100 Classic Baby Boy Names Listed from A-Z (2023)

Are you expecting a new bundle of joy in 2023 and scouring the Internet for the perfect name? 

Well, you’re in luck.

We’ve curated a list of 100 classic boy names – in alphabetical order! – that you’re guaranteed to fall head over heels in love with. 

Trendy baby names come and go, but the classic baby names on this list endure those fads.

In a world where unconventional and unique names are becoming the norm, there’s something timeless about giving your little one a classic name that has stood the test of time.

Classic baby boy names are strong, elegant, and never go out of style.

From historical greats to fictional heroes, these names have graced the world for generations, and for a good reason. If you’re seeking something timeless for your baby boy that will suit him from infancy to adulthood, look no further. 

Let’s dive in:


A name of Hebrew origin meaning “high mountain” or “exalted,” Aaron has biblical roots as the brother of Moses. Strong as a mountain peak and as timeless as ancient scripture, this popular name is an excellent choice for a boy who’s destined for greatness—or at least, high elevation in whatever he chooses!


From the Hebrew word meaning “man” or “earth,” Adam was the first man in both the Christian and Islamic traditions. It’s a grounded name—literally! If you’re hoping for a down-to-earth boy who also carries a hint of the eternal, this Hebrew name might be for you.


Of Latin origin, meaning “from Adria,” a town near the Adriatic Sea, Adrian has a cosmopolitan allure. Perfect for a future world traveler, this name also has a dash of ancient Roman splendor. Your little Adrian might just be a citizen of the world in the making!


Of German origin, the meaning of the name Albert is “noble and bright.” This is a name for a little one who is sure to outshine the stars in brilliance and nobility. A perfect match for a boy who’ll be as wise as Einstein and as royal as Prince Albert.


From the Greek name “Alexandros,” meaning “defender of the people,” Alexander has been a name of emperors, kings, and great military leaders. Get ready for epic bedtime stories of bravery and valor; little Alexander might just conquer the playground before moving on to bigger empires! It also makes a great middle name.


Of Greek origin, Andrew means “manly” or “brave.” A staple of strength and courage, it’s the name for a boy you’ll always lean on. Imagine a little Andrew, brave as a lion and with the heart of an angel.


A timeless name of Hebrew origin meaning “son of the right hand,” Benjamin has biblical roots as the youngest of Jacob’s sons. Perfect for your little miracle who arrived at just the right time, this name sets the stage for a lifetime of being in the right place at the right time.


This name comes from the Germanic elements “bern,” meaning bear, and “hard,” meaning brave or hardy. Bernard is a name that roars with the ferocity of a bear but also carries a hint of classic medieval bravery. Imagine a young Bernard, equally ready for a cuddle or a noble quest!


This old English name means “broad meadow.” This name evokes vast open spaces and the freedom to explore them. Little Bradley might grow up to be as boundless as the landscapes his name conjures, always up for a new adventure.


Of Celtic origin, Brian means “high” or “noble.” Well-suited for someone you’d look up to, Brian has been the name of kings and warriors in Irish history. Whether he’s scaling mountains or the social ladder, your Brian is destined for heights.


Derived from the Latin word “calvinus,” which means “bald” or “hairless,” Calvin is a name that transcends its literal meaning. It’s a name that echoes with sophistication and a touch of the intellectual, perhaps a nod to Calvin and Hobbes or John Calvin, the theologian. Your little Calvin might just be a philosopher or a comic strip artist in the making!


Of German origin, Carl means “free man.” Simple yet strong, this name is perfect for a boy who values freedom and independence. Imagine a young Carl, fearless and unbounded, ready to make his mark on the world.


Coming from the Germanic name “Karl,” Charles means “man” or “free man.” It’s a traditional name that’s fit for royalty, quite literally, with many kings bearing this noble name. Your little Charles may just have the bearing of a prince, destined to rule hearts if not kingdoms.


