50 Best Toys For a 1 Year Old Girl (2022)

Your baby girl’s first birthday is a very special occasion.

She’s transitioning from a baby to a toddler right before your eyes. And one of the best ways to celebrate is by giving her gifts that reflect that growth.

In this epic gift guide we’ve rounded up the best gifts for one year olds in 2022 to make your shopping easy and efficient. (We know you’re short on time these days!)

The toys are divided into sections: 

Building Blocks
Sorting Sets
Baby Dolls & Stuffed Animals
Musical Toys
Activity Tables
Outdoor Play
Our Favorites

Building Blocks

Every child needs a good set of building blocks. It’s one of the best toys for open-ended, imaginative play, and it also helps develop a one year old’s fine motor skills like building small towers. Building blocks also help introduce young children to early math concepts like shapes and sorting, and they help develop hand-eye coordination.

1. Wooden Blocks

These wooden blocks from Melissa & Doug will last for years to come.

Your little girl will love this solid-wood set from Melissa & Doug, and it will last for years to come. She’ll have so much fun building towers, castles, moats, and anything else her imagination can come up with. These high quality blocks are very sturdy and will stand the test of time.

This wooden block set includes 60 natural-finish, smooth-sanded hardwood building blocks and they come in a matching wooden crate for storage.

Our kids are now five, seven, and ten and they still pull these out to play with in a variety of different ways.

2. Blockaroo Magnetic Foam Builders

Blockaroo Magnetic Foal Builders are a great alternative to the popular Magnatiles.

You’ve probably heard of Magnatiles, which are a staple in any well-stocked playroom, but they can be frustrating for a one-year-old who hasn’t quite developed the motor skills necessary to create structures with them. 

The Blockaroo Magnetic Foam Builders are a good option for people looking for an alternative to Magnatiles. The set includes soft foam magnetic block tiles that easily click together, rotate 360-degrees, and always attract each other. 

Your toddler can explore shapes, colors, and easy stacking in the play room, in the backyard, and even the bath (bathtime will never be the same). Their early-engineering imaginations can run wild. You can even get more than one set to build bigger creations. 

The best part? They can be washed in the dishwasher!

3. Jumbo Extra-Thick Cardboard Building Blocks

These jumbo blocks are light-weight so a toddler can easily build giant structures.

These jumbo blocks are made of premium, extra-thick red cardboard blocks that can hold up to 150 pounds (that’s a lot of toddlers!). They are lightweight, making it really easy for small hands to stack during their pretend play.

This set includes 40 blocks in three different sizes. You will need to do an easy fold-together assembly. Parents will appreciate the wipe-clean surface. 

4. Alphabet and Number Blocks

These ABC baby blocks are a great introduction to the alphabet and basic numbers. The set makes a great toy for one-year-olds to build skills in language learning, basic math, and hand-eye coordination as they manipulate the blocks, build towers, and create patterns.

You get a total of 36 stacking blocks that include a design on each side with a unique letter, number, picture and shape to learn from. The engaging shapes include an elephant, penguin, star, donut, fish, socks, a robot, and more.

The blocks are made from non-toxic materials, and they are built to last for a long time.

5. Mega Bloks

Mega Blocks are just the right size for little hands to connect and build with.

These Mega Bloks are such a good value and perfect for a one-year-old gift. They are similar to Legos, but they are larger and easier for small hands to manipulate, connect, and build with. Even older kids love to play with these. They have kept my kids busy for hours over the years. I recommend buying 2 or more sets so that they can build bigger structures.

These are also a great choice for budget conscious buyers. Your one-year-old will absolutely love them!

Sorting Sets

One of the best gifts you can get for a one-year-old little girl is a sorting set. A shape sorter is a classic educational toy for a one-year-old because they are just starting to develop their sense of shapes and fine-motor skills like the pincer grasp (grasping objects between their thumb and forefinger). It encourages problem solving skills, as they work to find the correct matches. Shape sorters help them practice all of these skills during play time, giving them fun challenges in a low-pressure environment.

6. Farmer’s Market Color Sorting Set

This fun color sorting set also helps teach kids about fresh and healthy foods.

