Greenfield Church Collecting Relief Supplies for Ft. Meyers Residents

Wisconsinites from around the state are teaming up to try to fill a semi with relief supplies to take to Hurricane Ian victims in Ft. Meyers Beach, Florida. 

“So many of us have ties to Florida – family, friends, a favorite vacation spot. The destruction Hurricane Ian left behind in Ft. Meyers was weighing heavy on me, so I figured I’d put out some feelers. I didn’t think it would move this quickly,” says Kelly Eger, Compassion Director for The Ridge Community Church.

The Ridge will be acting as a drop-off site for the relief drive along Highway 100 in Greenfield.

Danielle Neureuther lived in Ft. Meyers for years before moving back home to Wisconsin. She is organizing collection points in the Northwoods and Wausau and says, “As I scroll through Facebook and see what my friends have lost on Ft. Meyers Beach, everything, including people we love. I not only worry about what they need, but also their mental health. I know a semi full of items will only last a short time, but it WILL bring a little light. I hope it’s a reminder that we see you, we care, we are one.”

A drop-off location in Marshfield will also be open for people wishing to donate in that area.

Relief supplies will be taken directly to Ft. Meyers Beach, Florida, where local officials have space in a Warehouse to store the items and hand them out to Hurricane Ian Victims who are trying to clean-up after the Category 4 storm blew through last week.

Milwaukee Area Collection Location

The Ridge Community Church – Greenfield Campus 
4500 S 108th St.
Greenfield, WI

Drop-off Hours through October 9th

Monday – Friday | 11a to 6p
Saturday | 10a to 3p
Sunday | 8:30a to 11:30a

Items requested

*To ensure the most practical kind of help for hurricane victims, only items from this list will be accepted. 

Feminine Hygiene Products
Toothbrushes & Toothpaste
Battery Box Charger
Protein Bars
Peanut Butter
Canned food
Can Openers
Flashlights w/batteries 
Sports Drinks
Plates, Bowls, Utensils
Zip Lock Bags
Pet Food
Clorox Wipes
Hand Wipes
Paper Towel
Toilet Paper
New & Empty Gas Can’s 

The Amazon Wish List can be found here. The Facebook Event can be found here.

For More Information, contact Jodi Tonarelli at The Ridge Community Church. Calling or texting to (262) 751-7792 is fine, or you can email

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