100 Names That Mean Gold: From Ancient to Modern (2024)

Choosing a name for your kiddo? 

Think of it like picking a precious metal: valuable and timeless. 

Dive into these golden names and find the perfect one that feels just right for your little one with a heart of gold and a golden personality to match.

From ancient treasures to contemporary gems, these unique names are perfect for your little golden one.

Why Gold?

Gold is considered a precious metal.

It has been valued and utilized for its beauty, malleability, resistance to corrosion, and rarity for thousands of years. Cultures worldwide have used gold for jewelry, coinage, and other decorative and ceremonial purposes.

​Girls’ Names

Choosing a name for your daughter is a significant decision. As you browse through this curated list of girl names, you’ll find names with the luminance and richness of gold, each carrying a unique history and meaning.

Dive in to discover the perfect golden name for your little girl:

1. Aurora: “Aurora” is primarily known as the name for the Roman goddess of the dawn, the imagery of dawn often brings to mind the golden hues of sunrise. It doesn’t mean “gold” directly but is often associated with golden light.

2. Aranka: A Hungarian gem, this name means “golden.” Bestow upon your little girl a unique name with a touch of European charm.

3. Aurelia: A Latin classic translating to “the golden one.” Timeless and radiant, just like the morning sun of a golden day.

4. Bruna: If you’re looking for continental and golden flair, this Italian name resonates.

5. Chrisantha: With Greek roots, it blends “Chris” and “Chrysanthemum,” symbolizing a “golden flower.” It’s nature and whimsy combined.

6. Cressida: This ancient Greek name resonates with “gold.” Infuse your child’s name with a touch of mythology and shimmer.

7. Delinda: Of Spanish origin, translating to “beautiful gold.” Bestow beauty and value in one single name.

8. Elara: With roots in Greek mythology, Elara stands out. The name’s luminous tone feels like golden rays touching the Earth.

9. Flavia: A classic Roman name that means “golden” or “blonde.” It’s a timeless choice that echoes the charm of ancient Rome.

10. Gilda: Of Italian origin, Gilda means “gilded” or “golden.” A harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary.

11. Hema: Hailing from Sanskrit, Hema translates to “golden.” It offers a touch of the exotic, perfect for a daughter who will shine brightly.

12. Jin: Of Chinese origin, Jin signifies “gold.” Simple, crisp, and radiant.

13. Kanika: Of Sanskrit origin, it means “gold.” Imbue your daughter’s name with warmth and a timeless sheen.

14. Kula: From Hawaiian origin, Kula signifies “gold.” It’s a refreshing, island-inspired choice.

15. Liora: Liora is a name of Hebrew origin, meaning “my light.” A name that gleams with promise and hope, reminiscent of golden mornings.

16. Marigold: This English name is directly derived from the golden flower. A whimsical, nature-inspired choice that sparkles.

17. Nubia: Of African origin, this name is inspired by an ancient civilization known for its rich gold mines. It’s both historical and splendid.

18. Orabelle: French for “golden beauty,” it is both eloquent and radiant.

19. Órla or Órlaith: This Irish name means “golden princess” or “golden sovereign.” It’s derived from the Old Irish “ór” meaning gold combined with “flaith,” meaning princess or sovereign.

20. Orabela: This gorgeous Latin name means “golden beautiful.” A harmonious blend of value and aesthetics.

21. Oriana: Or Latin origin, Oriana signifies “dawn” or “golden.” It’s a melodious name, echoing tales of yore.

22. Parvani: Hailing from the Sanskrit word for “full moon.” Like gold, it illuminates the night with its radiance.

23. Peta: Of Greek origin, Peta means “golden eagle.” A majestic blend of nature and luminosity.

24. Rukmini: A name from Sanskrit, associated with a queen known for her beauty and grace, much like the allure of gold.

25. Sona: A simple, sweet name from Hindi that translates to “gold.”

26. Sonalika: An extension of “Sona,” it’s Sanskrit for “loving gold.” It’s the perfect name for parents seeking a melodious, traditional flair.

27. Sunila: With roots in Sanskrit, it means “very blue” but evokes the brilliance of gold reflecting the clear blue sky.

28. Tansy: Derived from a golden flower, it’s nature-inspired, vibrant, and whimsical.

29. Thangam: A Tamil origin name meaning “gold.” This girl’s name is rich in cultural depth.

30. Urja: From Sanskrit, representing “energy.” Like the energy that radiates from gleaming gold.

31. Vesta: Roman in origin, Vesta is the goddess of hearth and home, evoking the warmth of a golden hearth.

32. Xanthe: A Greek delight that means “golden” or “fair-haired.” A name that feels both ancient and modern.

33. Yara: With Arabic and Brazilian roots, it means “small butterfly” and is reminiscent of golden butterflies dancing in the sun.