This adorable Farmer’s Market Color Sorting Set from Learning Resources not only helps develop sorting skills, but it also develops color recognition as the child sorts bushels of colorful produce. In addition it will help them expand their vocabulary and encourage healthy eating, as they learn to name new foods. The foods represented in this set are fresh fruits and vegetables.

The set includes 25 foods in five colors and different textures, including grapes, eggplant, lemons, oranges, cucumbers, broccoli, apples, and more. Plus, there are five separate baskets for sorting, an activity guide, and stickers for labeling.

7. Classic Shape Sorter

A shape sorting set is perfect for developing one year old’s fine motor skills.

This classic option from Melissa & Doug is well-constructed and includes 12 different shapes in bright colors that are easy for little hands to grip and play with.

Each shape fits through a matching hole in the wooden cube, so it’s really engaging for kids to try to find the match. And because it can take them a few tries, it helps develop their problem-solving skills, as well.

8. Geometric Stacker

This colorful geometric shape sorter is made from high-quality, durable materials.

This engaging toy includes 21 colorful wooden pieces of rings, octagons, and rectangles. Kids will love matching and stacking by color and shape on three rods. Parents will love the high-quality construction, and the developmental benefits.

9. Activity Cube

This award-winning wooden activity cube is a great way to keep a one-year-old busy for hours! Its many different features assist toddlers in developing their motor skills and logic skills.

It is animal-themed, and has five sides including a beaded adventure land, a shape sorter, a turnplate, and more. Your big baby girl will love the wooden pounder and animal friends to keep her company during play time.

It’s also durable, made of sturdy wood, child-safe materials, and water-based paint.

This is sure to be one of her favorite toys.

10. Wonder and Wise Activity Baby Push Walker

This push walker has a shape sorter, wooden toy phone, and more.

Don’t let the name fool you. This “Baby Push Walker” will get plenty of use from a curious and active one-year-old. It includes fun activities like a shape sorter, five counting flaps, a wooden toy phone, a mirror so your daughter can gaze at her adorable reflection, a bead maze, and more.

It’s made from a beautiful natural pinewood.

Click here to buy.

Baby Dolls & Stuffies

A brand new baby doll is a great gift for a one-year-old little girl. What little girl wouldn’t love soft dolls to cuddle and care for? Caring for a baby doll or stuffed animal is a great way to develop social and emotional skills like nurturing and cuddling. And kids often form special bonds with their favorite little friends, making it easier to fall asleep at night and transition from one activity to the next.

11. Baby Doll (Light Skin)

Baby dolls are the perfect toy for little kids to cuddle and care for.

One of the best baby dolls we could find is this twin set from Melissa & Doug. (We’re not an affiliate for them, but we should be!).

This set comes with twin 15-inch dolls Luke & Lucy, who have coordinating removable rompers and caps, pacifiers, eyes that open and close, and they can suck their thumbs.

12. Baby Doll (Dark Skin)

This adorable baby doll has a head and limbs that can rotate and the doll can sit or lie down, making it a very realistic little companion for you child. It is made from washable vinyl and can easily be wiped down if it gets dirty. The brightly colored doll clothes are machine-washable, and you can also buy other clothes to dress her up.

13. Caticorn Squishmallow

If you don’t know what a Squishmallow is now, you will soon!

There isn’t a one-year-old girl on Planet Earth who won’t love this plush caticorn Squishmallow. 

These plush toys are taking the stuffed animal world by storm, and there are many different designs, including an adorable avocado, pineapple, whale, dolphin, kitten, raccoon, and more.

If you’ve never held one before, these have a super soft marshmallow-like texture made of polyester fabric. These pillowy creatures are so fun to squeeze and cuddle with. Your little girl will want as many as she can get!

My little girls love to sleep with them, stack them up and jump over them, set them up as an audience in the playroom, and decorate their rooms with them.

These soft toys are easily washable and dryable. 

14. Giant Giraffe

This giant giraffe will have your one-year-old in awe.

This giant giraffe from Melissa & Doug is an awe-inspiring plush toy with realistic details and markings that will capture the imagination of your little girl. 

This high-quality toy is made of soft polyester fabric with wire-framed legs and a long neck that little kids will love to hug. 

It’s four feet tall, making it an eye-catching, great addition to a playroom or bedroom. It’s a statement piece, for sure.

15. Unicorn Designer Doll

This “designer” unicorn takes the idea of a stuffed animal and levels it up.

