Families Create ‘Make Your House a Home’ Baskets For MLK Day

Having a place to call home is central to our lives. Safe and secure housing enables children to stay in the same school all year, offers a place for family to gather, a community to engage with, and an address so we can vote and work.

Join Kids Impact Community for a kid-led celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day through a virtual event and corresponding service project. Kids & families will engage neighbors, friends and family to fill a Make Your House a Home Basket for Acts Housing with the painting, gardening and other necessities a family needs to make their very first house a home.

Acts Housing is a local nonprofit that focuses on growing equal housing opportunities with the mission of “empowerment through home ownership.” They believe if you buy a home, you build a community. The organization makes it possible for families with barriers (credit, savings, financial, language, etc.) to become homeowners. They provide homebuyer counseling, real estate brokerage and home rehab expertise. Since 1995, they have helped 2500 families purchase homes.

On January 18th at 4:00 p.m., families will gather together on Zoom for a story, chat about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and discuss the importance of having a safe and permanent home. We will hear from representatives from Acts Housing, see examples of what goes into the baskets and explain the project to your kids. Afterwards, families will reach out to friends and neighbors to ask for donations to help fill the Make Your House a Home Basket. The baskets will be given to homeowners in celebration of their hard work and success. Basket drop-off is January 31st.

This project is best for kids ages 5 and up. Find out more about the project here, or register today. All of the Kids Impact Community MLK Day events are listed here.

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