With its roots in Greek, Christopher is a first name meaning “bearing Christ.” Often associated with explorers like Christopher Columbus, this name suggests a life of adventurous spirit and discovery. Prepare to chart the unexplored territories of parenthood with your little Christopher.


Originating from Hebrew, Daniel means “God is my judge.” Often associated with wisdom and leadership, this name might just make your little Daniel the go-to decision-maker among his friends. From solving puzzles today to navigating life’s complexities tomorrow, he’s sure to be a wise soul.


Another biblical name with Hebrew roots, David means “beloved.” Whether it’s slaying metaphorical giants or winning hearts, your little David is destined for heroic feats big and small. One thing’s for sure: he will be dearly loved.


Of Old English origin, Dean means “valley.” It evokes the laid-back charm of classic Hollywood and the allure of the great outdoors. Your little Dean might just have a flair for the dramatic, coupled with a love for nature’s tranquility.


Derived from the Greek god Dionysus, the god of wine, Dennis implies a life filled with revelry and celebration. While you probably won’t introduce him to wine anytime soon, life with your little Dennis is sure to be a joyful celebration.


Of Germanic origin, Derek means “ruler of the people.” Whether it’s the playground or the boardroom, your Derek will likely enjoy being in charge. Brace yourself for a little one who may like to rule the roost!


With Old English roots, Edward means “wealthy guard.” This name has been held by kings, authors, and even fictional vampires. Your little Edward could grow up to protect something truly valuable, be it a kingdom, a treasure, or perhaps just the last piece of cake!


Derived from Old English, Edwin means “rich friend” or “prosperous friend.” A name that predicts both wealth and companionship sounds like a win-win, doesn’t it? Little Edwin is bound to be as beloved as he is fortunate.


Of Hebrew and English origin, Elliot means “Jehovah is God” or “God on high.” The name’s dual heritage adds a layer of depth and universality, perfect for a boy who’ll appreciate the bigger picture. Whether he turns out to be deeply spiritual or just likes the view from tall places, Elliot is a name for a boy with a broad perspective.


Originating from Old Norse, Eric means “eternal ruler.” With a name this grand, don’t be surprised if your little Eric wants to rule the sandbox before conquering more epic quests. As eternal as his name suggests, Eric is a classic that never fades.


From the Germanic word “ernst,” meaning serious, Ernest is a name for the straightforward and sincere. Inspired by the great author Ernest Hemingway, your little Ernest might grow up to be a man of words, or simply a man of his word.


Of Hebrew origin, Ethan means “strong” or “firm.” This is a name for a boy who stands his ground and values strength of character. Be it in resolve or muscle, your Ethan will likely live up to the fortitude his name suggests.


With Greek roots, Eugene means “well-born” or “noble.” A name fit for someone extraordinary, your Eugene will no doubt add a touch of class to any occasion—even if it’s just a playdate.


A Welsh variation of John, Evan means “God is gracious.” It’s the sort of name that carries a sense of kindness and a little grace, perfect for a boy who’ll grow up with a heart full of generosity.


With Latin origins, Felix means “happy” or “fortunate.” If you’re looking for a name that promises a lifetime of happiness and perhaps a bit of good luck, Felix could be the one. Imagine a boy who greets each day with a smile—just like a ray of sunshine.


Of Irish origin, this cute boy name means “fair” or “white.” It conjures images of legendary Irish heroes and the rolling, green hills of Ireland. Your little Finn may have a taste for adventure, folklore, and perhaps even a knack for the poetic! This is a unisex name that works for a boy and a girl.


From the Latin “Franciscus,” meaning “Frenchman” or “free man,” Francis carries a tone of sophistication and worldly charm. Whether he becomes a saint, a pope, or just a remarkable individual, this traditional boy name holds a universe of possibilities. Frankie is a cute nickname for Francis.


A diminutive of Francis, Frank means “free man.” It’s a straightforward, no-nonsense name that’s been popular for generations. Your Frank may grow up to be a straight shooter, just like his name suggests.


