St. Francis Children’s Center: A Community for Special Needs Families

Milwaukee With Kids is proud to partner with St Francis Children’s Center to spread the word about their programs for kids and families.

If you’re anything like me, you might have passed St. Francis Children’s Center on Port Washington Road countless times without knowing the crucial support and resources they provide to families with special needs.

With a mission that goes beyond just education, this center is dedicated to nurturing an inclusive environment where both children with special needs and their families can thrive.

What is St. Francis Children’s Center?

St. Francis Children’s Center has been a pivotal part of our community for years, offering specialized programs and support for families who have children with special or support needs.

Their ethos is simple yet powerful: support the entire family, not just the child. This approach fosters an environment where children and parents alike can find comfort, assistance, and a sense of community.

The Family Activity Center

At the heart of St. Francis Children’s Center is the Family Activity Center, a dynamic space where families can participate in a range of programs tailored to support and engage children with special needs.

And most programs are free!

Here’s what the center offers throughout the week:

  • Open Play Sessions: Available daily, with additional sessions on Sundays, these playtimes provide a safe and fun environment for children to interact and engage with peers.
  • Parent Support Groups: Held on Sundays, these groups offer a platform for parents and caregivers to share experiences, seek advice, and form support networks.
  • Interactive Reading and Educational Activities: Scheduled on Mondays, these sessions help enhance children’s literacy and interactive skills.
  • Sensory Tuesdays: Focused activities designed to stimulate senses in a controlled and enjoyable way.
  • Art Wednesdays: Children express their creativity and emotions through various art activities.
  • Musical Thursdays: These sessions incorporate music to aid in developmental skills and provide a joyful learning environment.
  • Special Open Play Fridays: A time specially designed for fostering future friendships and playdates for children, and also for parents to connect and create their community bonds.

Community Integration

St. Francis Children’s Center isn’t limited to on-site activities. They extend their outreach through various off-site events that connect families with broader community resources and organizations in Milwaukee.

This integration helps in building a comprehensive support network that benefits both the children and their families.

They are a one-stop shop for resources for families of children with special needs, provide a nurturing environment where parents and children can find not just resources but also a village to support them.

How Can You Participate?

Interested families can visit the St. Francis Children’s Center’s Eventbrite page to view and sign up for any of the upcoming programs and events.

Participation in the Family Activity Center’s offerings does not require a membership, and the activities are open to the public, ensuring that every family has the opportunity to join in.

For more information, feel free to contact Angelica Catarozoli at or by phone at 414-712-0711.

Follow their journey and updates on Facebook and Instagram at @sfcc_kids to stay connected with their impactful work.

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