


  • Hire a mobile petting zoo service to come to your party with a variety of friendly animals that are safe for young children to interact with.
  • Set up a small pen or enclosure where children can pet and feed the animals, under supervision from adults.
  • Consider providing some fun animal-themed activities, such as coloring pages or a farm animal bean bag toss game.


  • Serve snacks that are easy for little hands to hold and eat, like animal crackers or veggie sticks with dip.
  • Offer fruit snacks shaped like different animals, such as watermelon slices cut into triangles to look like shark teeth or grapes arranged into a caterpillar.

Goodie bags:

  • Consider animal-themed goodie bags, like small animal figures, farm animal stickers or tattoos, or stuffed animals.
  • Include some animal-themed snacks, like fruit snacks shaped like different animals or animal crackers.

Remember to keep safety in mind when planning a petting zoo party. Make sure all children are supervised and follow proper hygiene practices, such as washing hands after handling animals. With some planning and creativity, your four year old and their guests will have a fun and memorable time at the party.

10. Plein Air Art Party

If your child loves art AND the outdoors, a Plein Air Art Party is the way to go:


  1. Design invitations that resemble mini canvases or paint palettes. You can use cardstock or purchase pre-cut canvas shapes and paint palettes from a craft store.
  2. Write or print the party details on the invitations, including the date, time, location, and any special instructions for parents to dress their children in art-friendly attire.


  1. Painting Station: Set up an outdoor painting station with easels, canvases or canvas boards, and a variety of child-friendly paints, brushes, and palettes. Encourage the kids to paint their own plein air masterpieces inspired by the surroundings.
  2. Sidewalk Chalk Art: Lay out a large area of pavement and provide colorful sidewalk chalk for the kids to create vibrant drawings and designs.


  1. Paint Palette Snacks: Create edible “paint palettes” by arranging circular or rectangular-shaped treats, such as cookies or fruit slices, on a white tray. Use food coloring to dye cream cheese or yogurt into different colors and place them in small containers to mimic paint wells.
  2. Fruit and Veggie Cups: Offer a healthy option with individual cups filled with bite-sized fruits and veggies. Include a variety of colorful options like sliced strawberries, grapes, carrot sticks, and cucumber slices.
  3. Cheese and Crackers: Prepare a platter of assorted cheeses and crackers for a simple and tasty snack option.
  4. Refreshments: Serve drinks like fruit punch, flavored water, or lemonade in colorful cups with straws or decorative umbrellas.

Goodie Bags:

  1. Mini Art Supplies: Include small paintbrushes, mini canvases or sketchbooks, and a set of non-toxic watercolor paints or crayons.
  2. Stickers and Temporary Tattoos: Choose art-themed stickers or temporary tattoos that the children can enjoy using.
  3. Snacks: Add a few individually packaged snacks such as small bags of pretzels, popcorn, or fruit snacks.
  4. Personalized Art Smocks: Consider providing small aprons or art smocks personalized with each child’s name or an art-related design.

11. Messy Mud Party (With Dirt Cups!)

Child putting mud on face

Throwing a mud-themed party for your four-year-old sounds can be a messy and fun adventure! Here are some ideas for invitations, activities, snacks, and goodie bags to make the party a muddy delight:


  1. Design invitations that resemble muddy footprints or splatters. You can use brown cardstock or paper and add hand-drawn or printed footprints using brown paint or ink.
  2. Write or print the party details on the invitations, including the date, time, location, and any special instructions for parents to dress their children in clothes suitable for getting messy.


  1. Mud-Pie Making: Set up a designated area outdoors with a large mud pit or several buckets filled with mud. Provide child-sized shovels, buckets, and molds to let the kids create their own mud pies and mud cakes.
  2. Mud Painting: Lay out large sheets of paper or cardboard and provide bowls of mud mixed with water. Encourage the children to dip their hands or brushes in the mud and create muddy masterpieces on the paper.
  3. Mud Obstacle Course: Create a mini obstacle course with crawling tunnels, small hills, and muddy puddles for the children to navigate through. They can crawl, jump, and squish through the muddy challenges.
  4. Mud Bath: If you have access to a safe and shallow area like a kiddie pool or large basin, set up a “mud bath” where kids can sit and play in mud. Provide buckets or cups for them to pour and splash mud on themselves.
mud pie with flowers


