Organ Piper Pizza: A Milwaukee Tradition Perfect For Kids

Organ Piper Pizza is not your ordinary pizza joint – it’s a slice of local history and whimsical fun that’s perfect for a family fun night out.

This historic restaurant has been delighting families and music lovers in Milwaukee for years.

Whether you’re a long-time resident or just passing through, Organ Piper Pizza offers a one-of-a-kind experience that’s bound to make memorable moments for you and your kids.

What Makes It Special?

At the heart of Organ Piper Pizza is the Mighty Wurlitzer, an impressive theatre pipe organ that fills the air with music daily.

The vibe here is joyful and uncomplicated. They use a simple self-serve system. Grab a menu at the entrance, order at the register when you’re ready, and wait for your number to light up – bingo style.

You can pick up drinks at the bar or order them with your meal.

While you wait for your food, your kids can keep themselves entertained in the game room. Be sure to bring lots of quarters.

This laid-back atmosphere lets you focus on what’s important: enjoying quality time with your loved ones and savoring every bite and note.

The best part? Don’t worry too much about cleaning up; the staff has got you covered.

Planning Your Visit

Here are some tips for parents with kids:

Bring Quarters: The more quarters you bring, the longer your kids will keep busy in the game room!

Reservations: Recommended for groups of 10 or more, but keep in mind it gets busy, and there might be a time limit during peak hours.

Seating: It’s mostly first-come, first-serve, but accommodations for disabilities can be made. Just give them a heads-up.

Celebrations: Feel free to bring balloons and decorations for your table, but leave the noisemakers at home – the organ music provides all the ambiance you’ll need.

Food Allergies: They strive to accommodate dietary restrictions, including offering gluten-free pizza crusts. It’s best to contact them ahead with your concerns.

A Little History

The Mighty Wurlitzer is a testament to the pioneering spirit of Robert Hope-Jones, an English engineer who revolutionized pipe organs in the early 1900s. This particular organ, assembled from parts salvaged from movie theaters, represents the collaborative craftsmanship of Wurlitzer and several other builders.

Meet the Maestros

The organists are the soul of Organ Piper Pizza. From Zach Frame, the Theatre Organist of the Year, to substitute Dean Rosko who plays for the Milwaukee Brewers and the Milwaukee Admirals, each brings a unique flair to the performances.

What Folks Are Saying

Local families cherish Organ Piper Pizza not just for its tasty pies but for the engaging atmosphere. It’s a place where the entertainment is as much a draw as the food, offering a lively, sometimes rambunctious, but always enjoyable experience.

The consensus is clear: this is a must-visit spot for anyone looking for fun, food, and fantastic music.

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