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10 Best Places to View the Air & Water Show With Kids (2023)

As the much-anticipated Milwaukee Air & Water Show approaches, families across Wisconsin are gearing up for an exciting weekend filled with awe-inspiring aerial and water-based acrobatics.

This beloved event is one of Wisconsin’s largest free gatherings, and kids and families love to experience the thrill of the Blue Angels and more.

The event grounds are located along Lincoln Memorial Drive, at McKinley Park, between Bradford and McKinley Beaches. 

The “show center point,” which is the best viewing of the Air & Water Show, is located directly across from Villa Terrace, at McKinley Park. There are reserved seating sections.

It can be seen free of charge from Bradford Beach and parts of McKinley Beach.

For open, free, and public seating, we reached out to our readers for their top recommendations on the best places to catch the show.

Pro Tip: If your child is sensitive to loud noises, noise cancelling headphones are a great idea. This show gets very loud!

Let’s dive in!

1. Bradford Beach

Reader review: “Smack dab in the middle of the beach. It was insanely crowded but we survived and had fun!”

2. McKinley Marina

Reader review: “It was amazing! I would recommend headphones if you have them for the little ones. It was VERY loud!”

3. Solomon Juneau Park

Reader review: “It wasn’t too crowded and the fighter jets came so close to us – it was insane! Trees made it tough to see sometimes. The kids and families around us were loving it.”

4. Art Museum Fountain

Reader review: “Directly in front of the fountain by the art museum. It was PERFECT for 2 and up. Not too loud! Paid $5 to park in the US Bank building. The kids played and cooled off in the fountain. (Questionable but refreshing!)

Blue Angels Milwaukee Air & Water Show Wisconsin

5. Veterans Park

Reader review: “Had a great view! My 3 year old loved it as long as I covered his ears.”

6. Water Tower on North

Reader review: “We had a good view on the hill below the water tower. It was hard to see much when they were flying low, but the 2 year old was wowed. We used noise cancelling headphones.

7. Soccer Field on Lincoln Memorial Drive.

Reader review: “Great view! 14 month old had noice canceling headphones and it was great.”

8. Outdoor Amphitheater at Discovery World

Reader review: “This was a perfect spot for the kids!

9. Villa Terrace

You could pay a small admission fee to get into Villa Terrace, and you’ll have an incredible view of the show.

10. North Point Lighthouse

For adventure seekers, climb the lighthouse tower in Lake Park during the Air & Water show. You’ll be closer than ever to the Blue Angels!

You must be at least 5 years old and at least 38 inches tall to climb the tower.

There are 84 steps and a ladder to reach the lantern room at the top of the tower.

A word of caution: Some children have sensory sensitivities and may find loud noises overwhelming or distressing. The Milwaukee Air & Water Show, with its powerful aerial performances, can generate high levels of noise that might affect sensitive children differently. Try noise-cancelling headphones to make it a better experience.

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