11 Festive December Calendar Templates (2022)

Are you already dreaming of a white Christmas? The holiday season is almost here, and it’s time to get organized! 

The month of December is special. Not only is it the first month of winter in the northern hemisphere, it’s also the last month of the year.

In December, many people around the world celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve. It promises bright twinkling holiday lights, festive bows of holly, quality family time, and a countdown to Winter Vacation for many families.

With everything you have going on in your busy life (especially at this time of year!), a monthly planner can make it all seem more manageable.

Our mantra? Monthly calendars – but make them cute! These free printable calendars for December will make it easy to keep track of it all. 

We know that some people prefer a blank calendar and others want their personal planner to include federal holidays, so we’ve included both options below.

We designed them using Canva, which is a great tool for creating your own customizable December calendar. They are available for your free personal use as pdf files.

Simply click on them to open them in a new window, and print! We recommend printing in a landscape orientation to gain more writing space.

A good calendar is one of the most effective time management tools, so we hope you find the perfect calendar among these options. Happy holidays!

Blank Calendar Templates

Keep track of important events and special days with a free December calendar template. This versatile calendar can be used to keep track of your own events, your work schedule, or even for meal planning. 

You can use it as a holiday calendar, birthday calendar, a vacation planner, an activity planner, an employee schedule, financial planning, and more. This simple printable calendar is a blank canvas!

The first option is as basic as they come with black lines, text, and and easy to read font. Note that the week starts on Sunday in this calendar.

Here is more colorful option for a printable calendar template, with pink and blue accents.

Depending on which day of the week you like your calendars to begin, you may want to opt for a different monthly calendar.

If you prefer your weeks to start on Monday, go with this blank calendar:

Finally, here is one last option for a blank December 2022 calendar, with a casual cursive font as the heading:

December 2022 Calendar with Federal Holidays

Here is your very own monthly calendar for December 2022, complete with federal holidays. Plan for upcoming events with the context of United States public holidays for the current year in mind, such as Christmas Day, Christmas Eve, the first day of winter, and New Year’s Eve.

December 2022 Cute Calendars

A extra cute calendar makes the whole month brighter. Here is one floral option as we head into the winter to keep track of your monthly schedule. The background is a festive poinsettia, and the weekend spaces are marked a slightly different color for easy reading.

This adorable December calendar is more of a square shape with a white snowflakes to bring you into winter. Christmas day is circled to anticipate the highlight of December!

December 2022 Wall Planner:

Sometimes it’s helpful to keep a monthly calendar nearby your desk as something you can quickly glance at to orient yourself and make plans for the month. This wall planner has a snowy white winter theme, and can also be used as a phone calendar or desktop calendar.

This adorable December 2022 calendar featured colorful holiday decor like a Christmas tree with a gold star, weather, stuffed animals, and holiday gifts. There is a space to write notes, and important holidays are highlighted along the bottom.

Here’s another festive design you might like:

Phone Wallpaper or Desktop Calendar

You’ll always know what day it is, and the December calendar with be at your fingertips with a phone wallpaper calendar. This abstract minimalist option designed by Canva is earthy with brown and green tones. It will bring a smile to your face every time you open up your phone.

We hope you loved these free calendar templates! If you didn’t find what you love here, there are so many cute options for a printable monthly calendar on Canva for the whole year. (We are not an affiliate, we just love their platform and resource.)

More monthly calendar templates:

When the third month of the year is over, it’s right on to the next! Here are more of our favorite monthly calendar templates.

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We recommend using Canva to find your favorite editable calendar template if you don’t find what you love here. They can be downloaded in PDF format and are easy to customize.

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