Wacky Wisconsin: World’s Largest Muskie Sculpture in Hayward, WI (2022)

If you’re headed up to northwest Wisconsin with the kids, or happen to be passing through the charming city of Hayward, you’ll want to make a stop at the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame.

It’s better known as the “Musky Museum”, thanks to the 143 foot long, four story muskellunge sculpture that serves as the destination’s centerpiece.

Plan to spend 60-90 minutes walking around the museum grounds, which are decorated with well-kept gardens, memorialized benches, and giant fish sculptures.

View from the top of the 143 foot muskellunge sculpture.

You can climb the stairs of the giant musky, and take photos at the top, where you can even touch the teeth and a get a nice view of the museums grounds and surrounding area.

The sculpture is actually the world’s largest musky sculpture (though we’re curious how stiff the competition is for this category).

Inside the giant musky’s belly, you’ll find old fishing rods (no wheels or motors), rare and collectible lures, and other fishing artifacts.

Main museum building, Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame

There’s also a small playground for kids that needs a little TLC, but includes a fish seesaw, a swing, and tunnel.

Inside the museum building, visitors can learn about legendary anglers, world record muskellunge, old-fashioned commercial fishing equipment, and more.

Walk through the “Motor Graveyard” which includes motors as far back as the 1920’s, and peek into an Old Fishing Shack re-creation.

Don’t miss the “World Records Gallery” where you’ll find hundreds of pictures from decades past of proud fishermen and women with their prized catch.

After your visit, you’ll want to head into downtown Hayward and walk along Main Street. The old-fashioned candy store is a must-visit.

Scheer’s Lumberjack Village is a great spot for miniature golfing, Hayward Amusement Center has go-karting, a rock-climbing wall, and more.

Hayward, WI is home to the world-famous American Birkebiener Cross Country Ski Race, held every year in February, and the Lumberjack World Championship held every year in July.

For more information about the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame, visit their website.

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