This darling unicorn doll will be your little ones new best friend. It’s soft and snuggly, and can accompany them on all of their adventures and as they drift off to sleep.

You can buy it here.

Musical Toys

A musical toy is a great way to help a one-year-old develop new skills like tapping, beating, and drumming. Your house will be filled with joyful musical sounds as your little girl discovers her musical side.

Playing with musical toys is a great way to promote creativity and imagination, fine and gross motor skills, support sensory development, enhance hand-eye coordination, and even accelerate brain development. 

16. Wooden Musical Instruments

Foster your child’s love of music with a set of wooden instruments.

This music set is 100% natural wood with no paintings or coatings, so they are very safe for toddlers who my also want to explore them with their mouths.

It includes a xylophone, tambourines, maraca, and more!

It also comes with carry bags for storage. 

17. Unicorn Instruments

These whimsical unicorn instruments are a best seller at Pottery Barn.

For a more magical touch, you can opt for these precious unicorn instrument from Pottery Barn. It comes with a tambourine and a xylophone in unique shapes, with a touch of unicorn whimsy. This is one of Pottery Barn’s best sellers, and you can see why. They couldn’t be sweeter.

Purchase them here.

18. Musical Chicken

Looking for a funky, unique gift? This musical rooster should do the trick.

Prefer roosters over unicorns? This funky musical rooster is loaded with stimulating activities for little hands. There are xylophone bars, a cymbal with wooden mallets, a maraca tail, two clacking wings, and more. 

The surface finish is water-based and non-toxic.

The best part is that it ships fully assembled in fully enclosed retail packaging, ready to give as a gift.

19. Fisher Price Classic Xylophone

Every one-year-old needs this classic xylophone from Fisher Price.

This bold and colorful xylophone from Fisher Price is a classic, kid-favorite musical pull toy. Tiny hands can use the small tethered mallet to tap on 8 colorful keys to create fun sounds. 

There’s also a pull string and easy rolling wheels so that toddlers can pull it along with them anywhere they go. It’s the perfect gift for your budding musician.

20. Musical Mat

For toddlers who love stomping, this musical mat rewards them with fun sounds and melodies.

This giant play mat has 25 built-in sounds, including 7 animal sounds, 9 melodies, and 9 music keys. 

Toddlers love to stomp on things, and this toy will rewards that natural behavior by responding to their actions, giving them hours of musical fun. It will also help them develop a sense of spatial awareness.

Plus, it’s made of a soft, anti-slip fabric so they won’t fall when they’re playing one t.

21. Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes

Parents say this little device makes car trips a million times easier.

This is the #1 best selling musical toy on Amazon, and it’s extremely affordable. 

Your toddler can easily grasp the beaded handle, and press the big button to switch between 10 total melodies and colorful lights. The songs include classical tunes like Mozart’s Serenade No. 13. (So cultured, your toddler is!).

Plus, there’s a volume control as a special gift to mom and dad. 

Lots of parents say this is the perfect toy to take along in the car (especially for a child who doesn’t love being in their car seat) or on longer road trips to help pass the time. 

Activity Tables

Activity Tables can be a central hub for open-ended play in your home, or placed in the corner of your living room to give your child their own space to create and and explore. They are a great tool for encouraging creative thinking and cognitive skills. Here are some good choices to consider:

22. Leap Frog Activity Table

This Leap Frog Activity Table introduces numbers, letters, shapes, colors, and classic tunes.

This Leap Frog Activity Table is an interactive toy that is extremely highly rated on Amazon. Toddlers love it because they can interact with the colorful instruments and buttons in different ways, activating over 70 songs and responses.

The responses introduce numbers, letters, shapes, colors, and more, plus classic children’s tunes like “Old MacDonald” and “Itsy Bitsy Spider”.

It’s educator approved and designed by Leapfrog learning experts for ages 6-26 months. Perfect for a one year old.

23. Arts & Crafts Center

This arts & crafts hub offers plenty of space for creativity and storage for supplies.

This complete art center is actually made for two. It has a spacious tabletop, plenty of storage, and two stools that store under the center when they’re not being used. 

The sectioned storage spaces hold paints, brushes, crayons, scissors, and more. The large shelves are perfect to use for storing your other art supplies and activities that you collect over the years.

