25 Simple (And Free!) Things To Do At Home With Kids

Let’s not overthink this. You don’t have to be a creative genius to entertain your kids at home. Here’s a handy list of 25 simple things you can do to spend time together at home.

Print if off and stick it on your refrigerator for the moments where you can’t seem to remember anything to suggest.

1. Take a walk around the neighborhood.

2. Read a book together

3. Build a fort.

4. Play a card game.

5. Color each other a picture.

6. Build a card house.

7. Bake your favorite treat.

8. Play Keep-It-Up.

9. Throw the frisbee or football around.

10. Ride your bikes.

11. Play Hide & Seek

12. Build a block or magna-tile structure.

13. Paint a picture.

14. Choreograph a dance.

15. Listen to podcasts together.

16. Look through old photo albums.

17. Facetime a relative.

18. Blow bubbles.

19. Do some yoga moves or easy exercises.

20. Play instruments.

21. Set up a pretend store.

22. Play with playdough.

23. Blast some music and do chores.

24. Have a tea party.

25. Watch a movie together.

What other free, simple activities do you love to do with your kids?

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