Quick Guide: Shalom Wildlife Zoo (West Bend)


What it is: Shalom Wildlife Zoo is a working farm that is also a licensed zoo. Visitors either walk or ride a rented golf cart through a three-mile loop of wooded land. You’ll see elk, sheep, camels, ostriches, bears (yes, bears), zebra, and dozens of other types of animals.


Where: The address is 1901 Shalom Drive in West Bend, WI 53090. (Just put it in your navigation. Plan for a 40 minute drive from Milwaukee. Maybe screenshot the directions in case your signal goes out.)



Hours: Open 7 days a week from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Check their website for the most updated hours as they change throughout the year.


Cost of admission: Adults ($12) / Child ages 3-12 ($8) / Child ages 0-2 (Free)


Additional fees: Golf Cart rental ($30 for two hours) / Bucket of feed ($5)



Tips from a fellow mom:


  • If you have young children, rent the golf cart. I promise. Just rent the golf cart. It can be a long three miles without one.


  • If you need to wait for a golf cart, no worries. Take a short walk west of the gift shop to the Play and Picnic area. You can feed and pet the animals, and play on the playground.


  • The Grizzly Grill is a brand new restaurant located near to the entrance/exit. They offer wraps, sandwiches, and more, plus there are clean bathrooms to use.


  • To save money, there are picnic tables near the “Indian Artifact Museum” and in the Play and Picnic area where you can eat your packed lunches.


  • Purchase a bucket of feed so that the animals love you.


  • Pay attention to the signs about which animals you can feed and which ones to keep your distance from. (We had an ostrich-biting incident that is sure to become part of our family lore.)


Website: shalomwildlife.com



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