​100 Fin-tastic Betta Fish Names You’ll Love (2023)

Are you hooked on finding the perfect name for your new Betta? You’re in the right place! 

Whether your Betta Fish (Betta Splendens) is bold and beautiful or shy and shimmering, we have 100 fin-tastic names that are sure to make a splash.

From colors that will reel you in, to patterns that’ll make you do a double-take, and whimsical options that are just off the hook, our list dives into every possible inspiration for naming your Siamese Fighting Fish.

So grab your fishing pole of creativity and let’s explore the ocean of possibilities together. This guide is the ultimate bait for anyone looking to name their Betta something as unique and vibrant as they are. 

Let’s dive in to the fish tank, and make waves with these Betta fish names!


Color plays a significant role in the allure and charm of a Betta fish. Choosing a name inspired by your Betta’s vibrant colors can create a harmonious connection to its appearance. In this section, we’ll explore the best names that resonate with different colors, from the deep blues of Sapphire to the soft shades of Lavender.

  1. Azure – A brilliant shade of blue, reminiscent of clear skies or deep oceans, perfect for a Betta with a striking blue color.
  2. Ruby – Inspired by the precious red gemstone, this name fits red Bettas with a sparkling personality.
  3. Sapphire – Named after the stunning blue gem, this moniker is perfect for a blue Betta fish with coloration that shines like a jewel.
  4. Onyx – Reflecting the dark and mysterious black gemstone, ideal for a Betta with dark, rich black color or patterns.
  5. Crimson – A deep, strong shade of red or reddish-purple, perfect for a red Betta fish with bold red coloration or accents.
  6. Indigo – This cool name is inspired by the deep blue-purple color, which could match a Betta with unique bluish-purple shades.
  7. Goldie – A female name for a yellow Betta fish with golden hues, symbolizing both its color and its treasured place of your pet fish in your family.
  8. Emerald – Named after the precious green gemstone, it fits a Betta with beautiful green tones or a sparkling green appearance.
  9. Violet – This name captures the soft and elegant purple color, perfect for a Betta with delicate lavender or violet shades.
  10. Coral – Inspired by the warm pink-orange shades of coral reefs, this name is great for a Betta with similar warm tones or a love for hiding among plants.
  11. Marigold – Inspired by the golden-yellow shades of the marigold flower, this is a good name for a Betta with rich gold or yellow coloration.
  12. Cerulean – Evoking images of bright blue skies, this name is great for a Betta with bright colors and blue hues that captivate the eye.
  13. Tangerine – Named after the fresh orange fruit, this moniker is ideal for orange Bettas that stand out in the tank.
  14. Periwinkle – Reflecting the soft blue-purple color of periwinkle flowers, this name fits a Betta with delicate blue-purple shades that soothe the eye.
  15. Rose – A symbol of love and beauty, the human name Rose is also suitable for a Betta with elegant pinks or deep reds, mirroring the petals of a blooming rose.
  16. Teal – A combination of blue and green, the name Teal is apt for a Betta with intriguing green-blue hues that create a mesmerizing effect.
  17. Lavender – Named after the light purple flower, this moniker is perfect for a Betta with gentle purple shades that add a touch of calm to your space.
  18. Olive – A subdued, earthy green inspired by the olive tree, this name is a good choice for a Betta with greenish tones that evoke a natural serenity.
  19. Blizzard – A captivating name for a pure white Betta, reflecting the unspoiled beauty and icy brilliance of a winter blizzard.
  20. Jet – For a Betta with deep black coloration, Jet offers a sleek and sophisticated name that emphasizes the fish’s elegant darkness and mystique.

These great names provide not only a beautiful moniker for your Betta fish but also a way to highlight the specific characteristics that make your pet unique.

By choosing a name that resonates with the appearance of your Betta, you can create a meaningful connection and celebrate the beauty of this exceptional aquatic creature.


The intricate patterns of a Betta fish can be as mesmerizing as a work of art. Whether it’s stripes, spots, or swirls, your Betta’s pattern can inspire a name that captures its individuality. Explore the unique options on this list of names that reflect different patterns, providing a creative connection to your Betta’s unique design.