  1. Dirt Cups: Instead of birthday cake, serve individual cups of “dirt” made by layering chocolate pudding and crushed chocolate cookies. Top them with gummy worms or edible flowers for a fun touch.
  2. Veggie Garden Platter: Arrange a platter of fresh vegetables like baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, cucumber slices, and celery sticks. Serve them with individual cups of ranch or hummus for dipping, resembling a garden snack.
  3. Muddy Juice: Create a muddy-themed drink by mixing chocolate milk or chocolate-flavored drink with crushed chocolate cookies. Serve them in cups with colorful straws.
  4. Mud Pies: Prepare edible “mud pies” using chocolate cake or brownie mix. Cut them into small squares or circles and serve them as dessert.

Goodie Bags:

  1. Mini Shovels and Buckets: Include small toy shovels and buckets for the kids to continue their mud adventures at home or in the sandbox.
  2. Muddy-themed Stickers: Choose stickers featuring mud-related designs, such as mud puddles, animals, or footprints.
  3. Bath Toys: Add some bath-friendly toys like rubber ducks or squirt toys for the kids to enjoy during their post-mud-play cleanup.
  4. Snack-sized Bags of Gummy Worms: Include individual bags of gummy worms, a fun and delicious reminder of their muddy party experience.

Remember to provide a designated cleanup area with plenty of water, towels, and spare clothes for the kids to clean up after the muddy activities. 

Ensure adult supervision throughout the party and inform parents of the messy nature of the event.

12. Pirate Treasure Hunt

scavenger hunt map

A scavenger/treasure hunt party can be a fun and exciting way to celebrate your four-year-old’s birthday. Here are some ideas to help you plan the perfect party:


Create invitations with a treasure or scavenger hunt theme, including images of treasure chests, maps, or compasses. Be sure to include details about the party’s theme and any necessary instructions for parents to bring their child’s favorite toy or stuffed animal.


  1. Create a simple treasure hunt by hiding small prizes or treats around the party area. Use clues or a treasure map to guide the children to the hidden items.
  2. Set up a scavenger hunt where the children must find specific items, such as a certain color flower or a particular toy.
  3. Create an obstacle course with various challenges, such as crawling under a table or jumping over a pillow, to find the next clue or prize.
  4. Play a game of “hot and cold” to help the children find hidden prizes.


  1. Offer snacks that are easy to eat and won’t leave too much of a mess, such as sliced fruit, crackers, or small sandwiches.
  2. Set up a fun and colorful snack station with bowls of different snacks and drinks, such as juice boxes or small bottles of water.

Goodie bags:

  1. Create goodie bags with small toys, such as puzzles or crayons, and small treats like candy or stickers.
  2. Put the toys and treats in a decorated paper bag or small plastic container with a thank-you note and a small toy or treat.

With these ideas, your child’s scavenger/treasure hunt party is sure to be a fun and memorable celebration!

13. Face Painting Fiesta

face painting a child's face

A face painting/temporary tattoo party is a great idea for a four year old’s birthday party. Here are some ideas for how to throw one:


Send out invitations that include a picture of a child with a temporary tattoo or a face paint design. You could also include a list of the different designs that will be available at the party.


Set up a face painting or temporary tattoo station, where kids can choose from a variety of designs. You can hire a professional face painter, or you can purchase a face painting kit and do it yourself. You could also have a designated area for the kids to create their own temporary tattoos with washable markers.


Serve snacks that are easy to eat while sitting still, such as fruit skewers, cheese and crackers, or bite-sized sandwiches. Consider offering some fun treats, like cookies decorated to look like paint palettes or cupcakes with edible glitter.

Goodie bags:

Include a small face painting kit or temporary tattoo set in each goodie bag, along with some stickers or other small prizes.


Decorate the party area with balloons and streamers in bright colors, and consider hanging up some pictures of kids with fun face paint designs.


