Rainbow Celery: A Simple & Colorful Science Experiment

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It’s Calie, back with another mesmerizing science experiment that’s sure to dazzle and educate both you and your kids. Today, we’re diving into the world of capillary action with an experiment that’s as visually stunning as it is educational – the Rainbow Celery experiment.

I remember finding this experiment online during a time when we were all searching for engaging activities to do at home. The idea of turning ordinary celery into a vibrant display of colors instantly caught my attention, and I knew it was something we had to try.

What You’ll Need

  • Celery (with leaves for the best visual effect)
  • Glasses of water
  • Food coloring in various colors

Steps to a Rainbow of Learning

  1. Set the Stage: Find a sunny spot in your home where your celery can bask in the sunlight. This will not only help in the experiment but also make for a lovely display.
  2. Add Food Coloring: Fill each glass halfway with water and then add a few drops of different food coloring to each glass. For an extra touch of magic, arrange the colors in the order of a rainbow.
  3. Prepare Your Celery: Cut the stalks of celery so that they fit comfortably in the glasses without tipping them over. Place each stalk into a glass of colored water.
  4. Watch and Wait: This is where patience comes in. Let the celery stalks sit in the colored water overnight. It’s a slow process, but by the next day, you’ll start to see the leaves of the celery taking on the colors of the water they’ve been sitting in.

The Science Behind the Magic

This experiment is a fantastic way to introduce the concept of capillary action to children. Capillary action is the ability of a liquid to flow in narrow spaces without the assistance of, and often in opposition to, external forces like gravity.

The celery stalks, much like plants in nature, contain tiny “vessels” that transport water and nutrients from the roots to the leaves. In our experiment, these vessels also carry the colored water, allowing us to see how water moves through a plant.

By observing the celery change colors, children can get a visual understanding of how plants drink water and how capillary action is essential for their survival. It’s a simple yet profound demonstration that highlights the beauty and complexity of the natural world.


For those who want to see the process in action or need a little guidance, check out this helpful video: Rainbow Celery Experiment Video. It’s a great resource that can add an extra layer of engagement to this already fascinating experiment.

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Doing the Rainbow Celery experiment at home is not just about learning scientific concepts; it’s about creating memorable moments of discovery and wonder with your family. It’s a vivid reminder that science is all around us, waiting to be explored in the most unexpected places.

So grab some celery, a few glasses of water, and let’s bring the rainbow into our homes!

Happy experimenting, and here’s to filling our days with color and curiosity!

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