New Episodes! Children’s Wisconsin’s Podcast: “Healthy Baby, Happy Parent”

Milwaukee With Kids is proud to partner with Children’s Wisconsin to spread the word about their podcast “Healthy Baby, Happy Parent”.

The “Healthy Baby, Happy Parent” podcast by Children’s Wisconsin offers a variety of parenting advice for parents of newborns to toddlers.

From making sure your baby is hitting all the milestones, caring for your babies teeth, making a birth plan and knowing which vaccines to get, parents can learn from the pediatric experts at Children’s Wisconsin.

They recently dropped new episodes for Season 2. Here are all the details:

Episode 1

Title: How (and why) to play with your baby, month-by-month
Provider: Dana Greulich, MD      

Dana Greulich, MD

What’s really happening in your baby’s brain when they play peek-a-boo or clack blocks together? A lot. While play may seem all like fun and games, it’s actually your baby’s first work, and a crucial part of their social, emotional, cognitive and physical development. In this episode, Dana Greulich, MD, a pediatrician at the Children’s Wisconsin Westbrook Pediatrics primary care office, shares just why it’s so important for your baby to play — and why YOU are their most important playmate.


Episode 2

Title: Caring for your baby’s teeth – and your teething baby
Provider: John Schimek, MD

John Schimek, MD

It’s exciting when those first tiny tooth buds erupt, but teething can be an uncomfortable process for parents and babies alike. In this episode, John Schimek, MD, a pediatrician at the Children’s Wisconsin Forest View Pediatrics primary care office, explains when you can expect baby’s first teeth to come in, how long teething lasts, how you should care for those early teeth, and more.


For more episodes, head to the Children’s Wisconsin website.

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