Make sure to use only safe, non-toxic face paint and temporary tattoos designed for kids. Provide plenty of wipes or washcloths for easy clean-up. Consider having a few extra adult volunteers on hand to help with the face painting and tattoos, and to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

14. Nature Detectives

magnifying glass looking at bug in the dirt and grass

A nature walk party is a great way to get young children excited about the outdoors and explore the beauty of nature. Here are some ideas to throw a fun and educational nature walk party for a four year old:


Create invites with nature-inspired themes, such as leaves, flowers, or trees. Encourage guests to wear comfortable clothes and shoes suitable for walking on natural terrain.


Start with a short hike through a nearby park or nature trail. Plan some activities along the way such as bug hunting, bird watching, or collecting rocks and leaves. You could also bring a nature-themed scavenger hunt checklist or bingo game for the kids to complete.


Keep it simple with easy-to-carry snacks like granola bars, fruit, and water bottles.

Goodie Bags:

Fill the goodie bags with nature-inspired items such as binoculars, magnifying glasses, nature journals, and seed packets. You could also include a small nature-themed book or activity book.

Other Tips:

Make sure to bring sunscreen, hats, and insect repellent. Also, have a first-aid kit on hand in case of any accidents. Consider hiring a nature guide or having an experienced parent lead the group to ensure everyone is safe and engaged.

o party. Make sure all children are supervised and follow proper hygiene practices, such as washing hands after handling animals. With some planning and creativity, your four year old and their guests will have a fun and memorable time at the party.

15. Tea Time With Teddy

outdoor tea party with teddy bear

Throwing a tea party with teddy bears for your child’s birthday is a fun and unique way to celebrate their special day. Here’s how you can do it:


Create cute invitations shaped like tea cups or teapots, and ask your guests to bring their favorite teddy bear to the party.


  1. Decorate the tea party table with a pretty tablecloth, teacups, and saucers.
  2. Provide hats, boas, and gloves for the kids to dress up in and take photos with their teddy bears.
  3. Have a tea party etiquette lesson, teaching kids how to properly pour and serve tea.
  4. Play games like “Pass the Tea Cup” or “Pin the Bow on the Teddy Bear.”


  1. Serve mini sandwiches, scones with jam and whipped cream, and bite-sized desserts like cupcakes and cookies.
  2. Provide a variety of teas, both hot and cold, as well as lemonade and other kid-friendly drinks.

Goodie bags:

  1. Decorate paper bags with teddy bear stickers or stamps.
  2. Fill the bags with mini tea sets, toy bears, and small packs of tea or hot chocolate.
  3. Include a thank-you note and a small treat like a cookie or piece of candy.

With these ideas, your child’s teddy bear tea party birthday celebration is sure to be a hit with both kids and their teddy bear friends!

16. Little Athlete’s Birthday Bash

Host a sports clinic for your little athletes!

  1. Invitations: Design invitations with sports equipment and balls on them or make them look like tickets to a sporting event.
  2. Activities:
    • Set up a small obstacle course with mini hurdles, cones, and a mini basketball hoop
    • Have a relay race or an egg-and-spoon race
    • Set up a mini-golf course
    • Play a game of “Red Light, Green Light” or “Simon Says” with sports-related movements (e.g., “Simon says, dribble the basketball”).
  3. Snacks: Serve snacks that are associated with sports, such as mini hot dogs, popcorn, and pretzels. You can also make fruit skewers with grapes, strawberries, and blueberries in the colors of their favorite sports team.
  4. Goodie Bags: Fill goodie bags with mini sports equipment such as small balls, jump ropes, and mini cones, as well as sports-themed stickers and tattoos.

Remember, at this age, it’s important to keep the activities simple and age-appropriate so that everyone can participate and have fun.

17. Happy Camper Party



  • Create invitations shaped like a tent, campfire or a compass.
  • Add a catchy tagline such as “Join us for s’more fun at [Child’s Name]’s 3rd birthday party!” or “Get ready to explore the great outdoors with us!”


  • Set up a pretend campsite with a tent, sleeping bags, and a campfire for storytelling.
  • Have a scavenger hunt to find camping-related items, such as binoculars, flashlights, and compasses.
  • Play a game of “hot potato” with a stuffed animal in the shape of a woodland creature.
  • Make crafts such as painting wooden birdhouses or making friendship bracelets.
  • Have a sing-along with camping-themed songs around the campfire.


