17 Best Halloween Costumes for Toddler Boys (2022)

From fire-breathing dragons, to death-defeating superheroes, to magical storybook characters, Halloween is a time for little kids to dress up and imagine themselves in a totally new way, if just for one day.

This Halloween season, your little guy will need a costume for Trick or Treating (maybe multiple times, depending on your tolerance for these things!), school Halloween dress-up days, costume parties, and any other seasonal events that call for a disguise of some sort.

But costumes can be a little bit tricky. You order what you think will be the perfect costume online, only to have it arrive and be a total letdown to you and your little one. Maybe it’s a low-quality material, shabby construction, or just not what was pictured in the listing.

As parents ourselves, we know that kids Halloween costumes need to be not only fun and festive for your little boy to enjoy, but perhaps even more importantly, it’s needs to be easy to put on and take off, and comfortable to wear and walk around in for at least a few hours.

To help you with this spooky conundrum, our editorial team scoured hundreds of product reviews and ideas, and we’ve chosen 11 top-notch toddler costumes for boys so that your child will be comfortable, happy, and ready to collect some candy on Halloween Night!

These easy costumes, simple in design but high-quality to last, will be winners for kids and adults alike. (And maybe some hand-me-down recipients, too!).

This post includes some affiliate links to our favorite halloween costume ideas, and we receive a small affiliate commission if you purchase these items. We hope you love them!

1. Superhero Costume

It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s… your flying toddler!

Superheroes inspire us to summon the strength within us to defeat bad guys, help the weak, and make the world a better place. It’s this allure that makes a superhero costume one of the top choices for little boy costumes around this time of year.

In one of these costumes, your little boy will imagine that he can fly over even the tallest buildings, bend even the thickest steel, and save the world from the evils that threaten it! It’s hands down one of the most classic and best toddler halloween costumes.

These Superhero Costumes from Rubie’s are officially licensed DC Comics Deluxe Child’s Costumes, and the company is family-owned and operated.

If the Black Panther is more your child’s style, they also offer a highly-rated Black Panther Halloween Costume in toddler sizes:

This Captain America costume is made by the same company, just for toddlers. It includes a padded jumpsuit with attached gauntlets and boot-tops, and a fabric headpiece.

You can combine these options with other superhero characters for a family costume.

These fun costumes will help strengthen your child’s love of superheroes even more. You can pop on a Superhero movie, download the shows, and check out some superhero books from the library to help get your child even more excited about their costume.

2. Harry Potter Costume

It’s one of the most widely read book series in the entire world, and for good reason. The Harry Potter books will transport even the most practical among us to a wizardly world of fantasy and adventure.

Even if your child isn’t old enough to read the Harry Potter books yet, they can still be a part of the magical world at Hogwart School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Your little wizard’s Harry Potter ensemble includes costume accessories like a hooded rope with attached shirt, vest, and tie.

There are also plenty of options for an older sibling to go in on this theme.

The best part? When your little boy is older and ready to read all of the Harry Potter books, you can excitedly show him your photographs of the year he dressed up as Harry Potter for Halloween. He’ll love it!

3. “Where The Wild Things Are” Costume

Max from “Where The Wild Things Are” is downright mischievous, just like your little boy, we’re guessing. If that’s the case, then a “Where The Wild Things Are” costume will suit him nicely.

In the classic book, the mischievous main character Max escapes reality and enters an imaginary world where he can be totally himself without any limitations. (Kinda the perfect costume for Halloween, amiright?)

In this adorable costume, he can pretend to transform into the “King of the Wild Things”, donning his crown in all its glory.

4. Dragon Costume

Your little one will breathe fire and take flight from their Trick or Treat wagon with a fun dragon costume that sure to spark their imagination.

5. Little Monster Costume

This Disney/Pixar Monsters Inc costume is an officially licensed product made of 100% Polyester. Not only do you get the fun purple monster costume, it also comes with attached mittens, vest, and a headpiece that will keep them warm while they’re trick or treating.

Your little girl might love this costume, too!

6. Star Wars Costume

A Star Wars costume is not just for big kids. Little ones can join the fun, too. A Star Wars theme is also a great option for the whole family to partake in.

This Kylo Ren toddler costume is a hit with reviewers because the hood comes off if your toddler doesn’t like it – and we know how finicky our little ones can be.

