Giveaway! Family Pizza Night Will Never Be The Same

Family Pizza Night has never been so much fun thanks to new Crustology Pizza Crusts made by a brother/sister duo out of Waukesha and sold online at

The “thinnest crust on the market” was recently featured in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Family Pizza Night

We got a chance to try these handcrafted crusts and we shared the process on our Instagram Stories. Check out the Story Highlight to see it all!

The crusts were obviously top tier from the moment I opened the packaging. They smell SO delicious and fresh. I knew right away that we were leveling up our pizza night for sure.

For the kids, we opted for a basic cheese pizza on the OG (original) crust. For the parents, we used the micro-brew crust to create two distinct veggie pizzas. On the first pizza, we spread finely chopped green peppers, onions, mushrooms, and garlic. On the second pizza, we layered tomato sauce, shredded basil, mozzarella, pine nuts, and dollops of cream cheese pillows.

On the herb-infused crust, we spread a thin layer of olive oil, finely chopped garlic, and mozzarella, and came away with absolutely perfect crunchy garlic breadsticks.

Crustology pizza crust is truly a thin, cracker crust, which was a hit with every member of the family.


This week, we’re partnering with Crustology to give away a Pizza Party Pack, which includes:

☑️ A 3-pack of The Og, the “original” Crustology crust, a traditional thin cracker crust made extra delicious by being created with a long fermentation process.

☑️ A 3-pack of The Micro Brew, which takes the classic cracker crust and adds a Wisconsin brewed dark beer and fermented beer grains to give it a roasted flavor.

☑️ A 3-pack of The Herb Infused, where the cracker crust is infused with a plethora of seasoning.

☑️ A 12 inch pizza baking screen for baking the perfect pizza

☑️ A container of pizza seasoning.

The crusts are thin, crunchy, and restaurant quality. All you have do is get creative and decide what toppings to put on top!

To enter, head to our Instagram or Facebook page.

Story Update: As of March 8, Crustology began selling a gluten free pizza crust that you can order at

Crustology hand-crafted crusts have been called “the thinnest on the market”.

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