The Actual Perfect Birthday Party at Goldfish Swim School

I’ve been partnering with Goldfish Swim School in Brookfield since last September, because they. are. awesome. They offered to host my daughter’s birthday party in exchange for an honest review on the blog. And since my little four-year-old Rosie LOVES Goldfish Swim School, pool parties, and all things water, this really seemed like a natural fit.

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What I was not prepared for was how actually perfect the party would be. For real!

Parties includes private access to the facility for two hours, for up to 24 party guests. (So VIP!)


Included in our party package were 24 of the cutest high-quality invitations, with all the information your party guests need to know.

And while I love the convenience of online invitations, there’s really nothing like a hand-written, touch-it-yourself invitation.

There is even a waiver on the back so your guests can fill it out ahead of time.


When we walked in, the very friendly staff members at Goldfish had set up the sweetest party table. You can choose from a few different colors for your decorations, and we obviously chose pink:

The decorations included table coverings, plates, cups, napkins and forks. Each child received a bright-colored lei on their chair and a big balloon on a stick. (I really feel like these fun giveaways could substitute goodie bags. Everyone wins. Especially me. Because now I don’t have to think about what to put in the goodie bags.)

The space lends itself perfectly to a party because it’s bright, tropical-themed, and naturally welcoming. There’s even a palm tree! They always have upbeat music on in the background, too, so it’s not awkwardly quiet. (Ever been to an awkwardly quiet birthday party? I have! This was not that.)

Swim time

For their birthday parties, Goldfish opens up the entire pool and throws in all their fun toys, including floating foam alligators and floating barbells.

The pool is 4 feet deep and holds platforms throughout for kids to stop and rest if they want to.

The water is very warm. No one had trouble jumping in and getting into the pool fun right away.

Certified lifeguards oversee all pool activities.


Festive cupcakes and juice boxes were included in our party package.After the kids were tired out from swimming for about an hour, everyone dried off and changed before cake time.

I love that there were heart rings on each cupcake since her birthday was around Valentine’s Day. Plus, it was yet another giveaway for each guest.

The fact that the cupcakes and beverages were included made it so that there was literally nothing for me to do to prepare for this party. Score! (You can bring extra snacks or order pizza if you choose, of course!)


Our birthday party ran so smoothly. All the parents were raving about the facility. Here are some logistical points that helped make the party go well:

  • Kids take a quick swim test with the lifeguard to see if they need to wear a life vest or not. The whole process was easy and not chaotic.
  • Because of the provided life vests, parents can choose to swim with the kids, or not.
  • There is a bathroom right off the pool deck, and three additional bathrooms in the main area.
  • There are tons of private changing rooms for your guests to get ready in.
  • The hair-drying station is one of my favorite parts of Goldfish Swim School. It’s under a tiki-hut.

I couldn’t believe how little I had to do to prepare for one of the best birthday parties we’ve hosted for our kids. We are already talking about next year’s party!

To find out more, visit their parties page or give them a call at (262) 207-2800.

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