7. Buzz Lightyear Costume

He’s the dependable action figure who is blissfully unaware of his tiny toy status. The brave and affable Buzz Lightyear is everyone’s favorite character in Toy Story, and now your toddler can dress up just like him.

8. Cookie Monster Costume

Of all the cute toddler halloween costumes, this one might take the cake. Er, the cookie.

From the 80’s to today, this popular Sesame Street character brings joy and giggles to all of us cookie-lovers. And if you have little kid who loves cookies even more than the average Joe, now you can make your child’s cookie monster status official. Plus, if you’re a fan of easy Halloween costumes, it doesn’t get much simpler than this.

Let’s just hope some they find some cookies while they’re Trick-or-Treating, or there’s no telling what they might do.

9. Olaf Costume

Do you want to build a snowman? Or, at least, wear the cutest snowman costume available? This is perhaps the cutest costume on our list, if we day say so ourselves.

Olaf is always ready with a cheerful song, funny anecdote, random fact, or just a freezing cold hug when you need it.

And now, everyone’s favorite sidekick and best friend is now available in costume form, and it’s sure to bring smiles to your little boy or little girl.

10. Dinosaur Costume

This is a great costume for your dinosaur-lover, who can roar their way through the Halloween season.

There are also great options for kids who would rather ride their dinosaur through the neighborhood. Why walk when you can hitch a ride on the back of a T-rex?

11. A League of Their Own “Jimmy Dugan”

If you’re looking for unique toddler halloween costumes (no black cat costume for you!), the Fun Costumes company does a great job of curating disguises that are unexpected and fun for kids and adults alike.

This Jimmy Dugan baseball coach costume is great for a kid who loves sports and/or baseball, and it will also give the adults around you a chuckle.

12. Pumpkin Costume

You won’t win an aware for most unique Halloween costume, but you might get the award for cutest kid at the party.

There are a thousand and one options for a pumpkin outfit, ripe for the picking. But we chose this one-piece ensemble because reviewers say it’s extremely soft, the price is right, it comes with a pumpkin lid shaped hate, and it has a giant pocket in the mouth to fill with Halloween candy.

I know we’re biased, but this costume seems like a surefire to have the cutest kid on the block this Halloween.

13. DIY Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

On a tight budget? This DIY Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume requires very few materials that you can easily procure at the local craft shop, and it doesn’t take a lot o time to put together either.

Image by Kari Ahrens

Check it all the materials and instructions here.

14. Construction Worker

One day, he’s going to build gigantic skyscrapers that soar over the city, bridges that extend out into the sea, and homes that push the edges of architectural brilliance.

And if not, at least he can dress up like it for a day!

This six piece Construction Worker costume from Melissa & Doug has thousands of 5 star reviews for its quality and durability.

Your little construction worker will be ready for the job with a vest of bright colors highlighted with reflective material and a tool belt, a yellow hard hat, hammer, tool belt, and more. You can even add to it by adding a tape measure, masking tape, etc.

15. Peter Pan

Your little munchkin off to Never Never Land (if by Never Never Land you mean trick-or-treating in your neighborhood).

It’s pricier than some of the other costumes on this list, but reviewers say it’s worth it for the quality and durability. This costume is the highest rated Peter Pan costume on Amazon and comes in a Toddler Size 1-3 (Small).

It comes with an adorable stocking cap, the belt is fully removable and adjustable, and the entire costume is machine washable.

16. Ninja Costume

You better stay out of your little ninja’s way! This costume includes one ninja jumpsuit, a ninja face mask, one waist belt, two foam throwing stars, a pair of ninja gloves, and two plastic ninja daggers.

With hundreds of happy reviews, and a price that can’t be beat, this is our pick for a toddler ninja costume.

17. DIY Ghost Costume

Reading this the night before Trick or Treating and need easy Halloween costumes? Don’t panic. We’ve got you covered. This is going to be the right costume for you and your spooky situation!

Find an old sheet and use some hot glue to create a classic ghost costume. Minimal effort required, and it’s one of the best Halloween costumes because it’s a timeless classic.

Here are some of our favorite DIY tutorials because they are actually incredibly easy.

We hope you love these cute toddler halloween costume ideas for boys, and we wish you very Happy Halloween filled with a lot of fun (and a few spooks here and there!).

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