Lynden Sculpture Garden Welcomes Goats to Graze Invasive Species

The Lynden Sculpture Garden announced this week that goats from Kettle Moraine Grazing, LLC have arrived on the grounds and are chewing through the buckthorn there.

Over a period of two to three weeks, they will be grazing in different areas to control woody invasive species. This is one part of Lynden’s prairie restoration plan that also includes targeted treatments and prairie burns.

The goats will return in subsequent growing seasons for follow-up grazing.

The goats are currently the west side of the property in the lower ravine area. There’s a good view of them from the labyrinth.

Visitors are welcome to view the goats. There are some safety issues to consider:
• The goats are surrounded by an electrified fence that should not be touched by humans or canines.
• No feeding, petting, or taunting the goats.

The Southeastern Wisconsin Invasive Species Consortium (SEWISC) awarded the Lynden Sculpture Garden funding for this project.

Lynden Sculpture Garden is outdoor art museum that offers a unique experience of art in nature through its collection of more than 50 monumental sculptures across 40 acres of park, lake, and woodland. 

Don’t miss the whimsical and colorful cow sculpture (actually called Des Vaches: Mo, Ni, Que by Swiss artist Samuel Buri. )

Admission is free at this time. Click here for more information.

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