34. Zarafshan: Persian for “spreading gold.” An opulent choice that promises grandeur and beauty.

35. Zari: A name with Arabic and Persian roots that translates to “gold.” It’s short, sweet, and sparkles with potential.

36. Zehava/Zahava: This Hebrew name means “golden.” It’s rich in cultural depth and luminosity.

37. Zerlinda: A name with possible African roots, meaning “beautiful dawn,” capturing the essence of golden mornings.

38. Zivanka: Slavic in origin, it means “golden life.” Infuse your daughter’s name with vivacity and brilliance.

39. Zlatina: From the Slavs, meaning “golden.” A wonderful choice that shines with history and elegance.

40. Zohra: Of Arabic origin, it means “blooming” or “shining,” akin to gold gleaming under the sun.

41. Zuri: Swahili for “beautiful,” evoking the beauty of gold.

42. Zyanya: From the Nahuatl language, meaning “forever, always.” Just as gold endures through time.

43. Eilinora: A unique variation of Eleanor, meaning “shining light.”

44. Kanchana: Of Sanskrit origin, it signifies “gold” and exudes richness and warmth.

45. Orlantha: Merging “Orla” (golden princess) with “Anthe” (flower), this name blossoms with golden charm.

46. Riona: A Gaelic name, meaning “queenly.” Fit for your little golden queen.

47. Tawny: From the Old French, “tane,” meaning tan or golden-brown. This French name is at once nature-inspired and effervescent.

48. Zahari: Of Native American origin, Zahair means “golden.” However, note that Native American languages and cultures are vast and diverse, so the exact meaning and origin of such names can vary based on the specific tribe or region.

49. Zlata: Slavic for “golden.” This beautiful name is reminiscent of fairy tales, imbued with magic and sparkle.

50. Zlatica: A delicate variation of “Zlata,” it amplifies the golden charm.

We hope this diverse collection of golden names has provided you with inspiration and choices as radiant as your daughter. Whichever name you choose, may it be a shining testament to her unique spirit and identity.

Boys’ Names

Selecting the right name for your son sets the foundation for his identity. This list of names for baby boys shimmer with the essence of gold. Explore these golden choices and find a name that resonates with you for your boy.

