Here’s what swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School are like.

When Goldfish Swim School opened up in Brookfield last November, they offered to host my three year old for two months of swim lessons in exchange for my honest review of their swim lessons.

So here we are!

Here’s are some key elements of my experience that I think will be helpful for other parents to know:

1. Swim class schedules are flexible.

Unlike swim lessons we’ve taken elsewhere, at Goldfish you’re not locked into a session. You’re not even locked into a certain day and time.

They offer swim lessons for ages 0-12 several times every day.

If you miss a lesson (like I did – three times!), you just make it up another week at any other time. It’s so convenient for our busy family schedule which seems to change constantly.

2. The swim instructors are top notch.

Our swim lessons were with Mr. Boris, and we absolutely love him. He is so kind and patient with Rosie, and she has made real progress in just a couple of months.

Each lesson, he meets her where she is at. He strikes a good balance of challenging her and making the lesson fun.

I was able to observe other teachers during our time there, and all of them were friendly, professional, in uniform, and seemed to really love what they do.

3. Parents can watch the whole lesson (plus a little show at the end!)

Okay, it’s not really a show at the end of each lesson. But parents are invited into the pool area for the last five minutes of each class to chat with the instructor about their child’s specific progress. Often, Rosie would show me a new little trick she learned, like floating on her back, or getting in and out of the pool herself.

She loves the ribbon she gets at the end of each lesson. And I love the detailed skill card that keeps track of what she can already do and what she still needs to work on.

During the lesson, I enjoyed being able to watch her through the large glass walls.

4. The space is bright, clean, and warm.

I really can’t say enough about the space they have created. There’s nothing more comforting in the middle of February than to walk into a warm, bright, tropical space.

Here are some highlights:

-90 degree pool and well-heated building

-showers conveniently located right in the pool area

-an abundance of private changing rooms

-three large bathrooms

-colorful, tropical decor and murals

-comfortable seating while you wait

-swimsuit dryers

-tiki hut hair-drying station

-large chalkboard, train table, play kitchen, coloring table, and fish tank

5. They run an organized, friendly business.

Here are some concrete examples of how this is a well-run and organized business:

  • I got an email the night before our swim lessons with all kinds of helpful reminders.
  • They give you a key fob to check in each time.
  • They call you out loud and clear when it’s time for your lesson and when it’s time for parents to come into the pool area.
  • The respond quickly to emails and questions.

I highly recommend Goldfish Swim School, and have decided to continue my daughter’s lessons there. I can’t imagine a better place for swimming lessons!

Do you have any questions about Goldfish Swim School? Drop a comment below or visit their website!

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