  1. Stripes – Ideal for a Betta with striped patterns that make it stand out, this unisex name represents an eye-catching appearance.
  2. Spot – Perfect for a Betta adorned with distinct spots or polka dots, adding character and charm.
  3. Mosaic – Reflecting a complex pattern like a piece of mosaic art, suitable for a Betta with a mix of colors and shapes.
  4. Checker – Inspired by a checkerboard pattern, this name is apt for a Betta with alternating color patches.
  5. Galaxy – Great for a Betta with multi-colored patterns that resemble a starlit galaxy, signifying its cosmic beauty.
  6. Marble – Named after the swirled patterns found in marble stone, ideal for a Betta with intertwined color shades.
  7. Swirl – This vibrant name captures the essence of a Betta with a swirled pattern, reflecting motion and grace.
  8. Freckles – Perfect for a Betta with small specks or spots, reminiscent of charming freckles.
  9. Starry – Inspired by a night sky full of stars, this name fits a Betta with sparkling spots or a celestial appearance.
  10. Halo – Signifying a ring of light, this name is suitable for a Betta with a glowing or radiant pattern around its body.

These unique names call attention to your betta’s individual pattern and interesting physical features that define your new friend.

Fin Type

The fins of a Betta are a defining feature of your fish’s appearance that contributes to their grace and beauty. From long, flowing fins to sharp, tailored edges, the shape and movement of your Betta’s fins can guide you to the perfect name. Here, you’ll find name ideas like Ribbon and Crown that echo the elegance of various fin types.

  1. Waver – A poetic name for a Betta with long and flowing fins, symbolizing gentle waves in motion.
  2. Swoosh – Ideal for a Betta with sharp tail fins, representing a swift and dynamic movement.
  3. Plume – Perfect for a Betta with feathery fins, evoking images of soft plumes or feathers.
  4. Ruffle – Suitable for a Betta with rippled fins, reflecting a sense of texture and depth.
  5. Flutter – Great for a Betta with delicate fins that flutter like butterfly wings, conveying grace and elegance.
  6. Whirl – Inspired by circular fin movement, this name captures the mesmerizing dance of a Betta’s long fins.
  7. Ribbon – A delightful name for a Betta with long, narrow fins, reminiscent of flowing ribbons.
  8. Fan – Apt for a Betta with fan-shaped fins, symbolizing its unique beauty and spread.
  9. Veil – A graceful name for a Veiltail Betta, emphasizing the sheer and flowing nature of its fins.
  10. Crown – Perfect for a Crowntail Betta, reflecting the majestic appearance of its crown-like tail.


Who says naming your Betta fish has to be a serious affair? Inject some humor into your Betta’s identity with these funny and pun-tastic names. Perfect for those who love a good laugh and want to bring a smile to anyone who meets their finned friend. Dive into these hilarious options:

  1. Fin Diesel – A macho name for a Betta that’s as fast and furious as the famous action star.
  2. Gillbert – Perfect for a Betta with a strong personality, and of course, prominent gills!
  3. Bubba Gump – Inspired by the famous shrimp company in “Forrest Gump,” this name is sure to get a chuckle.
  4. Swim Shady – For the Betta that’s a little mysterious and loves to “rap” against the glass.
  5. James Pond – A name suited for a Betta with suave and sophistication, licensed to swim.
  6. Aquaman – Ideal for a Betta that seems to rule the aquarium with superhero prowess.
  7. Fishious – For the Betta with a suspicious look, always eyeing you carefully.
  8. Fish & Chips – Perfect for a pair of Bettas or just for the fish that loves to eat.
  9. Swimothy – A playful twist on a classic name for the Betta that’s always on the move.

These funny Betta fish names can add a lighthearted touch to your Betta’s identity, showcasing your sense of humor and making every introduction a memorable one.

Whether it’s a clever fish pun or a playful twist on a celebrity name, a funny name can be a delightful way to express both your Betta’s personality and your own. Happy chuckling and naming! 


