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Upcoming “Ed Talk” Focuses on COVID-19’s Impact on Mental Health

When COVID-19 abruptly arrived nine long months ago, it affected our lives in new and difficult ways.

Adults and our children have had to change the manners in which we work, learn and socialize while giving up meaningful sources of joy and satisfaction. The science suggests that many of us are having difficulty coping, showing increased signs of worry, irritability and sadness. Encouraging news of a vaccine will eventually address our physical issues, but the psychological toll of the pandemic will remain and the upcoming winter could be quite challenging for all of us.

In an upcoming “ED Talk” hosted by the Milwaukee Jewish Day School, clinical psychologist Dr. Michael Mazius will present important ways in which we can sharpen coping skills for ourselves and our children with an emphasis on the art and science of acceptance, empathy and positive psychology.

We’ve all had to change the manners in which we work, learn and socialize.

The virtual Ed Talk will take place on Tuesday, December 8th from 6:30 – 8:00 p.m.MJDS began its series of ED Talks in February 2015. Inspired by the wildly popular TED Talk format, MJDS ED Talks feature speakers who are on the forefront of education. The purpose of MJDS ED Talks is to build a learning community of parents and educators in the region to gain a better understanding on how and why education is changing around the world.

MJDS Ed Talks are free and open to the public. To register, click here.

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