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10 educational websites that will actually let you work for an hour (or two!)

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

We've heard from our readers loud and clear.

Trying to get work done AND homeschool is next to impossible.

But, these websites can seriously help. Even though there are literally thousands of educational apps & websites, it seems impossible to know which ones are high-quality AND fun enough to keep your child's attention for awhile. (So you can, achem, work.)

To help you out, we previewed these websites and apps and can confidently say that they meet both requirements. Let us know what you think!

1. (K-12)

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Especially for younger kids, this website is FREE, and differentiates Math, English Language Arts, Social Studies , and Science instruction through fun games and activities. It is super easy for kids to use, and it keeps their attention so that you can get your work done - guilt-free!

2. (Age 3-10)

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All of your favorite characters join kids in age-appropriate games and educational activities. There are also lots of fun videos to watch!

3. (K-6)

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14 math games, plus lessons and quizzes, manipulatives, and brain teasers, will keep your kids entertained AND learning, while you get some much needed work time. (And it's totally FREE!)

4. (K-12)

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If your school has not provided a lot in terms of distance learning, check out Khan Academy for FREE. There are lessons in every subject for every grade level. It's very easy for kids to use, but you may get interrupted to help with a transition here and there.

5. (Ages 2-8)

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Perfect for kids ages 2-7, this full online curriculum covers reading, math, science, and arts & colors. There are over 9,000 activities, and kids could play for hours. Try it free.

6. (K-12)

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Kids will love the science videos about topics like "What kinds of animals might there be int the future" and "Why do dogs wag their tails?" After the video, there are fun extension activities. They even have a list of "The Easiest Lessons To Do At Home."

7. Ted Talks For Kids (K-12)

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With talks like "Underwater Astonishments" and "The Promise of Truth & Lies", this list of Ted Talks has been especially approved for kids. Let them watch one after the other while you get some work done! You'll be doing them a favor.

8. Crash Course YouTube Videos (K-12)

Go to Crash Course on >>

This YouTube page offers hundreds of engaging, fast-paced "Crash Courses" on every topic imaginable. Each video is about 15 minutes, and your kids can choose any topic that interests them!

9. (K-5)

Go to>> is an online guided reading program with interactive ebooks, downloadable books, and reading quizzes. There are over 400 interactive, leveled eBooks spanning 29 levels. It's perfect for kids K-5!

10. Art For Kids Hub (K-8)

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This YouTube Channel offers hundreds of step-by-step drawing videos of pictures your kids will actually love. My daughter has probably drawn 500 unicorns after learning on Art For Kids Hub. And the teacher is so friendly and engaging. You can watch hundreds of free YouTube Videos or subscribe to the app for a small fee each month.

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Our *free* weekly newsletter keeps you posted on the best events for kids around town. Happy exploring!