  1. Altan: Stemming from the vast landscapes of Turkey, Altan paints an imagery of a “red dawn,” bringing to mind the first light of day brushed with golden hues.
  2. Aurelio: Aurelio has Latin roots meaning “golden,” and evokes elegance with an Old World charm, reminiscent of Roman emperors and ancient streets.
  3. Auron: Drawing inspiration from Latin, Auron is a simple, striking name that exudes a luminosity akin to the golden sun.
  4. Auric: A name steeped in richness, derived from “aureus,” the Latin term for gold. It’s reminiscent of antique treasures and old-world elegance.
  5. Blaine: This Gaelic name, signifying “yellow,” evokes golden fields and sunlit meadows, suggesting a boy full of zest and spirit. It’s a unisex name that could be used for a boy or a girl.
  6. Chrysander: A gift from Greece, Chrysander seamlessly blends “chrysos” (gold) with “aner” (man), making it an emblematic choice for your golden boy.
  7. Chrisantos: With its roots deeply embedded in Greek soil, Chrisantos stands for a “golden flower,” symbolizing both beauty and strength.
  8. Dara: A name that traverses cultures, Dara in Khmer is a luminous “star,” shining as brightly as gold, while its Hebrew ties also add depth.
  9. Dhahabu: A melodious name hailing from East Africa, Dhahabu is the Swahili word for “gold,” resonating with cultural richness.
  10. Eldorado: Eldorado is the Spanish word (s) for “the golden one.” It’s adventurous, evoking legends of cities made entirely of gold.
  11. Eldan: A blend of “Eld” (old) with “dan” (gold), Eldan stirs images of vintage charm, classic beauty, and golden antiquities.
  12. Flavio: A name with Roman elegance, Flavio evokes the brilliance of gold, even though it technically means “yellow” or “blonde.”
  13. Gil: A name of Hebrew essence, meaning “happiness” or “joy.” Yet, its association with “gil” (gleam) adds a radiant golden touch.
  14. Golden: Simple, bold, and of English origin, Golden directly encapsulates its meaning, making it a luminous choice for parents seeking something straightforward.
  15. Harimau: From the Malay Peninsula, Harimau, meaning “tiger,” summons images of the golden and majestic wild cat.
  16. Jinoo: A nuanced variation of the Chinese “Jin,” signifying “gold,” Jinoo adds an element of uniqueness while retaining its golden essence.
  17. Kanak: Delving deep into Sanskrit, Kanak represents the intrinsic value and timeless nature of gold, offering a shimmering choice for your son.
  18. Kanakendu: An enchanting name from Sanskrit, it beautifully evokes the imagery of a “golden moon” shining brightly in the night sky.
  19. Kintaro: A traditional name from the Land of the Rising Sun, Kintaro translates to “golden boy.” Rooted in folklore, it offers both charm and heritage.
  20. Madhav: Of Indian origin, Madhav primarily meanings “sweet” in Sanskrit, radiates golden warmth, reminiscent of treasured artifacts.
  21. Masoud: A name with Persian roots, Masoud stands for “fortunate” or “happy.” Its golden undertones, however, lend an added layer of richness.
  22. Oran: Hailing from Gaelic shores, Oran, which means “light” or “pale,” evokes the tender sheen of light gold, symbolizing subtlety and elegance.
  23. Orlin: Of Slavic descent, Orlin is both rare and lustrous, translating directly to “golden” and promises a future as radiant as the metal itself.
  24. Orpheus: Steeped in Greek mythology, Orpheus sings golden tunes of legends and myths, ensuring a name that will always be remembered.
  25. Orville: A vintage name with French elegance, Orville, derived from the word “or” for gold, offers a blend of charm and brilliance.
  26. Orel: From the Hebrew archives, Orel means “light,” mirroring the luminosity and soft glow of gold, suggesting a future full of promise.
  27. Orazio: Hailing from Italy, Orazio resonates with the warmth of “oro,” the Italian word for gold, and offers an aura of sophistication.
  28. Oroitz: With Basque roots, Oroitz stands as a testament to the region’s rich heritage, directly translating to “golden.”
  29. Paz: This Hebrew gem, translating to “gold,” offers simplicity while gleaming with potential. It’s a gender-neutral name that could be used for a boy or a girl.
  30. Piers: Drawing from Old French origins, Piers, tied to “golden stone” or “rock,” offers a foundation as strong as stone with a gleam of gold.
  31. Raushan: An Arabic jewel, Raushan means “bright” or “shining,” echoing the gleam of pure gold.
  32. Segenam: Rooted in the Tigrigna language of Eritrea and Northern Ethiopia, Segenam is a direct representation of “golden,” offering both rarity and cultural depth.
  33. Sunil: Predominantly meaning “dark blue” in Sanskrit, the sun’s essence in “Sunil” adds a golden glow, making it a versatile choice.
  34. Talon: Although signifying a bird’s claw, Talon’s phonetic richness evokes imagery of a “golden talon,” blending nature and luxury.
  35. Thangavel: Hailing from the southern state of Tamil Nadu in India, Thangavel, meaning “golden spear,” blends strength with splendor.
  36. Tiberius: A name with imperial Roman roots, Tiberius, though reminiscent of the River Tiber, exudes a majestic aura akin to gold.
  37. Topaz: A gemstone name capturing the essence of golden brilliance and unique shine, ensuring your child is as rare as the gem itself.
  38. Vang: A concise yet impactful name from Laos, Vang stands as a pure representation of gold, signifying both value and simplicity.
  39. Voski: This Armenian name stands for “gold,” offering a blend of cultural depth and unique sonority.
  40. Wasiq: With Arabic roots, Wasiq signifies “confident” or “sure,” echoing the surety and lasting value of gold.
  41. Zarin: A majestic name from ancient Persia, Zarin means “made of gold,” promising a life filled with grandeur and splendor.
  42. Zarion: A modern spin with a golden ring to it, Zarion is a first name that feels both contemporary and radiant.
  43. Zhubin: From the Persian dynasty, Zhubin stands for “golden,” exuding royal charm and antique beauty.
  44. Zlatko: Widely cherished in Slavic regions, Zlatko captures the brightness and allure of gold, offering both tradition and vibrancy.
  45. Zlatoje: A Slavic treasure, Zlatoje is synonymous with gold, embodying traditional charm and timeless appeal.
  46. Zohran: An Arabic derivative of “Dhahran,” Zohran signifies “gold” or “golden,” capturing the essence of the precious metal.
  47. Zubin: A Persian beauty, Zubin translates to “golden,” promising a future as gleaming as the metal itself.

From timeless classics to unique gems, this list of golden baby names aims to offer something for every preference. As you decide on the perfect name for your son, remember that it’s a reflection of the promise and potential he brings into the world.

We hope you found some golden inspiration in this list! 

Remember, whatever name you choose, it’s the love and values you instill that’ll truly make your child shine.

Here’s to all the little ones with hearts of gold and personalities that light up our lives!

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