5 ways to actually have fun and be social this weekend

Okay, were in fight or flight mode, and we’re fighting.

We’re channeling the Beastie Boys and fighting for our right to party. We WILL have fun this weekend.

Here are some ideas to actually be social, connect with others, and possibly forget about our worries for a bit.

1. Virtual Game Night

Invite some friends to Facetime or Zoom. Here are some games you could play virtually. (Choose and modify as necessary depending on if you’re playing with kids or adults.)



-Would You Rather (find some age-appropriate or adult Would You Rather questions online)

-Never Have I Ever

-Kiss, Marry, Kill (adults only)

-Truth or Dare (It’s back to the 90’s, folks)

-Never Have I Ever

-Two Truth & A Lie

-20 Questions

2. Real Life Game Night

Tired of screens? Pull out your favorite board games or a deck of cards. Turn on your favorite music and put out some snacks. It’s time for Game Night, and everyone is going to have fun, dammit!

3. Disney Theme Night

Pop some popcorn, get snuggled on the couch, and have a Disney Theme Day or Night. Nothing too complicated here. It’s just an excuse to watch multiple Disney movies without feeling guilty. (You’ve planned a theme night after all!)

4. Virtual Cocktail Night

Grab a drink and connect with your friends. From your iPhone, tap the top of your group chat where you see everyone’s initial. Then click Facetime! Or, just Facetime and Skype with one of your besties and cry about how ridiculous this all this.

5. Netflix Party

The Netflix Party Chrome Extension is a new, free feature that allows you to have virtual movie nights with friends. Score! Get it here >>

If you’re not up for being social, but really need to unwind, try:

-baking a treat and making the house smell good

-cooking a meal with your favorite tunes

-escaping this crazy world with a good book

-walking in nature and hearing the birds chirping

-taking a hot bubble bath

We are sending all of you lots of support. If you have other ideas for how to enjoy the weekend, email hello@mkewithkids.com

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