Of German origin, Frederick means “peaceful ruler.” It carries a regal air, reminiscent of kings and emperors of yore. With a name like this, your little Frederick might just grow up to be a benevolent leader, offering peace and wisdom to his realm (or at least his household).


Of Hebrew origin, Gabriel means “God is my strength.” Often associated with angels and messengers, this name offers a heavenly touch. Your little Gabriel might just have a way with words, or perhaps even wings—in the metaphorical sense, of course!


Derived from an English surname which originally meant “spear,” Gary is a name that’s been in popular use for generations. It carries a kind of everyday heroism, ideal for a boy with a strong arm and a stronger heart.


With Greek roots, George means “farmer” or “earthworker.” Whether he ends up tilling the fields or simply being grounded and practical, your little George could be as great as a king or as humble as a farmer—and equally beloved. It’s a popular choice for parents looking for a classic and traditional name that will never go out of style.


Of Germanic origin, Gerald means “rule of the spear.” This could be the name for a natural leader or a protector. Whether he wields a spear or a pen, your Gerald will likely stand up for what he believes in.


Derived from a Scottish name meaning “spacious fort,” Gordon offers both fortitude and openness. It is a relatively uncommon boy name. Suitable for a boy who might enjoy both the solitude of a fort and the wide-open spaces of the great outdoors.


Of Scottish origin, Graham comes from a surname meaning “gravelly homestead.” Though the literal meaning is quite grounded, the name itself has an air of refinement and nobility, perfect for a little gentleman.


With English and Scottish roots, Grant means “great” or “large.” Simple yet imposing, this name could suit a boy destined for great things, be they grand gestures or generous acts.


Of Greek origin, Gregory means “watchful” or “alert.” It’s the name of thinkers and Popes, perfect for a boy with a keen eye and an even keener mind. Your little boy Gregory may grow up to be as wise as he is vigilant.


Of Old English origin, Harold means “army ruler.” A name fit for a leader, your little Harold might command more than just attention; perhaps one day he’ll lead a team, a company, or even a nation.


A diminutive of Henry or Harold, Harry means “home ruler” or “army ruler.” Whether he becomes a prince or just the king of your heart, this name carries a hint of royalty and a good dose of charm. This name is especially popular today because of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.


Of German origin, Henry means “home ruler.” Worn by kings and adventurers alike, this name sets the stage for a life of authority and exploration. Your little Henry could be the ruler of his own grand castle, even if it’s made of building blocks for now.


With German roots, Herbert means “bright army.” It’s the name for a bright young mind with tactical acumen, even if his first army consists of toy soldiers or chess pieces.


Of Germanic and Old Norse origin, Howard means “high guardian” or “heart brave.” Whether guarding the cookie jar or your family’s well-being, your little Howard is bound to take his protective role very seriously.


Of Germanic and Old French origin, Hugh means “mind, spirit” or “intellect.” Ideal for a thoughtful boy, this name suggests a life of intellectual depth. Your little Hugh might grow up to be a scholar, a philosopher, or simply a very wise man.


A variant of Hugh, Hugo has Germanic origins and means “mind, spirit.” With an added dash of European flair, this name is perfect for a boy who’s as spirited as he is intelligent.


A Scottish form of John, Ian means “God is gracious.” This name has a modern feel while retaining its classic origin, making it perfect for a boy who will gracefully blend tradition and contemporary life.


With Hebrew roots, Isaac means “he will laugh.” This could be the ideal name for a cheerful boy who brings joy and laughter wherever he goes. Whether it’s his giggles as a baby or his sense of humor later on, your Isaac will be a true delight.


Also of Hebrew origin, Isaiah means “Yahweh is salvation.” Often associated with the prophetic, this name carries a spiritual depth that could inspire a lifetime of wisdom and insight. Your little Isaiah may have more to him than meets the eye.


Derived from the Russian form of John, Ivan means “God is gracious.” With a strong historical presence in literature and leadership, this name suits a boy who’s both strong-willed and kind-hearted.