Every Betta has its own personality, often expressed through movement and behavior. Names like Glide, Dance, and Zigzag can embody the distinct ways your Betta moves through the water. Dive into this section to find a name that mirrors your Betta’s personality and dance-like grace.

  1. Glider – Perfect for a Betta that moves smoothly through the water, showcasing grace and effortlessness.
  2. Leaper – Suitable for a Betta that often leaps or jumps, reflecting its adventurous and spirited nature.
  3. Dash – A dynamic name for a swift and agile Betta that dashes around its tank with enthusiasm.
  4. Zigzag – Reflecting a playful and unpredictable movement pattern, perfect for a Betta that loves to zigzag around.
  5. Twist – A name capturing the captivating twists and turns of a Betta, reflecting its unique way of moving.
  6. Flicker – Inspired by the rapid and gentle movements of a flickering flame, suitable for a Betta with quick and delicate motions.

These names, inspired by the distinct movements and behaviors of your Betta fish, help to create a deeper connection with your pet. They capture the essence of what makes watching Betta fish so fascinating and enjoyable, offering a personalized touch that reflects the individual characteristics of your new aquatic companion.

Mythological / Historical

Bring a touch of legend and history to your fish’s name by drawing inspiration from mythology and historical figures. Names like Athena, Zeus, and Midas evoke the grandeur and intrigue of ancient stories and personalities. Let’s dive into some unique Betta fish names that connect to timeless tales and heroes.

  1. Athena – Named after the Greek goddess of wisdom, a thoughtful name for an intelligent-looking Betta.
  2. Poseidon – Inspired by the god of the sea in Greek mythology, suitable for a majestic Betta that rules its aquatic realm.
  3. Merlin – After the famous wizard in Arthurian legend, perfect for a Betta with a magical and mysterious presence.
  4. Aphrodite – Named after the Greek goddess of love and beauty, fitting for an exceptionally beautiful Betta.
  5. Odin – Inspired by the Norse god of wisdom and magic, a noble name for a wise and regal-looking Betta.
  6. Hercules – After the mighty Greek hero, suitable for a strong and vibrant Betta.
  7. Ares – Named after the Greek god of war, fitting for a fierce and bold Betta.
  8. Zeus – Inspired by the king of the Greek gods, a majestic name for your dominant new fish.
  9. Nemo – After the famous fictional Captain Nemo or the animated fish character, a playful and adventurous name.
  10. Midas – Named after King Midas, who turned everything to gold, suitable for a golden-colored Betta or one with a magical touch.

These timeless monikers steeped in history make for a truly epic fish name.


Embrace the playful and imaginative side of naming your Betta with fun and whimsical names. From Bubbles to Waves, these names add a splash of joy and creativity. Perfect for those looking to add a bit of fun and charm to their Betta’s identity.

  1. Bubbles – This popular option is a cheerful name that evokes the bubbly personality of a playful Betta.
  2. Splash – A lively name that captures the energetic splashes a Betta makes as it moves.
  3. Giggles – A light-hearted name for a Betta that brings joy and laughter to your family.
  4. Wiggles – Perfect for a Betta that loves to wiggle and dance around the tank.
  5. Twirl – Inspired by the swirling movements of a Betta, reflecting its grace and charm.
  6. Dart – A spirited name for a Betta that loves to dart around, showcasing its agility and speed.
  7. Fizzle – A quirky name for a Betta that’s full of fizz and energy, adding spark to your tank.
  8. Zippy – A fun name that embodies the swift and zippy movements of an energetic Betta.
  9. Flippy – Perfect for a Betta that loves to flip and frolic, capturing its playful nature.
  10. Waves – A soothing name that symbolizes the gentle waves a Betta creates as it glides through the water.


Nature offers a rich palette of inspiration, and this section explores names drawn from the beauty of the natural world. Whether it’s the tranquility of a Lake or the energy of a Storm, these names resonate with the essence of earth, sky, and water, providing a serene connection to nature.

