There’s a New Ice Cream Shop in Whitefish Bay: Fitzy’s Ice Cream

Fitzgerald Pharmacy renovation, overview of space, neon sign, various candies.
Fitzgerald Pharmacy is now home to an ice cream shop and soda fountain.

Fitzgerald Pharmacy (“Fitzie’s” to locals) has been a staple in Whitefish Bay since 1954, and now they’re adding ice cream to the list of ways they can help cure what’s ailing you.

The pharmacy has been part of the neighborhood since the 1950’s.

The original Fitzgerald Pharmacy was opened in 1954, and used to served sandwiches, sodas and milkshakes at its lunch counter until the 1970’s.

Fitzie’s closed its doors in 2019, unable to compete with insurance company’s preferred vendors.

A neon sign captures the nostalgia of the lunch counter from the 1970’s.

Shortly after, Hayat Pharmacy stepped into fill the void. It’s now the Fitzgerald Pharmacy by Hayat.

The space has been totally renovated, and now offers Purple Door Ice Cream with Burke’s Candy toppings, plus a soda fountain with offerings that include a classic root beer float.

Customers can get classic root beer floats at the soda fountain.

You can also pick up some gourmet popcorn from Goody Gourmets (another local favorite), and a custom blend from Anodyne Coffee Roasting Company.

There’s a new patio to enjoy your treats.

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