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Bunk Bed Shopping During a Pandemic

We’re proud to partner with Colder’s, a locally owned furniture company with four locations in the Milwaukee area. Milwaukee With Kids readers get 10% off their purchases online and in-store using code MKEWKIDS through August 15th. Shop now >>

There may be a global pandemic, but my kids sure don’t stop growing for anything.

One lazy, quarantined morning in April, we woke up and realized our four year old was still in a crib-sized bed. And she was *much* too big for it.

We recognized the need for a new bed months ago, but we certainly didn’t know a global pandemic was around the corner, confining us mostly to our homes for months on end.

So, we had kicked the can down the road.

A cute little bed that is *definitely* too small for my four year old.

Normally I would wait it out. Our family has chosen to stay pretty locked down during this pandemic, even as I write this in late June. So furniture shopping at the height of the craziness sounded like something we would put in the “wait until later” column.

But, honestly, this couldn’t wait. The poor child couldn’t fit in her bed anymore.

We had to go furniture shopping. We decided to purchase a bunk bed for big sister so that we could move big sister’s twin bed into little sister’s room.

I took some measurements, grabbed my mask, packed up my hand sanitizer, and drove to Colder’s in West Allis.

Walking in, I was relieved to see that it was easy to socially distance in their massive space. Their employees currently all wear masks. Their sales associate Tim walked me back to the children’s area where we walked through a sea of beautiful bunk beds.

I was briefly distracted and enamored by this whimsical tree-house style bed:

But I reigned myself in and found a style that came in our preferred color (white), and would look perfect in her bedroom for years to come. Plus, the model I chose can reconfigure into two twin beds, which we could use in the future for a guest bedroom, or for one of the kids to take to college.

Overall, my visit was quick and easy. The employees made every effort to socially distance and stay safe. They were super informative about all the safety features on bunk beds, which put my mind at ease. There is a huge selection of furniture to choose from in, and they offer a great value for families.

If you find yourself needing furniture for your growing children (or for yourself!) during this pandemic, you can walk-in or schedule an appointment at any of the Colder’s locations in Delafield, Grafton, Oak Creek, or West Allis.

If you’re not comfortable heading out into public just yet, you can schedule a virtual consultation or shop online.

And, don’t forget to use code MKEWKIDS for an extra 10% off your purchase online and in store.

Shop now >>

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