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Discovery World Welcomes “All Aboard” Train Show

Close up photo of Model Train exhibit at Discovery World in Milwaukee Wisconsin.

Discovery World has unveiled a new addition called “All Aboard,” to highlight STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) learning through miniature worlds.

The latest feature is a model railroad replica of mid-20th century Milwaukee, equipped with a dynamic landscape including local buildings such as the historic Everett Street Depot, Pabst Brewery, Usinger’s Factory, and much more.

The Discovery World exhibit explores the history behind the “All Aboard” layout providing families a view into the past and why trains and railways have been the ‘model’ of innovation for hundreds of years. As visitors explore the miniature world, the feats of engineering, detailed architecture and intricate technology come alive, inspiring new ways to learn through the hobby.

Miniature train exhibit of old Milwaukee Wisconsin at Discovery World.

“Discovery World is thrilled to unveil this exciting exhibit that is fun for all visitors and also provides engaging new educational opportunities for students,” said Bryan Wunar, Discovery World President & CEO. “Trains and railways embody technological advancements from around the globe. From smart sensors and automated inspection equipment to computer programs that maximize fuel use, trains continue to carry us into the future.”

The model railroad layout featured in, “All Aboard”, was made possible through the generosity of Richard (Dick) Grigg and his family. Grigg, a devoted UWM Alumnus and former President and CEO of WE Generation (the electric generation arm of WE Energies), became an expert in electricity generation and transmission. His spirit of hands-on ingenuity is embodied in the model railroad now featured at Discovery World.

“It is our hope the model railroad exhibit will aid in our mission to light the spark of curiosity in children and inspire them to become the next generation of engineers, designers, scientists and makers” said Jonathan Taylor, family member and Discovery World volunteer. “So many things these days are done in the digital world and we hope this exhibit will motivate people to continue to build and create new and exciting things to be experienced in the real world.”

Two kids in masks look at the model train exhibit at Discovery World.

Located in Milwaukee and known as the largest producer and distributor of model railroading equipment in North America, Walthers is also a proud supporter of All Aboard and has helped bring Grigg’s original creation back to life on the second floor of Discovery World’s technology building.

“We are proud to be partnering with Discovery World’s promotion of model railroading as the ‘Worlds Greatest Hobby’” said Stacey Walthers Naffah, President Wm. K Walthers Inc. “The possibilities are endless when it comes to miniature world-building and we can’t wait to see how those who visit the exhibition are inspired.”

The exhibit opened on November 25th to the general public. For more information, head to Discovery World’s website.

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