  • Make s’mores by roasting marshmallows over the campfire.
  • Serve hot dogs, hamburgers, or grilled cheese sandwiches.
  • Offer trail mix or fruit skewers with a camping-themed name.
  • Set up a “bug juice” station with fruit punch in a camping-themed dispenser.

Goodie Bags:

  • Include a small camping flashlight or compass.
  • Provide snacks such as trail mix, a s’mores kit, or a homemade granola bar.
  • Add a small stuffed animal in the shape of a woodland creature.
  • Include a camping-themed coloring book or stickers.

Remember to keep the activities and snacks age-appropriate for four-year-olds, and to have fun with the camping theme!

18. Lil’ Ninja Warrior Challenge

child crawling through hula hoop


Create invitations that look like a race bib with the child’s name and age on it. Include information about the date, time, location, and dress code (athletic wear and sneakers).


Set up an obstacle course in your backyard or a nearby park using items like cones, hula hoops, tunnels, balance beams, and small hurdles. Make sure the course is safe and appropriate for young children. Have parents and/or helpers stationed at each obstacle to guide and encourage the kids. Set up a mini rock climbing wall or a rope swing for an added challenge.


Set up a snack station with fruit, granola bars, and water bottles. For a fun treat, make energy bites by mixing together oatmeal, peanut butter, honey, and chocolate chips. Roll into bite-sized balls and chill before serving.

Goodie bags: 

Create a mini obstacle course kit with a small set of cones, a mini balance beam, and a jumping rope. Include a medal or a certificate of completion for each child.

Overall, keep the focus on having fun and being active. Make sure to adjust the course to accommodate different skill levels and abilities. With a little creativity, you can throw a memorable and exciting obstacle course party for your four-year-old.

19. Outer Space Exploration


Throwing an Outer Space exploration party with rocket ship crafts, stargazing activities, and astronaut training can be an out-of-this-world experience for your little space enthusiasts. Here’s a guide on how to plan the party, including ideas for invitations, activities, snacks, and party favors:


  1. Create rocket-shaped invitations using cardstock. Decorate them with silver or metallic markers to give them a futuristic feel. Include all the necessary details like the date, time, location, and RSVP information.
  2. Use space-themed stickers or stamps to decorate the invitations with planets, stars, and rockets.


  1. Rocket Ship Crafts: Set up a craft station where kids can decorate and assemble their own rockets using paper tubes, construction paper, stickers, and markers.
  2. Astronaut Training Camp: Create an obstacle course with different activities like jumping through hula hoops (zero gravity simulation), balancing on a beam (spacewalk training), and crawling under tables (space tunnel maneuvering).
  3. Stargazing: Set up a telescope or binoculars for stargazing if the party is held during the evening. Prepare a list of interesting celestial objects like the moon, constellations, or planets to observe.
  4. Moon Rock Hunt: Hide small “moon rocks” (painted rocks or small foil-covered balls) around the party area and let the kids search for them.
  5. DIY Space Helmets: Provide helmets made from silver cardboard, along with various decorations like stickers, foil, and markers, for kids to customize their own space helmets.


  1. Alien Punch: Create a green-colored punch using lime sherbet and lemon-lime soda. Add a floating ice UFO made with a small circular mold.
  2. Rocket Sandwiches: Make rocket-shaped sandwiches using a rocket-shaped cookie cutter. Fill them with kid-friendly fillings like cheese, ham, or peanut butter and jelly.
  3. Meteorite Meatballs: Serve meatballs as “meteorites” and provide toothpicks for easy handling.
  4. Galaxy Popcorn: Make popcorn and sprinkle it with edible glitter or food coloring to create a galaxy effect.

Party Favors:

  1. Space-themed Goodie Bags: Prepare small bags or boxes decorated with space-themed stickers or images. Fill them with space-themed items like glow-in-the-dark stars, astronaut stickers, small telescopes, or space-themed candies.
  2. DIY Galaxy Slime: Include small containers of homemade galaxy slime as a fun and interactive party favor.
  3. Astronaut ID Badges: Create personalized astronaut ID badges with each child’s name and a photo. Laminate them for durability.

