Harbor View Plaza: A Waterfront Playground in Milwaukee

Hidden at the east end of Greenfield Avenue in Milwaukee, Harbor View Plaza is not just any park.

It’s Milwaukee’s first waterfront public park in the Harbor District, a refreshing oasis that opened its proverbial doors in July 2019.

Photo: Altius Building Company

This plaza is a comprehensive recreational space designed with both fun and functionality in mind, catering to families, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone in between.

What You’ll Find

Play Structure: The standout feature for the little ones is undoubtedly the giant orange play tower.

Designed to mimic the shipping containers that are a staple of ports worldwide, it’s both an imaginative play space and a subtle nod to Milwaukee’s maritime heritage. It invites children to climb, explore, and view the world from a different perspective.

Water Wonders: The water play area and water feature are the heartbeats of Harbor View Plaza during the warmer months.

It’s a zone where kids can learn about water flow, engage in sensory play, and simply cool off under the sun. This element of the plaza taps into the natural curiosity children have about water.

Kayak/Canoe Launch: For the adventurers and nature lovers, the canoe/kayak launch and dock is a gateway to Milwaukee’s vibrant waterways.

It’s remarkable in that it offers the only public access for canoes and kayaks south of the Milwaukee River in the city’s inner harbor. Whether you’re an experienced paddler or trying it out for the first time, this facility makes the exploration of Milwaukee’s waters accessible to all.

Amenities: You’ll find bike lock stations and a bottle fill station. There are no restrooms, so prepare for that!

Tips for Your Visit

  • Pack suits and extra clothes: The big slide and water feature are must-dos. Consider packing swimsuits and extra clothes if you’re visiting during the summer.
  • Komatsu Equipment: Take a moment to appreciate the giant Komatsu construction equipment displayed nearby. It’s an interesting glimpse into the industrial side of the Harbor District.
  • Have Lunch at Allie Boys Bagelry: If you work up an appetite, this local eatery is just a three minute drive from Harbor View Plaza, and your taste buds will thank you.

Harbor View Plaza represents the first step in a grand plan to transform the Harbor District. Envisioned as the beginning of a continuous network of Riverwalks and waterfront parks, the plaza sets the bar for what’s to come.

This special waterfront plaza is a symbol of Milwaukee’s commitment to its maritime treasures, and offers a unique blend of recreation, education, and relaxation.

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