  1. River – A flowing and tranquil name for a Betta that glides smoothly through the water.
  2. Ocean – A grand and boundless name, suitable for a Betta with a majestic presence or beautiful blue tones.
  3. Lake – A serene name, inspired by the peaceful waters of a lake, perfect for a calm and graceful Betta.
  4. Brook – Reflecting the gentle streams of a brook, this name is apt for a lively and cheerful Betta.
  5. Storm – For a Betta with a tempestuous or vibrant appearance, embodying the energy of a storm.
  6. Skye – A lofty name inspired by the sky, suitable for a Betta with shades of blue or an airy grace.
  7. Windy – Evoking the free spirit of the wind, perfect for a Betta with flowing fins or a whimsical presence.
  8. Rain – A refreshing name, mirroring the rhythmic dance of raindrops, apt for a soothing and elegant Betta.
  9. Misty – Inspired by the soft touch of mist, suitable for a Betta with a delicate and ethereal beauty.
  10. Sunshine – A bright and cheerful name for a Betta that brings warmth and joy to your life, like a ray of sunshine.
  11. Ripple – Perfect for a Betta with gentle movements, reminiscent of soft ripples on a pond’s surface.
  12. Cascade – Inspired by cascading waterfalls, suitable for a Betta with a strong and lively flow in its movements.
  13. Tide – Reflecting the rhythmic ebb and flow of ocean tides, apt for a Betta with a graceful and rhythmic swimming pattern.
  14. Brook – Named after a babbling brook, fitting for a Betta that moves with a peaceful and continuous flow.
  15. Wave – Perfect for a Betta that moves with a dynamic and undulating motion, like ocean waves.
  16. Stream – Inspired by a flowing stream, suitable for a Betta that moves with a constant and soothing flow.
  17. Marina – Reflecting the beauty and serenity of a marina, apt for a Betta with a calm and harbor-like presence.
  18. Lagoon – A name that evokes the secluded beauty of a tropical lagoon, perfect for an exotic and tranquil Betta.
  19. Delta – Named after river deltas, fitting for a Betta with an intricate and branching pattern or presence.
  20. Current – Reflecting the unseen force of water currents, suitable for a Betta with strong and directed movements.
  21. Spray – Inspired by the refreshing spray of sea or river, apt for a lively and energetic Betta.
  22. Surf – Perfect for a Betta that moves with the excitement and rush of ocean surf.
  23. Geyser – Named after erupting geysers, fitting for a Betta with bursts of energy and excitement.
  24. Mist – Reflecting the subtle and gentle presence of mist, suitable for a Betta with soft and ethereal movements.
  25. Torrent – Inspired by a rushing torrent of water, apt for a Betta with powerful and vigorous movements.
  26. Harbor – Evoking the safe and peaceful surroundings of a harbor, perfect for a calm and protective Betta.
  27. Raindrop – Named after the simple beauty of a raindrop, fitting for a small and delicate Betta.
  28. Fountain – Reflecting the elegance and charm of a flowing fountain, suitable for a graceful and ornate Betta.


For those seeking a timeless and endearing name, classic pet names offer a warm and familiar touch. Names like Max, Bella, and Daisy are beloved favorites that can make your Betta feel like part of the family tradition.

  1. Max – A timeless and popular pet name, suitable for a robust and lively Betta.
  2. Bella – Meaning beautiful, perfect for an especially attractive and graceful Betta.
  3. Charlie – A classic and friendly name, suitable for a Betta with a playful and charming personality.
  4. Lola – A fun and fashionable name for a trendy and spirited Betta.
  5. Sam – A simple and strong name, perfect for a robust and steadfast Betta.
  6. Lucy – A sweet and elegant name, apt for a gentle and lovely Betta.
  7. Oliver – A distinguished and timeless name, suitable for a noble and classy Betta.
  8. Molly – A cheerful and welcoming name, perfect for a joyful and friendly Betta.
  9. Finn – A playful nod to the fins of your Betta, suitable for one with notable fin features.
  10. Daisy – A fresh and charming name, reflecting the innocence and beauty of a Daisy, perfect for a cute and appealing Betta.

