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Milwaukee is the Best Coffee City in the USA, New Study Says

Live music plays at Colectivo on the Lake in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the summer
Live Music at Colectivo on the Lake in the summertime. (Photo Credit: Instagram, @sophiecarolinec)

Don’t you love when an independent study concludes something that you already knew?

According to the ranking website Clever Real Estate, Milwaukee is the coffee capital of the USA.

According to their research, Milwaukee reigns supreme at balancing affordable coffee with a growing coffee scene. 

Because of the relatively low cost of living, new coffee faces can break out onto the scene more easily, and provide a custom experience for their customers.

Stone Creek Coffee cappuccino latte art
Stone Creek Coffee Latte Art (Photo Credit: Instagram, @stonecreekcoffee)

Importantly, the average cappuccino only costs $3.56 here which is .80 cents less than the national average, and residents spent 1.5% of their annual income on their weekday cup of jo.

That computes to less than $1000 per year ($926 to be exact). Only five cities in the country came out at under $1000.

There are also 12 coffee shops per capita in Milwaukee, offering plenty of variety for latte-loving residents.

Other standout cities for affordable coffee are Buffalo & Cincinnati.

For the full study, click here.

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