50 Pink-Inspired Names for Your Baby Girl in 2024

Pink – the color of soft sunsets, blooming flowers, and adorable baby cheeks! 

When it comes to choosing the perfect name for your little bundle of joy, colors can be a wonderful source of inspiration. Pink embodies love, warmth, and gentleness, making it an ideal theme for naming your baby.

Welcome to our comprehensive guide of “Pink Baby Names.” 

Here, we’ve curated a list of girl names sprinkled with charm, whimsy, and a whole lot of sweetness, just like the color pink. 

From timeless classics to flower names and trendy newcomers, this list is sure to inspire you with more than 50 names of different origins filled with the spirit of pink.

So get comfy, grab a cup of tea, and explore our carefully selected pink-inspired baby names. 

Each name is accompanied by its meaning, origin, and a dash of why it could be the perfect fit for your precious one. 

Let the journey to finding the perfect pink baby name begin! 🌷

  1. Amaranth: Inspired by the bright pink and purple flowers, this name suggests immortality and unfading beauty.
  2. Ara: In Armenian, it means “king,” but this lovely name also refers to a genus of beautiful pink and purple flowers, adding a touch of natural beauty.
  3. Azalea: (From the Greek word meaning ‘dry’) Azalea is a pink flower, making this first name a direct ode to the beautiful color. A good choice for parents who appreciate floral and nature-inspired names.
  4. Begonia: Named after the flower, Begonia signifies a deep connection with nature and pink blossoms, perfect for parents looking for a name blossoming with vibrance.
  5. Blossom: Directly related to the soft, pink petals of flowering trees, this popular name symbolizes renewal and beauty.
  6. Blush: A modern, trendy name that evokes the soft, warm pinks seen on cheeks. For parents seeking a contemporary and directly color-related name.
  7. Briar: (English origin, meaning ‘shrub, small tree’) Like the pink blossoms that might adorn a briar bush, this English name is a strong yet sweet choice.
  8. Camelia: A flower name, with the blooms often appearing in soft pinks, embodying grace and longevity.
  9. Carmine: A vivid red color with a hint of pink, a bold and striking choice for a name with Latin roots.
  10. Carnation: (Latin origin) Named after the diverse flower, this Latin name represents love and fascination. Suitable for parents captivated by the beauty of blooms.
  11. Cerise: (French origin, meaning ‘cherry’) Representing a deep pink, Cerise is a chic and stylish choice for parents drawn to elegance.
  12. Cherry: A playful and sweet name captures the essence of the bright and cheerful fruit and its vibrant pinkish-red hue.
  13. Coralie: This french name, derived from “coral,” which often appears in shades of pink, symbolizing good luck and protection.
  14. Dahlia: Named after the beautiful pink flower, this lovely baby girl’s name symbolizes elegance and inner strength. A good name for a little girl who will bloom with grace and resilience.
  15. Elodie: (Greek origin, meaning ‘marsh flower’) Elodie can be associated with the pink marsh flowers, embodying a serene and gentle spirit.
  16. Flamina: A Latin word meaning “priest,” but also reminiscent of flamingos’ beautiful pink feathers.
  17. Flora: Referring to plant life, this pretty girl’s name is linked to pink through the blooming flowers in spring.
  18. Fraise: Meaning strawberry in French, this beautiful  name evokes images of the delightful pinkish-red fruit.
  19. Fuchsia: Named after the vibrant pink-purple flower. Ideal for parents looking for an uncommon girl’s name that is as unique and lively as the color itself.
  20. Garnet: Though often red, garnets can also be pink, making this name subtly linked to the color. Suitable for parents seeking a gemstone-inspired name with a touch of pink elegance.
  21. Hana: Meaning ‘flower’ or ‘blossom’ in Japanese, it brings forth images of soft pink petals, symbolizing delicate beauty.
  22. Heather: Named after the pink flower, Heather is a popular choice for parents who appreciate the delicate and sweet aspects of nature.
  23. Irisa: Inspired by the iris flower that blooms in various colors, including pink, this name symbolizes hope and wisdom.
  24. Laelia: A type of orchid that can be found in pink shades, this beautiful girl’s name symbolizes beauty and sophistication.
  25. Leilani: (Hawaiian origin, meaning ‘heavenly flowers’) Conjuring images of beautiful pink tropical flowers, this name is filled with grace and exotic beauty.
  26. Linnea: A Swedish name derived from a pink mountain flower, symbolizing happiness and peace.
  27. Lotus: Representing purity and enlightenment, the Lotus flower often blooms in stunning pinks, symbolizing spiritual elegance.
  28. Malina: A Slavic name meaning “raspberry,” which is connected to the fruit’s delightful pink color.
  29. Marjani: (Swahili origin, meaning ‘coral’) Coral often comes in shades of pink, making this an exquisite choice embodying oceanic beauty and tranquility.
  30. Mauve: Named after the soft purple-pink color, it embodies gentleness and grace.
  31. Nerine: Inspired by the pink sea nymph flowers, symbolizing delicate beauty and enchantment.
  32. Oleander: Named after the beautiful but strong and resilient pink flower, representing beauty and determination.
  33. Paloma: (Spanish origin, meaning ‘dove’) Doves are often associated with soft, tender pink shades, embodying peace and love.