These popular names have stood the test of time for pets of all kinds throughout the decades. 

Unique and Creative

Stand out with unique and creative names that reflect the extraordinary characteristics of your Betta. From Kaleidoscope to Quasar, these names offer an innovative and artistic approach to naming your aquatic friend.

  1. Kaleidoscope – A mesmerizing name for a multi-colored Betta, reflecting the ever-changing beauty of a kaleidoscope.
  2. Stardust – A cosmic name that evokes a sense of wonder, suitable for a Betta with sparkling or celestial-like colors.
  3. Quasar – Inspired by the astronomical term, perfect for a vibrant and energetic Betta that shines brightly in its environment.
  4. Nebula – A name that captures the ethereal beauty of cosmic clouds, apt for a Betta with a dreamy and mysterious appearance.
  5. Pixel – A modern and quirky name, reflecting the small and distinct elements that come together to create something beautiful, like your Betta’s unique pattern.
  6. Puzzle – Perfect for a Betta with intricate patterns or colors that fit together like a complex puzzle.
  7. Jazz – A lively and rhythmic name, ideal for a Betta that moves with flair and improvisation.
  8. Echo – A poetic name that reflects the subtle and resonating beauty of your Betta, like an echo in nature.
  9. Tango – Inspired by the passionate dance, suitable for a Betta with graceful and synchronized movements.
  10. Revel – A celebratory name, perfect for a Betta that brings joy and festivity to your home, as you revel in its beauty.

Celebrity / Pop Culture

Celebrate your favorite stars and characters by choosing a celebrity-inspired name for your Betta. Whether it’s the elegance of Marilyn or the wisdom of Yoda, these names offer a glamorous and entertaining connection to pop culture.

  1. Ariel – Inspired by the famous Disney mermaid, perfect for a graceful and enchanting Betta.
  2. Gandalf – Named after the wise wizard from “The Lord of the Rings,” suitable for a wise and mystical Betta.
  3. Yoda – Reflecting the wisdom and serenity of the famous Jedi Master from “Star Wars,” apt for an insightful Betta.
  4. Elvis – A rock ‘n’ roll name, after the legendary Elvis Presley, perfect for a charismatic and flashy Betta.
  5. Marilyn – Named after the iconic Marilyn Monroe, suitable for a glamorous and attention-catching Betta.
  6. Sting – A cool and edgy name, inspired by the famous musician, fitting for a Betta with a striking presence.
  7. Cher – After the renowned pop icon, suitable for a Betta that stands out with its unique beauty and style.
  8. Simba – Inspired by the courageous lion from “The Lion King,” a noble name for a brave and regal Betta.
  9. Beyoncé – Named after the pop superstar, perfect for a bold and powerful Betta that commands attention.
  10. Moby – A playful nod to Moby Dick, the famous whale, or the musician, suitable for a Betta with a grand presence or musical grace.

International / Cultural

Embrace the beauty of different cultures and places with international and cultural names like Rio, Kyoto, and Sahara. The following names offer a global perspective and an appreciation for the diverse world we live in.

  1. Rio – Evoking the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, suitable for a lively and colorful Betta.
  2. Kyoto – Named after the cultural heart of Japan, fitting for a graceful and elegant Betta.
  3. Fjord – Inspired by the breathtaking Nordic fjords, a serene name for a beautiful and majestic Betta.
  4. Sahara – Reflecting the vast and mysterious Sahara desert, apt for a unique and enigmatic Betta.
  5. Paris – A sophisticated name, after the romantic city of Paris, France, perfect for a chic and classy Betta.
  6. Kai – Meaning “sea” in Hawaiian, suitable for a Betta that captures the free spirit of the ocean.
  7. Suri – An exotic name meaning “princess” in Persian, apt for a regal and beautiful Betta.
  8. Oslo – Named after the peaceful Norwegian capital, fitting for a calm and serene Betta.
  9. Yara – An awesome name with roots in Brazilian mythology meaning “water lady,” ideal for an elegant and mythical Betta.
  10. Zara – A stylish and contemporary girl’s name with Arabic origins meaning “princess,” suitable for a fashionable Betta.