Originally a diminutive of John, Jack means “God is gracious.” Whether he’s climbing beanstalks or just the jungle gym, your little Jack is bound to be full of adventure and perhaps a touch of mischief.


Of Hebrew origin, Jacob means “supplanter” or “holder of the heel.” Whether it’s seizing opportunities or just playfully tripping you up, your Jacob will likely keep you on your toes in the best way possible.


Also derived from Hebrew, James means “supplanter.” It’s a name fit for a king—or at least a young man with noble aspirations. Your James might be a smooth operator, equally capable of winning hearts and taking names.


With Greek roots, Jason means “healer.” Famous for his quest for the Golden Fleece, a boy named Jason might have a flair for adventure as well as a nurturing spirit.


Of Germanic origin, Jeffrey means “peaceful territory” or “stranger peace.” Whether he becomes a diplomat or just the peacekeeper among his siblings, your Jeffrey will likely have a harmonious nature.


A variant of Jeremiah, Jeremy means “raised up” or “appointed by God” in Hebrew. It’s a name that hints at great potential, perfect for a boy who will rise to any challenge.


With Greek origins, Jerome means “sacred name.” Whether he finds a calling in spiritual matters or simply makes any name he’s given sacred through his actions, Jerome is a name of significance and depth.


Derived from Hebrew, Jesse means “gift.” Your little Jesse could be the greatest gift you didn’t even know you needed, bringing joy and surprise into your life.


Of Hebrew origin, John means “God is gracious.” Classic and timeless, this name has been held by popes, presidents, and countless heroes both real and fictional. Your John could be anyone he wishes to be, and that’s pretty extraordinary.


Also Hebrew in origin, Jonathan means “God has given.” Often considered to signify a gift or a blessing, your little Jonathan might just have a knack for giving—in love, in kindness, and in spirit.


Derived from Hebrew and with roots in the Old Testament, Joseph means “he will add.” Whether it’s adding joy to your life or multiplying love in the world, Joseph is a name that promises increase in the best possible ways.


Of Hebrew origin, Joshua means “Yahweh is salvation.” Whether leading people across rivers or just across the street, your Joshua will likely have a strong and guiding presence.


With Latin roots, Julian means “youthful” or “downy.” It captures the essence of eternal youth and enthusiasm, making it a perfect name for a boy who will forever be young at heart.


Justin is a Latin name means “just” or “fair.” Whether arguing over playground rules or standing up for justice later in life, your little Justin will likely have a strong sense of right and wrong.


Of Scottish origin, Keith comes from a surname meaning “wood” or “forest.” Just like a tall tree, your little Keith might grow up to be strong and steady, a calming presence in any storm.


This Gaelic name means “handsome” or “born of fire.” Whether he’s strikingly good-looking or just has a fiery spirit, your Kenneth will surely stand out in a crowd.


Of Irish origin, Kevin means “kind, gentle, handsome.” It’s a name that suggests a trifecta of wonderful qualities. Your little Kevin could grow up to be not just easy on the eyes, but easy on the soul as well.


With Gaelic roots, Kyle means “narrow,” often referring to a narrow strait or channel. Though the meaning might be slender, the potential for your Kyle is as wide as the ocean.


Derived from the Germanic name Lanzo, Lance means “land” but is often associated with the weapon carried by knights. Your little Lance could grow up to be as chivalrous and noble as the knights of yore, even if his adventures are limited to the backyard.


A diminutive form of Lawrence, Larry means “from Laurentum,” an ancient Roman city. Though the name hails from ancient times, it has a friendly, modern feel. Your Larry will likely be the guy next door that everyone knows and loves.


Of Latin origin, Lawrence means “from Laurentum,” an ancient Roman city. It’s a name that exudes a timeless sophistication. Whether he’s a lawyer or a landscaper, your Lawrence will surely bring a touch of class wherever he goes.