  34. Penelope: (Greek origin, meaning ‘weaver’) This classic name can be associated with the soft, muted shades of pink, embodying warmth and femininity.
  35. Peony: Named after the lush, often pastel pink flowers, this sweet girl’s name symbolizes bashfulness and compassion.
  36. Perlite: Derived from the mineral “perlite,” which can have a soft pink hue, representing uniqueness.
  37. Petunia: Named after the flower, this pink-inspired name is for parents who appreciate the delicate beauty of blooms and the various shades of pink in petals.
  38. Phlox: Named after the flower, this unique name is a vivid representation of the striking shades of pink, signifying harmony and unity.
  39. Poppy: (Latin origin, meaning ‘red flower’) Poppies often bloom in a lively pink, symbolizing imagination and luxury.
  40. Primrose: (Latin origin, meaning ‘first rose’) Representing youth and love, this name is associated with lovely small pink flowers.
  41. Raisa: Meaning ‘rose’ in Yiddish, it directly connects to the soft, romantic hues of pink, embodying love and tenderness.
  42. Rose: (Latin origin, meaning ‘a rose’) The classic and timeless name directly links to the beautiful rose flower symbolizing love and beauty.
  43. Rosa: (Spanish, Italian, Portuguese origin) A beautiful variation that carries the essence of the timeless beauty of a wild rose.
  44. Rosaleen: (Irish origin) A graceful name meaning ‘little rose’, embodying tenderness and affection.
  45. Rosalie: (French origin) A charming variation meaning ‘rose garden’, embodying a bouquet of pink beauty.
  46. Rosalind: (Old German origin, meaning ‘gentle horse’) However, the ‘ros’ prefix aligns it with the beauty of roses.
  47. Rosaline: (Old French origin) A variation that carries the soft and gentle essence of pink roses.
  48. Rosalyn: (Old German origin) A modern twist that still holds the grace and elegance of the rose flower.
  49. Rosamund: (German origin, meaning ‘horse protection’) The ‘ros’ prefix allows for a connection to the elegance of the rose.
  50. Rosanna: (Latin origin) Meaning ‘rose of grace’, it beautifully combines the essence of roses and divine grace.
  51. Rosanne: (Hebrew, Latin origins) Meaning ‘gracious rose’, it blends the flower’s beauty with a touch of divine elegance.
  52. Rosemarie/Rosemary: (Latin origin) Combining ‘rose’ with ‘mary’, it could symbolize the ‘rose of Mary’, bringing in a divine touch.
  53. Rosetta: (Italian, Latin origins) A diminutive form meaning ‘little rose’, embodying delicacy and charm.
  54. Rosie: (English origin) A lovely and affectionate diminutive of Rose, carrying a sense of warmth and tenderness.
  55. Rosina: (Italian origin) A gentle variation meaning ‘little rose’, expressing sweetness and tenderness.
  56. Roslyn: (Spanish, Persian origins) An enchanting variation subtly connected to the beauty of roses.
  57. Roos: (Dutch origin) A simplistic and elegant variation that is directly connected to the rose flower.
  58. Rosalia: (Latin origin, meaning ‘rose garden’) A name filled with the essence of numerous beautiful pink roses, embodying grace and beauty.
  59. Roxanne: (Persian origin, meaning ‘dawn’) Evoking the soft pink and purple hues of a morning sky, it signifies hope and new beginnings.
  60. Ruby: (Latin origin, meaning ‘red gemstone’) Lighter rubies have a beautiful pink hue, embodying passion and love.
  61. Sakura: (Japanese origin, meaning ‘cherry blossom’) Sakura represents the delicate pink cherry blossoms, symbolizing beauty and renewal.
  62. Scarlett: (English origin, meaning ‘red’) In softer tones, it can resemble a deep, rich pink, symbolizing love and adventure.
  63. Shani: (Hebrew origin, meaning ‘crimson’) A warm, pinkish-red name representing wonder and flair.
  64. Shirley: Meaning “bright meadow,” it evokes images of fields touched by the soft pink hues of dawn.
  65. Sienna: (Italian origin) This earthy name can be associated with a soft, pinkish-brown, representing warmth and comfort.
  66. Tulip: Named after the flower, Tulip is a delightful choice for parents enchanted by springtime beauty and soft pink petals.
  67. Valentina: (Latin origin, meaning ‘strong’) Often associated with shades of pink due to Valentine’s Day, it embodies love and strength.
  68. Vasanti: Meaning ‘of spring’, this name of Indian origin represents the blossoming beauty of nature, including the vibrancy of pink flowers.
  69. Viola: (Latin origin, meaning ‘violet’) Some violas are in a beautiful shade of pink, representing harmony and sweetness.
  70. Yvette: Meaning ‘yew wood’, this name can be associated with the soft, pink blossoms of the yew tree, symbolizing rebirth.
  71. Zahra: (Arabic origin, meaning ‘flowering blossom’) This name symbolizes the blooming of beautiful pink flowers, embodying elegance and grace.
  72. Zinnia: Named after the flower, Zinnia is for parents who want a vibrant, blossoming name reflecting strength and affection.
  73. Zora: (Slavic origin, meaning ‘dawn’) This name captures the soft pink hues of a morning sky, representing new beginnings and hope.

There’s so much beauty in the softness of pink names!

Our journey has unveiled a variety of names, each carrying the delightful essence of this ever-popular shade. 

From the delicate petals of the rose to vibrant hues painted across various cultures, our list of names blossoms with inspiration for your little one. 

Happy naming!

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