We Asked 100 Parents: “Are You Getting The COVID-19 Vaccine For Your Kids?”

This week, the FDA granted emergency use approval to Pfizer to allow the Covid-19 vaccine to be given to kids ages 12 to 15.

We asked our Instagram followers, “Are you getting the COVID-19 vaccine for your kids?” Within 12 hours, we received over 100 direct responses from parents who described their current thoughts around the vaccine.

We’ve kept the responses anonymous to protect the privacy of the children and families.

The results of our survey are below:

Enthusiastic Yes

(57 responses)

Over half of our respondents reported that they will definitely get the vaccine for their kids, and were grateful for the opportunity:

“I will use this as an example to teach my child about making “greater good” decisions.”

“High risk kiddo at home, we’ll be in first in line.”

“Worried about variants.”

“My grandparents lined their kids up to eradicate polio & I’ll do the same for Covid19.”

“We have known a few families recently that their kids got very sick with COVID. Masks are voluntary at my daughter’s school so I want her to have the vaccine ASAP.”

“More research has gone into this vaccine than others we get.”

Too new / Need more research / Want To Wait

(13 responses)

13 respondents reported that they need more time and/or more research before making a decision about getting their child the vaccine:

“I would love to have my child protected, however, more research needs to be done.”

“My kid is 2. We’d wait a bit just like I did when it came out for adults.”

“Not comfortable with it. Seems too soon and too many unknowns at this point.”

“If it’s studied for 1-2 more years and has more research that it’s safe, then yes.”

Hard pass

(9 responses)

9 respondents indicated that they will definitely not be getting the vaccine for their kids, at least any time soon:

“Hard no until long term studies”

“No. Never.”

“Absolutely not.”

Have mine but nervous about giving to kids

(9 responses)

9 respondents reported that they received the vaccine for themselves, but they were not quite ready to get it for their children:

“I’m really not sure. I was 1st in line for myself. I have no reason not to trust, just nervous.”

“I’m scared. However I got mine without hesitation.”

The FDA has granted emergency use authorization for kids ages 12-15 to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Following whatever doctor recommends

(7 responses)

Seven respondents indicated that they will be following the advice of their doctor:

“If our pediatrician recommends it, we’ll be getting it. I trust them.”

“I need to have a good discussion with my pediatrician”

“Will most likely get it, but I’m nervous, so i want to talk with out doctor and get info from a trusted source first.”

Not necessary for kids who are low risk

(5 responses)

Five respondents wondered why their kids need to get the vaccine, since COVID-19 is low-risk for children.

“If it doesn’t really affect kids why get it? Honest question.”

“I think it’s too new and not necessary considering the low risk in kids.”

Worried about side effects

(3 responses)

A few respondents were concerned about the side effects that they experience from their own vaccine:

“Side effects were hard on me. I’m hesitant to have my kids go through it. But better than COVID?”

“I worry about reactions most. I felt terrible after shot 2 as did my husband.”

Once it’s approved through the FDA

(2 responses)

Two respondents reported that they’ll be waiting until the vaccine is approved normally by the FDA:

“Not if it’s just “emergency use.”

“If approved through the normal FDA process, yes.”


(2 responses)

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