Derived from the Latin word for “lion,” Leo is as bold and spirited as the king of the jungle. Your little Leo will likely have a roaring personality that commands attention, whether he’s in the classroom or the playground.


Of Germanic origin, Leonard means “brave lion.” It’s a name that promises both courage and strength. Whether he’s tackling his homework or standing up for his friends, your Leonard will show bravery in all aspects of life.


A shorter form of William, Liam means “strong-willed warrior” and “protector.” It’s an Irish name that’s been popular around the world. Your Liam could be a modern-day knight in shining armor, defending his loved ones and ideals.


With Scottish and Gaelic roots, Logan means “little hollow.” While the name suggests a geographical feature, your Logan could fill any emptiness with his vibrant personality and loving nature.


Of French and Germanic origin, Louis means “famous warrior.” Whether he’s leading in sports, academics, or simply winning at the game of life, your Louis will surely make a name for himself.


Derived from the Latin name Lucanus, Lucas means “from Lucania,” a region in Southern Italy. Whether he’s artistic like the Italian masters or a storyteller at heart, Lucas is a name rich in cultural significance and creative potential.


A shortened form of Lucas, Luke also means “from Lucania.” Often associated with the legendary Jedi from Star Wars, your little Luke might just bring balance to your world.


Derived from the Roman name Marcus, Mark means “warlike.” Whether he’s leading a toy soldier battalion or captaining the school debate team, your little Mark will likely possess a spirited and strategic mindset.


Of Latin origin, Martin means “warlike” or “of Mars,” the god of war. Despite its warrior connotations, Martin Luther King Jr. has given this name a peaceful legacy. Your Martin could be a fighter for justice in his own right.


With Welsh and English roots, Marvin means “great lord” or “sea hill.” Whether he becomes the lord of a sandcastle or the king of a corporate hill, Marvin is a name with grand aspirations.


Derived from the Hebrew name Matityahu, Matthew means “gift from God.” Whether he’s solving complex equations or doling out hugs, your Matthew will certainly be a treasured gift.


A short form of names like Maximilian or Maxwell, Max means “greatest.” With a name like this, your Max will feel he can conquer any challenge, whether it’s learning to tie his shoes or getting into a top college.


Of Hebrew origin, Michael means “who is like God?” While it’s a lofty question to live up to, your little Michael might just make you wonder with his sweet nature and endless talents.


With Latin and Old Slavic roots, Miles means “soldier” or “gracious.” Whether he’s a warrior on the soccer field or a gracious host at playdates, your Miles will undoubtedly charm everyone he meets.


Derived from Old German, Milo means “merciful” or “soldier.” Whether he’s fiercely defending his loved ones or showing kindness to strangers, Milo is a name with both heart and grit.


This English baby name means “who is like God?” It’s a variant of Michael and shares the same contemplative question. Your little Mitchell might have you pondering life’s mysteries with his curious mind.


Derived from Hebrew, Nathan means “he gave.” It’s a name that exudes generosity and warmth. Your little Nathan might grow up to share not just his toys, but also his time and love with others.


Also of Hebrew origin, Nathaniel means “God has given.” Your Nathaniel could very well turn out to be the gift you never knew you needed, surprising you with joy in unexpected moments.


With Irish and Gaelic roots, Neil means “champion” or “cloud.” Whether he soars to new heights like a cloud or takes the title in any endeavor, Neil is a name that suggests greatness.


Derived from Greek, Nicholas means “people of victory.” Whether it’s winning hearts or soccer matches, your Nicholas will likely find a way to come out on top.


Of Irish and Gaelic origin, Nigel means “champion” or “black-haired.” Whether he’s winning competitions or just winning over your heart, Nigel is a name filled with character and spirit.


With Hebrew roots, Noah means “rest” or “comfort.” In a world that’s often too busy, your Noah could be a haven of peace and serenity for all who know him.


Of Irish and Gaelic origin, Nolan means “descendant of a chariot-fighter” or “champion.” Whether it’s in academics, sports, or just being a great son, Nolan has a name that sets him up for victory.


