North Point Lighthouse: A Tower Climb to Remember

For a family adventure that combines history, nature, and beautiful view, the North Point Lighthouse and Museum in Milwaukee is a not-so-hidden visit gem nestled in picturesque Lake Park.

It offers an engaging peek into maritime history, complete with fascinating artifacts (pre-GPS navigation tools? Check.), tales of eccentric lighthouse keepers, and a chance to climb to the top for panoramic views of Lake Park, Lake Michigan, and downtown Milwaukee.


Nestled between two ravines in the scenic Lake Park and overlooking the vast Lake Michigan, the North Point Lighthouse stands as one of the oldest structures in Milwaukee’s now-urban landscape.

This charming, renovated museum and its 74-foot tall tower offer a unique opportunity for families to explore Milwaukee’s rich maritime past and present.

Climb The Tower

For the adventurous kids (and adults) in your family, the lighthouse tower awaits.

Climbers must be at least 5 years old and 38 inches tall to take on the 84-step challenge, ending with a ladder that leads to the lantern room at the top.

The reward? A spectacular 360° view that makes the climb worth every step.

Dive into the Deep

Inside the museum, visitors can journey through Milwaukee’s famous lighthouse history, meet the eclectic keepers through the years on the Keeper’s Wall, and uncover stories of shipwrecks in Lake Michigan.

It’s a treasure trove of stories and artifacts that bring to life the heritage, culture, and significant role Milwaukee has played in the Great Lakes’ regional maritime activities.

You’ll find a pictorial timeline of the lighthouse history, a brass fog bell that was used in 1892, a traveling library from 1893 with original books, and more.

Planning Your Visit

Parking is simple, with available spaces on Wahl Avenue and surrounding streets.

While the museum itself is handicap accessible, it’s important to note the tower’s climb might not be suitable for everyone due to its physical demands.

The museum and its engaging exhibits are open on Saturdays and Sundays in the afternoons, making it a perfect weekend outing.

Pro Tips

Capture the moment: Before or after your climb, make sure to stop by the fun reflecting mirror in front of the lighthouse. It’s the perfect spot for a unique family selfie that captures the beauty of the lighthouse and the joy of your adventure.

Certificate: After conquering the tower climb, don’t forget to ask about receiving a certificate for your kids. It’s a special memento that celebrates their achievement and bravery.


Recent reviews from TripAdvisor highlight the lighthouse as a “lovely” and “great stop” that’s “loaded with history.” Visitors praise the knowledgeable staff, often volunteers, who bring the history of the Great Lakes to life.

The view from the top comes highly recommended, making the climb a memorable part of the experience.

Whether you’re exploring the museum’s exhibits, climbing the tower for those unique lake views, or simply enjoying a hike in Lake Park, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in and around the North Point Lighthouse.

It’s a reminder of Milwaukee’s past, beautifully preserved for future generations to explore and cherish.

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