Meet The Women Scientists At The Milwaukee Public Museum

Do you have a child who loves science? Now you can introduce them (virtually, that is) to the women scientists at the Milwaukee Public Museum.

In honor of International Women and Girls in Science Day on Thursday, February 11th, the Museum will be highlighting and celebrating them all month long.

You can meet them and watch videos about what they do at MPMs Community of Curiosity, supported by Kohl’s Cares.

First, MPM Curator of Geology Collections and Senior Collection Manager Patricia Coorough Burke shares her research about the upper Midwest during the Silurian Period, the richness and diversity of life during this time, and how MPM’s fossil collections help researchers analyze how life has changed over time.

Then, Zoology Collections Manager Julia Colby provides information about a bird we’ve probably all seen and heard: the red-winged blackbird. Watch the video to learn more not only about this familiar piece of our local web of life, but how scientists use MPM’s Zoology collections and data to learn about animals like the blackbird.

Registrar and Head of Photography Archives Sara Podejko gives a behind-the-scenes look at how museums like MPM support scientific research and learning around the world through the careful work of lending MPM artifacts and specimens to other museums.

Finally, your child can participate in the Museum’s new diorama challenge. They are asked to create their version of what they picture when they think of a scientist. It can be a diorama they create or a picture they take. Please share with the through their social media channels or email them at

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