With Old German and Old Norse roots, Norman means “northerner” or “man from the north.” Just as the North Star guides travelers, your little Norman might grow up to be a guiding light in whatever field he chooses.


Derived from the Old French name Olivier, Oliver likely means “olive tree.” In many cultures, olive trees symbolize peace and friendship. Your little Oliver could grow up to be the peacemaker or the best friend everyone wishes they had.


With Irish and Old Norse roots, Oscar means “deer friend” or “spear of God.” Whether he becomes a friend to all creatures or a spearhead in his chosen career, Oscar is a name rich in potential and character.


Of Welsh origin, Owen means “youth” or “young warrior.” Whether he’s a young adventurer exploring the backyard or a young scholar conquering books, Owen is a name that promises vitality and courage.


Often a short form for names like Osman or Oswald, Ozzy is an uncommon old English boy name and means “divine power.” While he might not be a rock star like Ozzy Osbourne, your little Ozzy will undoubtedly have a powerful presence.


Of Latin origin, Patrick means “nobleman” or “patrician.” Whether he’s donning a top hat and monocle for play or just exhibiting nobility of character, your Patrick will surely be a cut above the rest.


Derived from the Latin name Paulus, Paul means “small” or “humble.” Don’t let the diminutive meaning fool you; your Paul could have a personality and presence that’s larger than life.


Of Greek origin, Peter means “rock.” Like a rock, your Peter could be the steady and reliable person people lean on, whether it’s as a friend, sibling, or leader.


Also of Greek origin, Philip means “lover of horses.” Whether he’s a future equestrian or just someone who loves the freedom and grace symbolized by horses, Philip is a name full of promise.


With Old English roots, Preston means “priest’s town.” While he may or may not have a religious calling, your little Preston might just turn out to be the wise soul people seek out for advice.


Of Latin origin, Quentin means “the fifth.” Ideal for a fifth child or perhaps just a child born in May, Quentin exudes a mysterious elegance. Your Quentin might just be the unexpected surprise that completes your family.


With Old French and Latin roots, Quincy means “estate of the fifth son.” Whether he’s the fifth son or just fifth in line for the bathroom, Quincy has a regal ring to it that’s hard to ignore.


Of Irish and Gaelic origin, Quinn means “counsel” or “wise.” Your little Quinn could grow up to be a source of sage advice for his friends and family, doling out wisdom as effortlessly as he doles out smiles.


Of Old Norse and Old English origin, Ralph means “wolf counsel.” It’s a name that exudes a mix of wisdom and wildness. Your Ralph could very well be the leader of his pack, offering wise counsel even at a young age.


Derived from Germanic elements, Raymond means “advice” and “protector.” With a name like this, your Raymond could grow up to be the guy everyone turns to, whether for life tips or a shoulder to lean on.


Of Old English origin, Reed means “red” or “red-haired.” While he might or might not have red locks, your Reed will likely light up your life in many colorful ways.


With Old German roots, Richard means “brave power.” Whether he’s boldly exploring new worlds in his playtime or courageously standing up for friends, Richard is a name that stands the test of time.


Of Old German origin, Robert means “bright fame.” Whether he’s a future rock star, scientist, or just an amazing human being, Robert is a name that’s destined for the spotlight.


Derived from Germanic elements, Roger means “famous spear.” Whether it’s debate team trophies or literal athletic javelins, Roger promises to make a point in life.


With Old Norse roots, Ronald means “ruler’s counselor.” Whether he’s providing sound advice to his siblings or running his own company someday, Ronald is a name with leadership written all over it.


Of Gaelic and Old French origin, Roy means “red” or “king.” Even if he’s not royalty, your Roy will probably rule over whatever kingdom he finds himself in, be it the playground or the boardroom.


Of Irish and Gaelic origin, Ryan means “little king.” While he may start as the king of the sandbox, who knows what domain your Ryan will command in the future?