There are even inset spaces that hold paints, markers and drawing supplies so that they are within easy reach when your child is creating their masterpiece.

It’s constructed with solid wood legs and laminate surfaces with a polyurethane finish. It’s coated with a non-non-toxic finish that prevents scratches and scuffs. 

You will need to assemble it, and the necessary hardware is included. 

24. Toddler Activity Table

This activity table is a three-in-one center. It easily transforms from a table for building blocks or playing with trains and cars and other toys, to a drawing and painting board, to a water and sand table.

Bonus: The building block table is compatible with LEGO Duplos.

It’s made of non-toxic plastic with a safe rounded-edge design. It’s easy to assemble and disassemble, too. 

25. Magnetic Drawing Board

This colorful magnetic and erasable doodle board helps cultivate writing and drawing skills.

This magnetic erasable doodle board gives a fun and tactile experience to young toddlers who are just started to explore the motions necessary for writing and drawing. It’s divided into four bright color areas and helps cultivate fine motor skills and pincer grasp.

We love that it is lightweight and easily moved around. Plus, the magnetic writing pen is attached with a string so you won’t lose it. 

Push & Pull Toys

Push and Pull toys are a great choice for a one-year-old gift because they teach cause and effect, promote dexterity, hand-eye coordination, and motivate little ones to be active and explore with their toy. Toddlers love to pull them along everywhere they go!

26. Sit to Stand Learning Walker

This toy was a total hit in our household and in many of our friend’s homes, too. It is the absolute perfect toy for a one year old, soon-to-be toddler.

It’s an interactive baby walker with a removable play panel. The play panel has five piano keys that play music, two colorful spinning rollers, three shape sorters, and three light up button. 

There’s also a pretend telephone handset, over 70 fun songs, and more. 

The wheels work on carpeted floors and hard floors so your toddler can all over the house with this. 

27. The Very Hungry Caterpillar Pull Toy

Give your favorite 1-year-old the gift inspired by everyone’s favorite classic storybook “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”.

This brightly colored toddler toy has a moveable body that twists and turns just like a caterpillar.

This classic wood toy is made of solid wood and is BP and lead-free.

28. Classic Corn Popper

This fun toy is a tried-and-true toddler favorite that your child can push or pull around the house and through the yard. It contains small balls of all different colors that pop around inside as it moves. The motion and sound together is strangely satisfying. It will be love at first pop for your little girl.

29. Pull Along Wagon

You child can roll this pull-along wagon everywhere she goes.

This pull-along toy wagon is loaded with educational content that you can actually change and update as your child grows. And it’s just the right size for a toddler to pull around the house all day long.

Your child can roll the wagon around or sit and play with the light-up buttons, shape sorter lid, puzzles, bat-at toys, xylophone keys, and crayons that respond with music and phrases.

Amazon reviewers (and little kids!) love this toy. It has over 3,500 five-star ratings.

30. Radio Flyer Classic Red Wagon

A good quality wagon is the perfect first birthday gift for a family who doesn’t already have one.

The options of how you can use this wagon are endless, and your family is sure to use this for years to come.

You can use this for walks around the neighborhood, visits to the Zoo, strolls through the park, heading to the parade on the Fourth of July, holding a door-to-door lemonade stand, and more!

Outdoor Play

31. Splash Pad & Sprinkler

This is a best-seller on Amazon for good reason. This shallow kiddie wading pool has a learning mat for a base, a refreshing fountain sprinkler, and is light enough to be moved around and placed in the sunshine or shade.

It’s an absolute must for the hot summer months. It will be your saving grace! Don’t be surprised when the neighbor kids show up.

32. Bubble Mower

It will be a bubble wonderland in your backyard with this bubble push mower.

It’s no secret that young kids love to mimic real-life activities. This push mower not only features realistic sound effects but it also has a bubble maker so as your child uses the toy and “mows the lawn”, more bubbles will be produced. So fun!

The package that it comes includes the bubble mower, plus 3 bubble solutions and 3 bubble sticks. You’ll need 3 AA batteries to operate it, which are not included. 

33. Fish N’ Splash Water Table

This water table come highly recommended by thousands of parents on Amazon whose kids love playing with this in the warm months.

It comes with a fishing game that includes a fishing pole, five floating critters, a water cup, and a fishing net. 

