5 Things to do With Kids at “Tyrannosaurs – Meet the Family”

“Tyrannosaurs – Meet the Family” runs through May 18th.

We finally got a chance to visit “Tyrannosaurs – Meet the Family“, and we’re thrilled to be partnering with the Milwaukee Public Museum to share the highlights with our readers.

Here are five things to do with your kids when you visit this special exhibit:

1. Watch Dinosaurs Run Through Milwaukee.

Immediately upon entering the exhibit, you walk through two immersive digital screens that imagine what it would look like if dinosaurs were running through downtown Milwaukee.

Readers have told us that their little ones absolutely loved this virtual reality element, with one mom telling us she had to pry her child away from it so they could go see the rest of the exhibit.

Virtual Reality: Imagine what it would be like if dinosaurs were running through downtown Milwaukee.

2. Interact with the Fossils.

Your kids will naturally marvel at the giant dinosaur skeletons on display. But don’t miss the interactive screens in front of each one. You can press on a part of the fossil to learn more about it. In fact, almost the entire exhibit is interactive and hands-on.

There are more than 10 life-sized dinosaur specimens and a dramatic array of tyrannosaur fossils, including never before seen specimens from China.

Don’t miss the interactive screens that are paired with each fossil on display.

3. Test Your Bite Force & Meteor Power.

How does your most fierce grip compare to the bite strength of a T-Rex? You can find out by squeezing the metal grip as hard as you can. The technology will tell you how you compare to the average human, a lion, a shark, and finally, a T-Rex.

(Spoiler: A T-Rex’s bite force is 6834 pounds. My bite force measured 135 pounds.)

Measure your bite force and compare it to a T-Rex!

You can also see how dangerous you would be as a meteor. Jump as hard as you can on the metal platform to measure just how much damage you would do as an asteroid.

Find out how dangerous of a meteor you would be!

4. Complete Dinosaur Puzzles.

There are a couple of fun interactive puzzles for families to tackle together, including one in which you complete the Tyrannosaur Family Tree, and another where you’re asked to put together Sue the T-Rex bone by bone, just like archeologists had to do decades ago when she was discovered.

Tackle the Tyrannosaurs Family Tree puzzle together.

5. Chase the Dinosaurs.

This may be the closest you can get to actually playing with dinosaurs.

The digital screen towards the end of the exhibit provides an opportunity for visitors to interact virtually with dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes. The dinosaurs will approach you, scurry around you, and you can see how your size compares to theirs.

This digital screen may be the closest you can come to having a play date with dinosaurs.

What To Know Before You Go:

Tyrannosaurs – Meet the Family” is included with admission to the Milwaukee Public Museum. You can see ticket prices here.

Tickets can be reserved two weeks in advance or purchased the day of your visit.

Residents of Milwaukee County can receive an automatic $2 discount when purchasing admission and providing a valid Milwaukee County address. 

Admission to the museum is free on the first Thursday of every month as a part of Kohl’s Thank You Thursdays.

Masks are optional.

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