With Old French roots, Russell means “red-haired” or “red-skinned.” Whether he’s a redhead or not, your Russell will surely bring a vibrant shade of joy to your life.


Of Hebrew origin, Samuel means “asked of God” or “heard by God.” Whether it’s his first words or his lifelong dreams, your Samuel will surely be someone whose voice is heard.


With Old English and Scottish origins, Scott means “from Scotland” or “a Scot.” Whether he’s mastering the bagpipes or just mastering math, your little Scott will carry a sense of heritage with him.


Derived from the Hebrew name Yochanan through the Irish spelling, Sean means “God is gracious.” Your Sean will likely live up to this name, extending grace and kindness wherever he goes.


Of Latin origin, Sebastian means “venerable” or “revered.” Whether he’s leading the family in a board game or making scholarly strides, your Sebastian will be someone who commands respect.


With Hebrew roots, Seth means “appointed” or “placed.” It’s a simple name with a lot of depth, fitting for a little boy who will make his own special mark on the world.


Of Hebrew origin, Simon means “he has heard.” Whether it’s the softest whisper or the loudest cheer, Simon will be tuned into the sounds of the world around him.


Derived from Old French, Spencer means “keeper of provisions.” Whether it’s snacks or secrets, your little Spencer will be someone people can rely on.


Of Old English origin, Stanley means “stony meadow.” Your Stanley might be the rock that people gather around, or maybe he’ll simply love the great outdoors.


With Greek roots, Stephen means “crown” or “garland.” Like a crown, your Stephen will have many facets—each one contributing to a beautiful whole.


Of Old English and Scottish origin, Stuart means “steward” or “guardian.” Your Stuart might grow up to be the responsible one in his group, taking care of everyone else in his own loving way.


With Latin origins, Terrence means “tender,” or “gracious.” Whether he’s the gentle soul who’s always there to lend a listening ear, or the graceful presence at any gathering, your Terrence will be cherished by many.


Of Greek origin, Theodore means “gift from God.” Whether it’s his infectious laughter or his endless curiosity, your little Theodore will undoubtedly be a divine addition to your life.


Also of Greek origin, Thomas means “twin.” Even if he doesn’t have a twin, your Thomas will be a complex individual, full of dualities that make him interesting and relatable to many.


Derived from Greek elements, Timothy means “honoring God.” Whether through grand gestures or small acts of kindness, your Timothy will find ways to make the world a little better.


Of Hebrew origin, Tobias means “God is good.” With a name like this, your Tobias will likely spread goodness wherever he goes, mirroring the positivity in his name.


With Old French roots, Travis means “to cross over” or “crossroads.” Your Travis could be the adventurous type, always eager to see what’s just around the bend or at the intersection of opportunities.


Of English origin, this old fashioned baby name means “Trent’s town.” Even if he doesn’t have a town named after him, your Trenton might just make a name for himself in whatever community he joins.


With Welsh roots, Trevor means “from the big village” or “prudent.” Whether he’s from a big city or a small town, your Trevor will carry with him a sense of community and wisdom.


Derived from Celtic elements, Tristan means “tumult” or “outcry.” With a name like Tristan, your son might be the passionate individual who isn’t afraid to stand up for what he believes in.


Of Old English origin, Tyler means “maker of tiles” or “tiler of roofs.” Whether he’s constructing elaborate Lego buildings or laying the foundations for a successful future, your Tyler will be a builder in his own right.


Of Latin and Greek origin, Ulysses means “wrathful” and is often associated with the great hero of Homer’s “Odyssey.” Your little Ulysses might just embark on life’s journey with an adventurous spirit and the courage to overcome obstacles.


With Hebrew roots, Uriah means “God is my light.” Your Uriah might shine bright in whatever path he chooses, illuminating the lives of those around him with his warmth and kindness.


Of Old English origin, Upton means “upper town.” While he may or may not come from the upper side of town, your Upton could very well strive for the top in whatever endeavor catches his fancy.