Kids can catch, collect and count their fish and then release them with a fun splash. They can also use the launcher to fling the critters onto the spinning lily pad in the center of the table. And lots of kids like to fill the fishbowl until it tips over and splashes down with a big wave.

34. Dump Truck

Dump trucks are a classic toy for toddlers, and using them helps young toddlers develop their gross motor skills and fine motor skills while they haul around sand and other materials. 

This dump truck comes in a few cute color combinations and is made from recycled plastic milk containers. It’s easy to clean and can be used inside or outside. 

35. T-Ball Set

Get your little slugger ready for T-ball season with their very own set of a tee and soft balls. This adorable pink and purple set has an adjustable height “T” that can adapt to your child’s skills as they develop. 

Practicing on this T-Ball Set will help improve batting skills, motor skills, and hand-eye coordination. 

36. Balance Bike

This pedal-free bike teaches small children to balance so that they can learn to ride a bike naturally.

You won’t find a cuter balance bike than this one from ACEGER. It’s designed for riders ages 2.5 and up, but the earlier your one year old can start walking around and gliding on this, the earlier they will learn the balance skills they need to ride a bike. 

This balance bike features soft handlebar grips, reflectors, a bell, and a cute wicker basket to hold their favorite stuffy, water bottle, and snacks. 

37. Joovy Tricycoo Push Tricycle

This four-in-one push tricycle is a great option for a one-year-old because it adjusts as your child grows in size and ability. It’s appropriate for a 10 month old all the way up to a child who weighs 44 pounds.

There is a parent push handle so that an adult can help push your child along as they learn the pedaling motion. Your child can also rest their feet on it, but make sure the pedals are locked if you child wants to rest their feet.

Eventually, you can remove the push handle as your child becomes more comfortable pedaling. And ultimately, it transforms into a full on tricycle.

It also comes with a UVF 50 canopy for sun protection, a cup holder for their favorite juice, and a rear storage basket for the toys and treasures they collect along the way.

Our Favorites for One-Year-Olds

Here are more of our very favorite toys for 1-year-old girls that didn’t fit into any of the above categories.

38. Little Tykes Trampoline

Does your one-year-old have serious energy to burn? Then you need this pint-size trampoline. This is the perfect size indoor trampoline to get them jumping and ready for naptime. 

The best part is the handle bar that will give toddlers a good amount of stability. 

39. Deluxe Pounding Bench

Play peekaboo with these friendly pegs and a child-safe mallet.

This colorful Deluxe Pounding Bench from Melissa & Doug has improved upon the simpler classic design with a fun twist. The colorful, non-removable pegs have friendly smiles on them and are non-removable, so they go up and down as your child pounds on them with a child-safe mallet, essentially playing peekaboo with your child.

This toy helps develop fine motors skills and is a great hands-on, screen-free activity for small children. This set is made from solid wood.

40. Wooden Animal Puzzles

Simple jigsaw puzzles are a great way to develop memory and problem-solving skills.

Simple jigsaw puzzles like the one featured here can not only help toddlers develop finger strength and fine motor skills, but also helps hone their memory skills, the ability to plan, and problem-solving skills.

However, finding the right puzzle for a one year old can be tricky because the small parts are easy for little ones to put in their mouths and choke on.

This adorable animal puzzle is made of solid wood with engaging bright colors, and it comes in a sturdy carrying pouch. 

The puzzle pieces are thick enough for small hands to easily manipulate, and large enough that curious toddlers can’t swallow them.

41. Noah’s Ark Wooden Toy Set

This charming Noah’s Ark Wooden Toy Set from Pottery Barn is an instant family heirloom to play with now and cherish into the future. The bible story will come to life with this set that includes a slew of animals in pairs, an ark, and captains of the ship, too.

To purchase, click here.

42. Anywhere Chair

This cozy size is just the right size for a growing toddler to read, relax, and watch television.

Every little girl needs a cozy chair that’s just her size. The best we could find (and the one we own!) is this Anywhere Chair from Pottery Barn

It will grow with them as they read books, relax, listen to music, watch television, play on their iPad, and snuggle with their stuffed animals. It’s lightweight and can move around the house easily.

This is a gift that will last for years to come – my ten year old still reads in his sometimes!

