Little Village Play Cafe: Wauwatosa’s Favorite Family Spot

Little Village Play Cafe is a local gem nestled in the heart of East Tosa.

It’s a vibrant mash-up of a coffee shop, children’s play space, and a gift store, and it gets consistently rave reviews from visitors.

Lets dive in to what you’ll find there.

A One Stop Shop For Families

Little Village Play Cafe is on a mission to become your go-to haven for everything family.

Whether it’s savoring a latte that hits the spot, meeting a friend for a play date, or seeing your little ones’ imaginations take flight in a space crafted just for them, this place has got it covered.

Unlike the usual coffeehouse vibe where the presence of spirited little ones might raise eyebrows, here, it’s all about embracing the beautiful mess of childhood.

Open-play sessions are 30, 60 & 90 minutes long and begin at the time you enter the play space.

The play area has two climbers, creative toys, comfy couches, and dramatic play areas with a kitchen and playhouse.

And the vibes are spot on with decor that’s thoughtful and ethically sourced. The result is a space that feels trendy and approachable and the same time.

They offer snack plates, toasty delights, baked good, and all the coffee concoctions you could hope for. (We hear that the iced vanilla latte is *chef’s kiss*.)

Walk-Ins are welcome. In fact, spontaneity is the name of the game here. Just swing by when the mood strikes or the walls at home start to feel a bit too close.

Rave Reviews

The word on the street (and by street, I mean Google) is that Little Village is a hit among parents and kiddos alike.

With glowing reviews celebrating its diverse play areas, clean and friendly environment, and top-notch food and drink options, it’s clear this spot has carved out a special place in the community.


You’ll find Little Village Play Cafe right next to Crafty Cow at 6505 W. North Ave. and across the street from Wauwatiki.

They have a few parking spaces on the east side of the building, but plan to park on the side streets and along North Avenue. You should be able to find something for free.

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