Color Factory Chicago: A World of Color For Your Kids

If you’re on the lookout for an adventure that’s a feast for the eyes, consider the kaleidoscope world of Color Factory Chicago.

One of our readers shared photos from her recent visit, and it looks incredible!

Photo: Instagram, @lily_and_mason

What to Expect?

Color Factory unites a diverse group of artists and creative minds who have crafted immersive experiences exploring color.

Every room presents a new color story, inspired by the iconic elements of Chicago—from the blue stripes of its flag to the zesty green of a Chicago dog pickle.

With 14 immersive exhibits, Color Factory Chicago is a journey through a rainbow. Here is an overview of some of the most popular highlights:

Photo: Instagram, @lily_and_mason
  • Have a Ball: Dive into a 2600 square foot ball pit shaded in green, echoing Chicago’s lush parks. With two slides to choose from, it’s a green paradise for kids (and adults) to explore.
  • A Theater for Your Taste Buds: Engage your senses in a unique theater where you’ll match flavors and colors, challenging how you perceive taste.
  • Discover Your Color Horoscope: Astrology meets chromatology! Find your birthday and unlock colorful insights about yourself, guided by astrologer Michele Bernhardt.
  • Confetti Dreams: Embrace a storm of colors in the confetti room, designed to celebrate the Chicago flag with a whirl of stars and stripes.
  • Creative Connections: Sit opposite a partner and dive into a guided exercise that fosters creativity and connection, just like complementary colors.
Photo: Instagram, @lily_and_mason

Planning Your Visit

  • Duration: Most families spend around 1 to 1.5 hours, but there’s no rush. The self-guided tour allows you to explore at your own pace. Just remember, it’s a one-way journey through the exhibits.
  • Tickets: Purchase online to secure your spot. Tickets are non-refundable but can be transferred or rescheduled if plans change.
  • Parking: Discounted parking is available nearby. Check their website for specifics to make your visit hassle-free.
  • Strollers: Due to the exhibit’s design, strollers need to be stored upon arrival. But don’t worry, storage is provided.
  • Accessibility: Color Factory is ADA compliant, ensuring everyone can join in the fun. While most installations are accessible, the ball pit may have limitations.

Little Extras

  • Photos: Don’t stress about capturing every moment. Complimentary digital photos are provided, so you can stay present and enjoy the experience. These free mementos are sent straight to your email.
  • Surprises: Look forward to sweet treats and surprise giveaways throughout your visit, adding an extra layer of joy to your colorful adventure. From mouthwatering macarons to playful pop rocks, treats are scattered throughout your journey. The snacks are a huge hit with kids!
  • Beyond the Factory: Extend the magic with their free Color Map, guiding you to discover more vibrant spots around Chicago.

Pro Tips From Recent Visitors

Based on feedback from recent reviewers, here are some insider tips to make your visit as seamless as possible:

1. Visit SkyDeck: Color Factory Chicago is located in Willis Tower, making it the perfect pairing to visit SkyDeck for an incredible view of the city.

2. Early Birds Catch the Calm: Consider booking an early slot, especially on weekends. A visit in the morning can mean fewer crowds, giving you and your family the space to fully immerse yourselves in each exhibit without rush.

3. Parking Pro Tip: While parking in Chicago can be a bit of an art form, savvy visitors recommend using apps like SpotHero to find convenient and affordable parking options nearby, ensuring a smooth start and end to your Color Factory adventure.

4. Not Just for Kids: While Color Factory is a wonderland for children, adults and teens find their own joy and nostalgia within its walls. Whether it’s reliving childhood joys in the ball pit or finding artistic inspiration, this is a place for all ages.

5. Worth the Splurge: Though some note the ticket price is a bit of a splurge for a family outing, the unique, engaging activities and the quality time spent exploring the colorful nooks make it a worthy investment for a memorable day out.

Whether you’re celebrating, reuniting, or just looking for an extraordinary day out with the family, this place promises to leave you inspired.

And don’t forget to share your colorful adventures with us; we love seeing your stories!

Safe travels and colorful explorations,

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