Remember to adapt the activities and snacks based on the age of the children attending the party and ensure proper adult supervision. With these ideas, your Outer Space exploration party will be an adventure that your young astronauts will remember for light-years to come!

20. Ice Cream Social

ice cream cones in rainbow order

A creative name could be “Scoops and Smiles”! Here are some ideas for the invites, activities, snacks, and goodie bags:


  • Design invitations that look like ice cream cones or sundaes
  • Include wording that encourages guests to dress in their favorite ice cream-themed clothing


  • Set up an ice cream sundae bar with a variety of toppings such as sprinkles, chocolate chips, gummy bears, and whipped cream
  • Have guests make their own ice cream sundaes and decorate them with the toppings they choose
  • Ice Cream Cone Decorating: Set out plain sugar cones and a variety of decorating supplies like melted chocolate and sprinkles. Let the kids decorate their own cones before filling them with ice cream.


  • Provide a variety of ice cream flavors for the sundae bar
  • Have additional snacks such as popcorn or fruit skewers to balance out the sweetness of the sundaes

Goodie bags:

  • Include small ice cream-themed toys such as mini ice cream cone erasers or ice cream shaped bubbles
  • Add a mini jar of sprinkles or a small bag of candy to take home and decorate their own desserts
  • Don’t forget to include a “thank you for coming” note and a picture of the birthday boy or girl enjoying their sundae.

Here are more outdoor party ideas that are appropriate for four year olds:

  1. Circus-themed party with a small tent, games, and face painting.
  2. Superhero training camp with obstacle courses and superhero-themed activities.
  3. Safari adventure with animal-themed decorations and a scavenger hunt, animal masks, binoculars, and safari-themed games.
  4. Construction party with toy tools, sandbox, and building activities.
  5. Fairy garden party with flower crowns, fairy wings, and a miniature garden to create.
  6. Pirate treasure hunt with a treasure map and hidden surprises, pirate ship playset and pirate-themed activities.
  7. Science exploration party with simple experiments and hands-on activities.
  8. Dinosaur excavation party with a mini dinosaur dig and fossil crafting.
  9. Beach party with sandcastle building, water play, and beach-themed decorations.
  10. Princess or prince tea party with fancy dress-up and a garden tea party.
  11. Bug hunt and insect-themed crafts and activities.
  12. Hawaiian luau with hula hoops, grass skirts, leis, and tropical-themed games.
  13. Mini Olympics with mini sports stations and medal ceremonies.
  14. Teddy bear hospital with a pretend clinic and teddy bear check-ups.
  15. Music and dance party with a small stage, musical instruments, and dance activities.
  16. Outdoor cooking party with a mini BBQ and simple cooking activities.
  17. Miniature golf party with a mini-golf course and mini-golf-themed decorations.
  18. Fairy or gnome party with fairy or gnome-themed crafts and activities.
  19. Water park party with inflatable water slides and water games.
  20. Train adventure party with a mini train ride and train-themed decorations.
  21. Doll makeover party with a teddy bear salon and dress-up activities.
  22. Sports skills clinic with mini lessons on different sports.
  23. Artistic masterpiece party with large canvases and outdoor painting.
  24. Beach treasure hunt with hidden seashells and beach-themed prizes.
  25. Carnival party with small game booths and carnival-themed treats.
  26. Bubble wrap stomp with sheets of bubble wrap for jumping and popping.
  27. Horseback riding party with pony rides and horse-themed decorations.
  28. Picnic in the park with games, snacks, and outdoor fun.
  29. Water Balloon Piñata: Hang a water-filled balloon from a tree branch and let the kids take turns trying to break it open with a stick. It’s a refreshing twist on a classic game.

We hope you love these birthday party ideas as much as we loved curating this list! These party ideas are especially appropriate for younger kids, but they can be adapted for for kids of all ages. 

I wish you many happy moments on your child’s special day. We’d love to hear about how the party went! Email us at hello@mkewithkids.com.

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