43. Alphabet Puzzle

Get a head start on letters (and colors!) with this 26 piece chunky alphabet puzzle. The size of the pieces are just the right size for little fingers to be able to hand, but big enough to prevent choking. This puzzle can be used throughout the pre-school years. 

44. Elephant Critter Nursery Rocker

This super-plush elephant rocker would be so cute in any little girl’s bedroom or playroom. It has solid wood handles and offers a smooth, secure, and gentle rocking motion perfect for small children.

Purchase yours here.

45. Rattan Rocking Horse

This gorgeous rattan rocking horse is a soon-to-be family heirloom.

A rocking horse is a timeless treasure, and Crate & Kids has designed one that made-to-last and is meant to be passed down through generations. 

Even when it’s not in use, it’s a gorgeous decorative addition to a child’s bedroom or playroom.

It’s constructed from natural rattan and cane.

Purchase yours here.

46. Orian Princess Castle Playhouse Tent

This playhouse tent is what princess dreams are made of. This gorgeous pink tent comes with a string of LED star lights that make it a dreamy, illuminated environment for playing, reading, and napping. It’s made from ultra-thick Polyester Taffeta to put up with the wear and tear of childhood playtime, and making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

47. My First Library

Start off your child’s library right with a beautiful, sturdy boxset that includes board books for ABC, Numbers, Shapes, Colours, Wild Animals, Farm Animals & Pets, Birds, Fruits, Vegetables, and Transport. The books will encourage your child’s first words. They include vibrant pictures and accurate word labels to help your child’s vocabulary explode!

48. Stack & Learn

This is an award winning simple stacking toy, receiving the Mom’s Choice Gold Medal Award Winner and Creative Child Toy of the Year in 2019.

This straightforward educational toy has five colorful rings that each represent a different color, musical instrument, or animal sound, and can be played with in three different modes. 

Your child can stack up the rings, learn the colors with blinking lights, sing the fun color songs, and answer questions about the animals. 

It will help build up their logical thinking and motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and dexterity. 

49. LeapFrog My First Learning Tablet

For her first tablet, LeapFrog is a great choice.

For your one-year-old’s first learning table, LeapFrog is a great choice. 

Just like your tablet, this one has a home button, 20 app icons, and it introduces letters, numbers, shapes, animal, colors, and more.

hey can press the five dock icons and talk on the phone with Scout, play with the pretend camera, explore time concept, and listen to music, and create their own musical masterpieces.

As they play with the app, they’ll hear exciting phrases about weather, sports, and health.

Your child can press the app and bottom icons or slide their fingers over the screen for a multi-color light show. Every action they take will activate a unique pattern of lights, colors, and sounds.

50. Step N’ Store Name Stool

This Step N’ Store Name Stool will be used every single day in your home, we promise. From helping your child reach the sink in the kitchen, to helping them wash their hands in the bathroom, it is truly indispensable. 

This stool transforms from a chair into a stool with one simple motion. We’ve used it for years, through three children, and it has served us well.

51. Light Up Bath Toys

Your bathroom will be an instant disco party with these light up bath toys.

Level up bath time with these 12 light-up toys that turn your bathroom into an instant disco party. Each small dinosaur has flashing lights that light up automatically and change color when they touch the water. There are no sharp edges at all.

Tips for Buying Gifts for Kids

It can be overwhelming to choose gifts and items for your children where there are so many options and an abundance of information.

When shopping, ask yourself these key questions:

Is it safe? First and foremost, look for safety. Read the reviews to see if parents mention any common injuries, and google the product along with the word “injury” to see if anything comes up.

Will it last? It’s fun to get a deal, and it’s important to stay within your budget, but often we find that inexpensive items do not last te test of time. If you are hoping for only a six-month lifespan, opt for an inexpensive option. But if you are hoping for the item to last for a few years and beyond, it’s important to research the materials and consider the quality of the item. You won’t save money in the long run if you have to purchase a new one for every sibling, or purchase a new one in a few months.

How will it benefit my child? Most toys are beneficial in some way to a child, whether it keeps them active, teaches them something, or simply brings them joy. Think about the goals and dreams you have for your child – and what they seem to enjoy the most of course – and consider if the item you’re buying aligns with those.

We hope your baby girls love these thoughtfully curated gifts, and that they bring them great joy for years to come.

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