Literary / Artistic

Connect with the world of literature and art by naming your Betta after great writers and artists. From Picasso to Shakespeare, these cool Betta Fish names lend an intellectual and cultured touch, embracing the creativity and expression found in both art and nature.

  1. Picasso – Named after the legendary artist Pablo Picasso, this creative name is perfect for a Betta with abstract and eye-catching patterns.
  2. Shakespeare – Inspired by the famous playwright William Shakespeare, suitable for a Betta with a dramatic flair or unique appearance.
  3. Hemingway – Named after the acclaimed author Ernest Hemingway, fitting for a robust and adventurous Betta.
  4. Monet – Reflecting the artistry of Claude Monet, the impressionist painter, perfect for a Betta with soft, blended colors.
  5. Dante – Named after Dante Alighieri, author of “The Divine Comedy,” suitable for a wise and mysterious Betta.
  6. Van Gogh – A tribute to Vincent van Gogh, known for his vivid and emotional paintings, apt for a Betta with vibrant and intense colors.
  7. Austen – Inspired by the renowned novelist Jane Austen, perfect for a refined and graceful Betta.
  8. Frost – Named after the poet Robert Frost, suitable for a peaceful and contemplative Betta.
  9. Kafka – Reflecting the intriguing and complex works of Franz Kafka, ideal for an enigmatic and unique Betta.
  10. Oscar – A nod to the witty and eloquent writer Oscar Wilde, fitting for a Betta with a charismatic and lively personality.

These names are an homage to some of the most celebrated artists and writers in history. Choosing one of these names can create a meaningful connection with your Betta, reflecting not only its appearance and personality but also your appreciation for art and literature. It adds an intellectual touch and celebrates the creativity and beauty found both in art and in the natural world.


Is there anything more delightful than naming your Betta after your favorite treats? These scrumptious and savory names are perfect for food lovers who see a little extra flavor in their aquatic friend. Whether you’re a fan of sweets, spices, or savory delights, these names offer a mouth-watering connection to your Betta:

  1. Sushi – A playful nod to the fish’s origin, perfect for a Betta with a vibrant and colorful appearance.
  2. Cupcake – Sweet and adorable, this food name is great for a Betta with a soft and pleasant demeanor.
  3. Pumpkin – For the Betta with rich orange hues, this name evokes warmth and comfort.
  4. Cinnamon – Spicy and warm, suitable for a Betta with reddish-brown coloring.
  5. Biscuit – A comforting and endearing name that can suit a light-colored, friendly Betta.
  6. Mochi – Named after the soft and chewy Japanese treat, perfect for a Betta with a soft and delicate appearance.
  7. Taco – A fun and zesty name for a Betta that loves to fold its fins like a tasty taco.
  8. Olive – Ideal for a greenish Betta, this name brings a touch of Mediterranean flair.
  9. Jellybean – A playful and colorful name for a Betta that’s as vibrant and varied as a jar of jellybeans.
  10. Pepper – Spice up your Betta’s life with this zingy name, especially if it has a fiery personality!

These cute names can add a flavorful twist to your Betta’s identity, allowing you to express your love for both food and your finned friend. 

Naming your new Betta fish is a joyful and creative journey that adds a personal touch to your aquatic companion. 

Whether inspired by the vibrant hues of its scales, the elegance of its fins, a favorite celebrity, or the rich tapestry of culture and art, the perfect name awaits within these suggestions. 

Each name is a celebration of the unique characteristics that make your Betta special, reflecting not only its appearance and behavior but also your own passions and interests.

Remember, the best Betta fish names are ones that resonate with you and create a connection between you and your new pet. Take your time, have fun with the process, and let your intuition guide you. Your Betta’s name is the beginning of a beautiful friendship and the first step in many shared memories. 

Happy naming, and enjoy the wonderful adventure of Betta fish parenting! 

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