Exploring Enderis Playfield: A Sprawling Playfield, Summer Concerts, and More

Nestled within the heart of Milwaukee lies Enderis Park, a vibrant community hub spanning from Lisbon Avenue to Center Street, and from 76th to 60th Streets.

At the core of this neighborhood is Milwaukee Recreation’s Enderis Playfield, a 10-acre green space offering fun for the whole neighborhood and beyond.

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Crafted in the 1930s by the Works Progress Administration, this 10-acre playfield is a recreational space and historical landmark that echoes generations past and present.

With its playground, inviting wading pool, and sports facilities including volleyball courts, a softball diamond, a running track, and soccer-friendly green spaces, Enderis Park caters to everyone.

One of the park’s unique attractions is a vast, colorful map of the United States painted on the ground—a fun, educational tool that invites children to explore the country without leaving Milwaukee. It’s a canvas for imagination where kids can embark on cross-country adventures and learn about different states in an interactive, playful way.

Its most captivating features is the “Magic Grove,” a striking steel sculpture by Nancy Metz White.

Photo from Instagram, @lily_and_mason

Introduced in 2004, this art piece features three whimsically colored trees that not only provide shade but also symbolize the creativity and unity of the community.

So iconic is this sculpture that it has become the emblem of both the neighborhood and park, embodying the magic and beauty of Enderis Park.

Enderis Park also hosts a free summer concert series and a farmers market, making it a year-round destination for fun, food, and music.

Whether you’re drawn by the “Magic Grove,” the vibrant playground, or the sense of community, Enderis Park welcomes you to discover its charms.

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