Of Latin origin, Vincent means “conquering.” Your little Vincent may have a will to triumph, whether it’s in academics, sports, or simply capturing hearts.


Also of Latin origin, Victor means “conqueror.” With a name like this, your Victor is destined to win in many aspects of life, big or small.


Of Welsh origin, Vaughn means “small” but don’t let the meaning fool you. Your Vaughn might just have a larger-than-life personality that makes him unforgettable.


With Germanic roots, Walter means “army ruler.” Whether he’s leading toy soldiers in a backyard adventure or heading a team someday, your Walter will command respect.


Of Old French origin, Warren means “park-keeper.” Even if he’s not a literal guardian of a park, your Warren might have a nurturing spirit that takes care of those around him.


With Old English roots, Wayne means “wagon-maker” or “cartwright.” Your Wayne might have a knack for building, whether it’s toy cars or lifelong friendships.


Of Old German origin, William means “resolute protector.” Your William could be the one who stands up for others, exhibiting strength and compassion.


Derived from Old English elements, Wesley means “western meadow.” Your Wesley might have a love for open spaces, the great outdoors, or simply the joy of exploration.


With origins in Basque, Arabic, and Spanish, Xavier means “bright” or “new house.” Whether he’s lighting up a room with his smile or constantly reinventing himself, your Xavier will be a beacon of innovation.


A diminutive form of Alexander, Xander has Greek origins and means “defending men.” Your Xander might stand up for justice and fairness from the playground to the boardroom.


Of Old English origin, Yale means “old.” While your Yale will surely be young at heart, he might also have a wise soul that defies his years.


With Arabic and Hebrew roots, Yusuf means “God will add.” Whether he’s adding joy, wisdom, or just a little bit of mischief to your life, your Yusuf will be a valuable addition.


Of Hebrew origin, Zachary means “the Lord has remembered.” Your Zachary will likely leave a lasting impression on everyone he meets, making him unforgettable in the best way.


With Hebrew and English origins, Zane means “God is gracious.” Your Zane will probably grow up appreciating the finer things in life, including the grace and kindness of those around him.


A short form of Ezekiel, Zeke has Hebrew origins and means “God strengthens.” Your Zeke might be a source of strength and inspiration for his friends and family.

Choosing the perfect name for your little one is an exciting yet challenging endeavor. Names carry weight, embody heritage, and can set the tone for a child’s life journey. 

From Alexander to Zeke, we’ve traversed a collection of classic baby boy names that have stood the test of time. 

Each name on this list brings with it a unique blend of tradition, meaning, and a dash of whimsy. Whether you’re looking for something that resonates with your family’s history or simply want a name that has a lovely ring to it, we hope you’ve found inspiration in this comprehensive A-to-Z guide. 

May the name you choose enrich your child’s life with love, adventure, and countless memorable moments.

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In 2013, Calie Herbst, a former teacher with three little ones, saw a need for a “One Stop Shop” for family fun in Milwaukee. So she founded Milwaukee With Kids. Her goal was to find the best this city has to offer families and share it with other parents. In one place. In 2019, she published "Exploring Milwaukee With Kids", a comprehensive Milwaukee travel guide for families and kids. She appears regularly on WISN News, Fox 6's 'Real Milwaukee', B93.3, and Wisconsin Morning News. She has been featured in Medium, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, NPR, the Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle, and on CBS 58 News. Calie is available for hosting, moderating and media appearances.

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In 2013, Calie Herbst, a former teacher with three little ones, saw a need for a “One Stop Shop” for family fun in Milwaukee. So she founded Milwaukee With Kids. Her goal was to find the best this city has to offer families and share it with other parents. In one place. In 2019, she published "Exploring Milwaukee With Kids", a comprehensive Milwaukee travel guide for families and kids. She appears regularly on WISN News, Fox 6's 'Real Milwaukee', B93.3, and Wisconsin Morning News. She has been featured in Medium, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, NPR, the Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle, and on CBS 58 News. Calie is available for hosting, moderating and media appearances.

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