10 At-Home Community Service Ideas For Kids

Times are tough, and it’s more important than ever to lift each other up. (Plus, helping others is a natural way to boost you own happiness!)

Of course, it’s more of a challenge to serve the community when you can’t come into contact with anyone outside of your home.

Here are some at-home service ideas to try while you’re Safer At Home:

1. Create artwork for seniors.

Put all that artwork you’re making to good use! Did you know you can easily scan your artwork and uplifting notes using an app on your phone? (We use GeniusScan.) Then, you can email your creations to your local senior residential living community.

So pull out the watercolors, draw a springy scene, or scribble in all the colors of the rainbow! Whatever you create, you’ll be brightening the hallways and bringing a little more joy to our older neighbors.

2. Decorate your neighborhood with painted rocks.

Have you tried the melty crayon painted rock activity yet? It’s taking the MKE With Kids Instagram community by storm.

Collect some rocks outside, and heat them up in your oven for 15 minutes at 350 degrees. When the crayon hits the surface, it will immediately start melting and turn into a beautiful paint-like texture. (Careful, the rocks will be hot!)

Then, on your next walk, beautify your neighborhood with your colorful creations.

3. Plan to donate.

You’ve got lots of extra time, so clean out those closets and start a collection of items you can donate to a local non-profit organization. When this is all over, you can drop if off safely.

4. Drop off food for those in need.

Bay Bridge Wisconsin is hosting a food drive in partnership with Just One More Ministry. You can drop off a food donation (no-contact) at the boxes outside of Whitefish Bay Library. Before you go, check here for the latest updates.

5. Chalk Your Walk.

Bring some sidewalk chalk with you on your next outside walk, and chalk it as you go. Draw colorful pictures and write uplifting messages, quotes, or poems. You’ll brighten up the day of the people who come after you, and inspire them to do the same!

6. Spruce up your home for passersby.

During these difficult times, there’s nothing like seeing bright messages of hope in people’s windows. Why not decorate your own windows, door, or driveway with large messages of love and hope? The people walking by your house will love it!

7. Brighten someone’s day on Facetime.

Do you have an older adult in your life? Reach out and schedule a FaceTime call with them (a regular phone call work, too!). It’s a simple but powerful to life someone up.

8. Make a bird feeder.

It’s the perfect time to focus our attention on Mother Earth. Make a simple bird feeder and see who comes to visit! You can roll a pine-cone in peanut butter and seeds, fill an old orange peel, or use a pipe cleaner to hang the bird’s favorite snack from your tree. (Google is rife with DIY Bird Feeder Ideas!)

9. Open your wallet.

Local organizations are heroically continuing their work to help those who need it most in our community. You can support them with a donation big or small. Here is a list from Kids Impact Community of community partners who are providing food and resources to our neighbors who are food insecure:

10. Write a thank you email to your teacher.

Teachers have been working so hard to help our kids during a strange time. And even if your teacher has not been able to provide lessons yet, they sure worked hard before this all happened! Send them an email to let them know you appreciate their efforts.

What other ideas do you have for at-home service ideas? Email us at hello@mkewithkids.com

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